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Shift 2 Unleashed, Honda Shift Extender Kit, & More! - Adult Toys

New toys for your Honda lifestyle.

Feb 8, 2011

I feel the need ... the need for Shift 2 Unleashed!
Slightly Mad Studios has poured some serious time and effort into the latest Need for Speed offering: Shift 2 Unleashed. Sporting an all-new rendering engine and a massive graphics overhaul, Shift 2 Unleashed features an innovative helmet camera view that immerses you in the experience of driving at over 200 mph! Connect with your friends via Speed Autolog and race head-to-head or compare player stats and see where you stand against the competition. Known for creating incredibly intense, sweat inducing game play with previous titles, the Need for Speed legacy continues to live up to its heralded name as fans across the world will no doubt stand in line to get their hands on what many are saying is the most intense thrill ride in the entire series. What are you waiting for? You bragged to your friends that you can drive, now let's see you back it up.

Htup_1104_01_o+shift_2_unleashed_honda_shift_extender_kit_more+shift_2 Photo 2/6   |   Shift 2 Unleashed, Honda Shift Extender Kit, & More! - Adult Toys

Slightly Mad Studios | |

Extend your shifter-you know you wanna
The boys at Circuit Hero have reinvented themselves. Or at least they've reinvented their slick, universal Honda shift extender kit. Previously only available in aluminum, the new Type 2 version is produced in high-quality, stainless steel (SS303), and is counterweighted at 82 grams. The fully polished PVD finish complements any interior color and most important, puts your shift knob much closer to the steering wheel during track sessions. The only thing is, once you've used the Circuit Hero shift extender, you're going to want to use it full time, even on the street. Hit up Circuit Hero and check out their other K-series and universal application products; you won't be disappointed.

Htup_1104_02_o+shift_2_unleashed_honda_shift_extender_kit_more+extended_shifter Photo 3/6   |   Shift 2 Unleashed, Honda Shift Extender Kit, & More! - Adult Toys

Circuit Hero | | 619-3374-2551

Take a load off
You've got your new CR-Z, and you're proud of the 40+ mpg, the sporty design, and the futuristic dash, but you can't shake the feeling that something's missing, right? Well, Zeta Products knows exactly how you feel, and that's why they're proud to introduce their CR-Z armrest kit for the little hybrid. Installation doesn't get any easier, as the new piece drops directly into the rear cup holder, and comes with an (included) option to keep it firmly secured in place. The added storage space will keep prying eyes from seeing what's in your car, and the comfort of having an armrest will make your CR-Z that much more enjoyable. With a price tag under $100 you're probably asking yourself why you don't already have one. Quit stalling, log on to Zeta's website and cop yours ASAP!

Htup_1104_03_o+shift_2_unleashed_honda_shift_extender_kit_more+crz_armrest_kit Photo 4/6   |   Shift 2 Unleashed, Honda Shift Extender Kit, & More! - Adult Toys

Zeta Products | | 800-688-0221

Race Ramps for everyone!
Rarely do we come across a product that's as cool as it is functional. Brute Industries offers a number of ultra-convenient Race Ramp applications for shop, home, or track use. Their ramps are incredibly lightweight, yet will support large loads without breaking a sweat. The textured finish keeps them planted firmly in place, even when used on slick garage floors. Their new Hook Nosed Rack Ramps are the perfect alternative to heavy stainless ramps used with four-post lifts. At less than a quarter of the weight, they can be moved and positioned easily to help low ground clearance vehicles to get on the lift without scrubbing their front lip or bumper. Available in three sizes, Hook Nosed Race Ramp are lightweight but are built with a rigid construction that is virtually indestructible, and can support up to 6,000 pounds!

For you show guys looking to set yourself apart from the crowd on the red carpet, check out the Race Ramps Show Cribs. At only 7-9 pounds each, they feature a wide, flat bottom that will safely support your vehicle all day, and they even offer optional screening of your own personal logo. Log on and check out their extensive collection.

Brute Industries Inc. | | 866-464-2788



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