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Kinekt Design Rotating Ring - Adult Toys

Rotating rings, coilovers, batteries, hose kits, and more!

Oct 19, 2010

Art in Motion
We see all types of automotive-related gadgets thrown into the market every day. Most are silly, some are disturbing, but every once in awhile we come across something absolutely incredible. Kinekt Design is ecstatic about their amazing new mechanical movement-inspired rotating ring. Comprised of matte stainless steel, the ring features micro-precision gears that actually turn in perfect unison as the outer rims are spun. The one-of-a-kind piece includes an all too true warning that states "The spinning of this ring may inadvertently cause a lack of productivity and work-related progress." Trust us, they aren't lying. Everyone that's laid eyes upon the little wonder has been blown away by it's cool factor. Available in standard ring sizes; what are you waiting for? Log on and get yours first!

Htup_1010_01_o+kinekt_design_rotating_ring+art_in_motion Photo 2/9   |   Kinekt Design Rotating Ring - Adult Toys

Revolutionary Footwork Skunk2 introduces, or actually, re-introduces their Pro-S II coilovers. Completely redesigned, the new offering features a slick double-adjustable ride height, threaded shock bodies, and state-of-the-art mono-tube design. With height adjustments that are independent of spring pre-load, ride height changes as dramatic as three inches are possible without sacrificing a bit of shock travel or ride comfort. Track and street-tested shock-valving ensures a perfect balance of daily driving and track performance ability. Like all Skunk2 coilover kits, the Pro-S II features hard-anodized, CNC-machined, forged 6061-T6 aluminum spring perches, and CNC-wound racing springs manufactured from high quality SAE9254V spring steel. Available for '88-'10 Civic, '90-'01 Integra, and '02-'06 RSX.

Htup_1010_02_o+pro_s_ii_coilovers+skunk2 Photo 3/9   |   Kinekt Design Rotating Ring - Adult Toys

Battery Power
The all new TR-B1500 is perfect for race competition and daily driving. Though it offers a very small weight difference, a significant power increase can be found. Made from AGM technology with dual mounting positions; vertically and horizontally, the TR-B1500 offers a number of impressive features, including a leak-proof pressurized system, brass SAE terminals, heat-sealed cover, low discharge rate during storage, sealed and valve regulated, maintenance-free design, two-year warranty, and 100 percent recyclability!

Htup_1010_03_o+tr_b1400+battery Photo 4/9   |   Kinekt Design Rotating Ring - Adult Toys

Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?
Looking to spice up the look of your K series motor, but don't want your car to look like the next guy's? Here's your solution. Check out this custom billet aluminum piece from Circuit Hero. Hand-built from 14-gauge billet aluminum with a sick brushed aluminum finish, each piece is expertly crafted and is a direct bolt-on to your K20 or K24 motor. All billet coil-plug cover kits include premium stainless steel mounting hardware, and don't require any additional modification. Step away from the clones with Circuit Hero.

Htup_1010_04_o+alumninum_piece+circuit_hero Photo 5/9   |   Kinekt Design Rotating Ring - Adult Toys

Get A Grip!
Looking for the ultimate clamping system to complete your turbo kit, but not willing to throw money away on those cheap, un-secure old school clamps that constantly lose their grip? Well Vibrant Performance has you covered. They've developed their VanJen clamping system, consisting of two weld fittings with O-rings, union sleeve, spring-loaded clamp assembly, and a safety pin. Their T6061 aluminum clamps securely hold 2.5-, 3-, 3.5-, and 4-inch tubing safely and securely. Quit wasting your time with those flimsy old school clamps, step up to Vibrant Performance and their VanJen system. You can thank us later.

Htup_1010_05_o+van_jen_clamping_system+ Photo 6/9   |   Kinekt Design Rotating Ring - Adult Toys

Where Da' Hose At?
Samco Sport has a made name for itself as the premier silicone hose producer throughout the automotive world. Their replacement hose kits are used on street, race, and show cars worldwide. Recently they've added a whole new look to their lineup with these sick camouflage graphic options. As with all Samco Sport hoses, these are made by hand in the UK and each hose in thoroughly and visually inspected before leaving the factory. Their quality control is second to none, and is one of the main reasons the company has such a loyal following. So get rid of your dry factory hoses, and upgrade to something that looks and performs so much better.

Htup_1010_06_o+samco_sport_hose_kit+hoses Photo 7/9   |   Kinekt Design Rotating Ring - Adult Toys

Carbon Creativity
JDP Engineering has made a name for itself offering excellent fitment, high quality aero pieces to Honda/Acura owners. Their latest offering is an aggressive carbon fiber front lip for the ever- popular AP2 S2000. The 2nd gen roadster gets a much more sinister look with this front piece that can be painted, or left raw in carbon fiber, as all of JDP Engineering's products are UV coated for protection and long lasting, real world durability. Shown here half painted, the new lip attaches directly to the factory bumper and can easily be installed at home. While you're ordering JDP's front lip, don't forget to pick up one of their ultra-slick S2000 carbon fiber rear wings (installed on HT's Project AP1 in the July '10 issue) to complete the look!



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