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Deatschwerks, Motovicity, AEM Electronics, and More - Adult Toys

Jul 6, 2012

Pump pump!!

DeatschWerks is proud to announce the official release of the DW200, a 255lph in-tank fuel pump. Sporting an increase in flow as much as 50 percent over most stock fuel pumps, the DW200 moves the additional fuel that is critical for enthusiasts upgrading to supercharged or turbocharged setups, as well as those looking to run ethanol-based fuel like the wildly popular E85. The DW200 is DeatschWerks’ value leader, yet features the same quality and technical features as the company’s higher-flowing pumps, including quiet, reliable turbine impeller and ethanol compatibility. Now available for purchase at your local DeatschWerks dealer, the price is a mere $99, and includes a three-year no-fault warranty and fitment kit designed specifically for your car.

Htup 1207 01 o+deatschwerks+DW200 Photo 1/3   |   Deatschwerks, Motovicity, AEM Electronics, and More - Adult Toys

Get a grip!

Finding hidden horsepower with basic bolt-ons is becoming increasingly difficult on late-model applications like the CR-Z. Knowing this, Quaife has stepped up to offer a way to maximize your existing power with an automatic torque biasing limited-slip differential. The new QDF9U ATB differential drastically improves the dynamics of the CR-Z by reducing front tire slip, decreasing understeer, and improving front traction during acceleration. Get rid of the factory “no-grip slip” and upgrade to a high-quality differential from Quaife. Available exclusively through Motovicity Distribution.

Htup 1207 03 o+motovicity+differential Photo 2/3   |   Deatschwerks, Motovicity, AEM Electronics, and More - Adult Toys | 888-SPEED-16

Keeping tabs

AEM Electronics is at it again with another groundbreaking, user-friendly system for the masses. AEM’s new four-channel Wideband UEGO Controller allows users to simultaneously monitor each individual cylinder’s air/fuel ratios on up to four cylinders, or up to eight cylinders if a second unit is used. This is a must-have for anyone running an engine management system or datalogger to monitor and/or tune individual cylinder AFR to increase both performance and engine reliability. The kit includes one four-channel wideband UEGO controller, complete wiring harness, installation instructions, and one wideband UEGO sensor with stainless steel, finned stand-off bung. Here are just a few of the unique features with the AEM’s UEGO four-channel Controller:

Htup 1207 02 o+AEM+UEGO controller Photo 3/3   |   Deatschwerks, Motovicity, AEM Electronics, and More - Adult Toys

  • Backpressure compensation for accurate, pre-turbo, individual runner AFR readings
  • Specially designed stainless steel sensor mounting bungs to withstand extreme temperatures
  • CAN-BUS or analog outputs for datalogging
  • Laboratory-calibrated sensors
  • Channel status and error lights
  • Weather-proof/shock-proof housing, harness, and communication connections
  • Compact size
  • Accurate to 0.1 AFR
  • Reads gas values from 8.5 to 18:1 AFR
  • Reads E85 values from 5.7 to 11:1
  • Also reads ethanol, methanol, and lambda | 310-484-2322



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