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Hot New Products - Power Gear

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Sep 1, 2008
Impp_0809_01_z+power_gear+ssr_type_f Photo 1/9   |   Hot New Products - Power Gear

SSR Type-F Wheels
For the serious performance enthusiast looking to add nothing but the best to his or her tuned import, SSR delivers the Type-F. Standing on the shoulders of the wildly successful Type-C, the F is constructed through SSR's proprietary Semi-Solid Forging (SSF process) and Heat Transfer Method (HTM) to deliver top-tier strength and the lightweight characteristic for lower un-sprung mass. Available in one-piece and hybrid two-piece designs, the Type-F covers a wide range of width and offset configurations-diameters ranging from 15 to 19 inches-and is available in silver, gold, or flat black finishes.

Impp_0809_02_z+power_gear+5zigen_proracer_baffled_oil_pan Photo 2/9   |   Hot New Products - Power Gear

5zigen Proracer Baffled Oil Pan
Here is something you'll definitely need if you're a K20A racing fan who regularly engages in track racing/spirited street driving-5Zigen's ProRacer baffle oil pan. So JDM they forgot the "d". This is the same item used on the infamous 5Zigen FD2 Civic Type R time attacker, and all other K20A circuit cars in their stable. Bragging full-aluminum construction, the baffle oil pan is designed to do two things: Keep oil contained in the engine's pickup area under hard cornering, acceleration, or braking, and slow the descent of oil into the pan, allowing trapped air to dissipate faster for improved lubrication and cooling.

Impp_0809_03_z+power_gear+endless_mono_6_caliper Photo 3/9   |   Hot New Products - Power Gear

Endless Mono-6 Caliper
Your ride has it all: forged wheels, two-piece brake rotors, relocated stock calipers...wait, what? OE calipers? No way! No self-respecting performance enthusiast cuts corners when it comes to upgrading any aspect of performance, especially braking and reducing corner weight. That's why Endless developed these forged, mono-block...wait for it...six-piston calipers for popular high-performance rides. Available in the signature Race Alumite finish, and weighing only 7.4 pounds each, the Mono-6 goes further to increase strength and durability and accepts optional titanium piston caps for added weight reduction. Applications are available for the EVO, Impreza, 350Z, G35, Supra, Skyline, and the new R35 GT-R.

Impp_0809_04_z+power_gear+sparkling_mullet_wash Photo 4/9   |   Hot New Products - Power Gear

Sparkling Mullet Body/Car Wash
A dual-action formula in a zesty spruce scent, this hopefully one-of-a-kind product is strong enough to clean the car yet gentle on the nards! It foams to a fragrant lather when dispensed onto a washcloth-or puff for you sissy city folk-in the shower, and will cut even the grittiest stuck-on, road-borne filth when applied to your ride. For best results, wash yourself and your car in the driveway where all the babes can watch. Paarrttyy! Vibrant Mullet shampoo sold

Impp_0809_05_z+power_gear+titek_carbon_fiber_cooling_plate Photo 5/9   |   Hot New Products - Power Gear

Titek Carbon-Fiber Cooling Plates
Designed to eliminate airflow over the top of a radiator, forcing more air through its cooling fins, TiTek's carbon-fiber cooling plates are designed to aid in maintaining lower water temperatures for high-performance imports. Featuring full carbon-fiber construction, each plate is designed for perfect bolt-in fitment and a lifetime of fade-free use. Applications include the EVO, WRX STI, Supra, S2000, and 350Z, with more to be

Impp_0809_09_z+power_gear+evo_x_engine_bay Photo 6/9   |   Hot New Products - Power Gear

ARC Evo X Blowout
As we here in the States stood idly by waiting for the all-new EVO X to hit showrooms, ARC of Japan quietly amassed an arsenal of quality go-fast bits for the soon-to-be tuner car of the year, intending to give its home-turf enthusiasts a head start in the tuning game. Fortunately for us, Mackin Industries ruined their plan by importing all possible ARC JDM goodness for the EVO X, including what you see here: A titanium exhaust system, front-mount intercooler upgrade, and a side-mount oil cooler. Get 'em while they're hot...not that they ever won't



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