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Prosport Performance Gauges - Adult Toys

Feb 17, 2010

Instant Classics!
Eeffect apparel burst on the scene a few years ago and brought you the now famous Wheel Headz line of t-shirts. After Honda enthusiasts went nuts for the innovative designs, Eeffect decided to give you a break, and offer a whole new line-up this year. Wheel Headz Series II consists of old school favorites that any enthusiast will be sure to recognize. To compliment the new threads, Eeffect is offering Wheel Headz Series I, I.5, and II matching stickers. Buy them individually, or in a pack to save a few bucks. Also being released is a very limited number of Wheel Headz Series I Urban Vinyl figures. Sport them on your dash, rock them on your desk, or keep them sealed in a box for twenty years then sell them for a fortune! Remember, they're limited, don't sleep on these!

Htup_1003_01_o+prosport_performance_gauges+shirt_shot Photo 2/7   |   Prosport Performance Gauges - Adult Toys

Kraftwerks throws a FIT....
.....more boost!!! Oscar Jackson and crew got the crazy idea that the first generation Honda Fit needed 164whp and 132 lb-ft of torque under its cute little hood. Utilizing the same C15-60 Rotrex unit as the original, this kit incorporates a precision map thanks to the gurus over at Hondata that takes advantage of a set of 310cc injectors. The Fit High Boost Supercharger kit includes each of the Honda Fit Base components along with a high-flow intercooler solution, cowl scoop, intercooler cover, cowl flex hose, Hondata ECU box and prepaid shipping label, RC Engineering 310cc fuel injectors, and plug-and-play fuel injector clips. Finally, some steroids for your Fit, and they won't even cause that freaky back acne and voice change thing.

Htup_1003_02_o+prosport_performance_gauges+turbo_kit_shot Photo 3/7   |   Prosport Performance Gauges - Adult Toys

Swap options
'01-05 Civic owners rejoice! HaSport has just released their new ESK3 kit that works with the infamous K20, or its big brother the K24. CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, it features powdercoated laser-cut steel brackets and zinc-plated hardware. The kit also features the option to choose from different durometers. Lifetime warranty is available through HaSport direct, or anyone of its distributors/dealers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Get to swappin'!

Htup_1003_04_o+prosport_performance_gauges+engine_mount_shot Photo 4/7   |   Prosport Performance Gauges - Adult Toys

Amber Alert!
Prosport performance offers a full line of vital gauges for every type of vehicle in a number of different color options. They've also just released a 52mm (2 1/16-inch) LCD display clock to match their performance and Digital series gauges. The race inspired unit features a bar graph style LED that ticks off the seconds, with an easy to read digital clock display. All of you JDM addicts that ditched your clocks for that fancy block-off plate now have no excuse for being late to work!

Htup_1003_05_o+prosport_performance_gauges+front_view Photo 5/7   |   Prosport Performance Gauges - Adult Toys

Keeping It Cool
Password:JDM announces the release of their dry carbon fiber cooling plate for the '06+ Civic. The plate not only adds a clean custom look to your bay, but it keeps the airflow focused on the radiator, where it needs to be. Reduce turbulence and quit losing precious cooling power to the gaps in your Civic's front end. Cooling plates are available in both dry carbon fiber and dry carbon Kevlar. While you're on their website, check out all of the other carbon goods they offer for Hondas and set your car apart from the crowd.

Htup_1003_06_o+prosport_performance_gauges+front_lip Photo 6/7   |   Prosport Performance Gauges - Adult Toys

Psychedelic Valve Cover
SpeedStar-Racing introduces their F20 Aurora finished valve covers. The multi-color process gives you a one-of-a-kind shine that would be almost impossible to duplicate. Be the first on your block to rock the funky finish and make all the followers jealous. Core charge is required and the finish will not crack, peel, or fade due to heat.

Htup_1003_08_o+prosport_performance_gauges+part_view Photo 7/7   |   Prosport Performance Gauges - Adult Toys



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