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Turbosmart Wastegates, Petrol Eyewear Glasses, and More - Adult Toys


Jan 12, 2011

No Space Wasted
That monster turbo setup stealing too much room in the engine bay? Looking to install a super clean turbo kit but running into problems finding a wastegate that will do the job, without taking up too much engine bay real estate? Well look no further, Turbosmart has you covered. Their new 40mm external wastegate was designed for tight engine spaces while still offering superior flow and heat-handling capabilities. Add to that a revolutionary actuator housing, easy access for spring changes, and the ability to index the cap orientation in 12 different positions for ease of use, and you've got the perfect wastegate. Available in blue or black, the new units include a one-piece, coated stainless steel valve, and a height of just 99 mm. Perfect for any engine bay, big or small.

Htup_110301_o+turbosmart_wastegates_petrol_eyewear_glasses_more+wastegates Photo 2/5   |   Turbosmart Wastegates, Petrol Eyewear Glasses, and More - Adult Toys

Function Meets Fashion
For the past few years, Petrol Eyewear has produced some of the slickest premium quality polarized driving glasses around. The Big Easy model is available in gloss black or dark tortoise and features the company's Repelium glass lens. According to the manufacturer, Repelium glass offers the highest possible visual acuity, especially from behind the wheel. The Gulfstream and Gulfstream 2 both feature a polarized gradient Repelium coating in an iconic aviator style that continues to be dominant as we enter 2011. Stop rolling with those cheap gas station sunglasses and step up to some high-quality eyewear from Petrol-your eyes are worth it.
Petrol Eyewear

Htup_1103_02_o+turbosmart_wastegates_petrol_eyewear_glasses_more+driving_glasses Photo 3/5   |   Turbosmart Wastegates, Petrol Eyewear Glasses, and More - Adult Toys

Go-Fast Goods For The Accord
The Accord crowd often runs into problems when searching for performance upgrades for their chassis, but as luck would have it, advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) has announced the release of their new performance IRF filter for the '08-11 Accord. Increasing horsepower and torque and improving throttle response, the aFe filter outflows the factory unit by up to 33 percent. The unique polyurethane progressive bump seal keeps debris from flowing through the filter and into your engine. The filter is washable and reusable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Whether you're just getting started, or have a long list of upgrades, a quality air filter is a must for any project.

Htup_1103_03_o+turbosmart_wastegates_petrol_eyewear_glasses_more+irf_filter Photo 4/5   |   Turbosmart Wastegates, Petrol Eyewear Glasses, and More - Adult Toys

Fast Threads
Born in the streets of Northern California, Still Fast Clothing is the brainchild of a group of hard-core enthusiasts that have their sights set on bringing clean and unique designs to our community. With six designs in various colors already available for purchase on their website, Still Fast is well on their way to making a name for themselves in an industry that seems to be shifting back to simpler themes, cleaner lines, and the "less is more" philosophy. Log on, check them out, and help support an enthusiast-based company that shares your passion for Hondas.
Still Fast Clothing

Htup_1103_04_o+turbosmart_wastegates_petrol_eyewear_glasses_more+shirts Photo 5/5   |   Turbosmart Wastegates, Petrol Eyewear Glasses, and More - Adult Toys



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