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Honda & Acura Parts and Accessories - Adult Toys

Jun 5, 2012

In The Clutch!

Advanced Clutch Technology, or ACT, releases its new Sport line of clutch kits for various Honda/Acura applications. Designed as an entry-level clutch for the dedicated enthusiast with basic upgrades, the new Sport clutch kits offer much improved performance over the factory unit, but aren’t as intense as the ACT Heavy-duty or Xtreme line of ultra-high performance clutches. The Sport Street clutch kit combines the SP pressure plate and a performance disc that features organic friction materials to withstand increased heat and abuse, steel back linings for high burst strength, and modification engineered for quicker shifting. Additionally, the Sport line street clutch kit provides a lighter pedal feel when compared to ACT’s Heavy-duty pressure plate, but still offers consistent pedal feel, smooth engagement, and significantly improved durability. Depending on the application, clamping loads are increased by 25 to 40 percent!

Htup 1206 01 o+honda acura parts accessories+ACT sport clutch kit Photo 1/4   |   Honda & Acura Parts and Accessories - Adult Toys

Available for: Integra ’90–’01 B18 B17; RSX K20; Civic ’90–’07 D, B, K; Accord ’90–’02 F23; Prelude H23, H22.


Hondata Inc., the market leader in the Honda ECU reprogramming industry, is proud to announce its revamped S300 version 2. With over a dozen years of experience behind them, Hondata continues to innovate and improve upon its already impressive lineup. The S300/S300 J V2 is an elegant solution for your tuning needs, and utilizes the same state-of-the-art design and easy-to-use software that we’ve all come to expect from the ECU giant. The S300/S300J V2 includes cutting-edge features like:

Htup 1206 02 o+honda acura parts accessories+s300 version 2 Photo 2/4   |   Honda & Acura Parts and Accessories - Adult Toys

  • Eight analog inputs (datalogging only)
  • One digital input (datalogging only)
  • Additional security to help identify and prevent theft
  • Datalogging memory has been doubled in size for up to two hours recording
  • Non-battery memory for greater reliability and longer life
  • On-board calibration storage
  • Programmable ECU interface
  • Works with the Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR)
  • Live tuning
  • Configurable for different MAP sensors or injectors
  • Multiple input sensing and general output control
  • Two hours on-board datalogging memory
  • Integrated boost control and boost by gear and rpm
  • Check and clear diagnostic codes
  • Custom laptop gauges

Control From Front To Back

Powerflex is back once again with a suspension bushing upgrade for the one and only S2000. Long praised for its impressive handling right out of the box, the S2000 has also gained a reputation for tricky handling at speed as the car’s suspension geometry is compromised during hard cornering. After seeing an alarming number of front wishbone bushing failures, Powerflex decided to complement its rear suspension bushing setup with an all-new front replacement kit. Thanks to a newly developed RotoBall design that features a dual-rate polyurethane ball, zinc-plated outer shell, and stainless steel center, the compliance rate has been drastically improved and geometry control is enhanced greatly with almost friction-free operation.

Htup 1206 04 o+honda acura parts accessories+powerflex s2000 bushing kit Photo 3/4   |   Honda & Acura Parts and Accessories - Adult Toys

Born To Roll

Tenzo Racing Sports has been busy over the years offering a number of wheel sizes and styles to suit front-wheel drive cars like your beloved Honda. Adding another option for wheel-savvy enthusiasts, Tenzo recently released its Concept 9 wheel. The “9” corresponds with the wheel’s use of 9 curved spokes for a very modern design. Available in 17x7, 18x8, 19x8.5, and 19x9.5, colors include black, machined finish, charcoal, and bronze. Log on to Tenzo Racing Sports’ website and you’re sure to find a wheel style that fits your taste and your budget.

Htup 1206 03 o+honda acura parts accessories+tenzo concept 9 wheel Photo 4/4   |   Honda & Acura Parts and Accessories - Adult Toys


Torrance, CA 90503
Lancaster, CA 93535
Tenzo Racing Sports
Santa Clarita, CA 91350



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