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Aftermarket Car Parts - Power Gear

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Nov 1, 2008
Impp_0811_01_z+aftermarket_car_parts+aem_etc Photo 1/6   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Power Gear

This month's pick of the litter is a product of AEM's latest brainstorming session: the Electronic Throttle Control unit or ETC. Newly released for the '04-'06 WRX STI, with more on the way, the AEM ETC allows AEM EMS users to retain, and improve upon, their car's native drive-by-wire throttle system. Previous STI owners running aftermarket standalones either had to convert to manual throttle engagement, or deal with OE programming that tailors throttle opening to limit tailpipe emissions and improve fuel economy. But AEM's ETC allows a constant 1:1 ratio of pedal depression to throttle position, allowing for complete throttle control by the driver, and a switch from idle to wide-open throttle position in quicker than 1/10 of a second. Fail-safe modes can also be programmed, to automatically close the throttle under a variety of dangerous conditions-safeguarding your engine in the event of an emergency.

Impp_0811_02_z+aftermarket_car_parts+password_jdm_intake Photo 2/6   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Power Gear

Password:JDM Dry Carbon Intake System
Individually hand crafted to high-quality tolerances here in the States, Password:JDM's newest bit of carbon-fiber goodness-this Power Chamber ram-air system for the S2000-was designed in-house from the ground up, using design theories inspired by F1 and ALMS technology. Designed to supply your S2K's hungry F20 or F22 with heaping gulps of cold, clean air, this unit's dry carbon construction keeps weight and heat soak to a minimum, bumps pimp factor sky-high, and installs in less than an hour-without a need to cut up your OE hood for clearance.

Impp_0811_03_z+aftermarket_car_parts+pfidanza_flywheel Photo 3/6   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Power Gear

Fidanza Lightweight Flywheels
Yes, Fidanza has been around for years, and no, lightweight aluminum flywheels aren't anything new. But now, owners of the '08 Civic Si and '08 EVO X can share in the quick-revving, increased power and throttle-response fun that the rest of us have been enjoying for years by installing one of Fidanza's newest flywheels on their rides. Machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum, each micro-balanced flywheel features a 1045 steel friction surface and 1050 steel ring gear, and is heat treated for supreme durability. Able to mate properly with any type of clutch material-organic, Kevlar, ceramic, iron, and so on-replacing your OEM flywheel with one of these will drastically reduce rotational mass, which means you can enjoy power and response benefits from idle to redline. And since their steel friction area is replaceable, you can look forward to enjoying those benefits for as long as you see fit.

Impp_0811_04_z+aftermarket_car_parts+pioneer_amplifier Photo 4/6   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Power Gear

Pioneer Premier PRS-A900
For the discerning (read: loaded, and proud of it) audiophile, Pioneer introduces its latest ultra-ber amplifier; the Premier PRS-A900, boasting an independent, symmetrically isolated circuit board that prevents electrical interference and physical vibration from becoming noise. The unit shields key signal-enhancing components from its own internal power supply section, by surrounding them in thick, T-shaped copper bars, laid out to isolate the left and right channels, further preventing any possible crossover interference. What's more, the PRS-A900's filterless design allows for the shortest possible signal path, minimizing the potential for signal degradation, and eliminating the need for additional filters or internal equalization-a simple design that acts only to shield and amplify the signal, not alter or color it in any way, for the cleanest sound possible.

Impp_0811_05_z+aftermarket_car_parts+motegi_racing_sx7 Photo 5/6   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Power Gear

Motegi Racing SX7
New from Motegi Racing is the SX7, a seven-spoke wheel with a style all its own. Featuring Motegi's own "Reverse-Black" finish-a machined face with matte black spoke sides and a matte black barrel-the SX7 looks right on any color car. Also available in matte black with a diamond machined lip, this one-piece aluminum alloy is available in sizes from 15 to 18 inches, and in a variety of widths, offsets, and bolt patterns to fit nearly any passenger car or small SUV.

Impp_0811_06_z+aftermarket_car_parts+5zigen_header Photo 6/6   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Power Gear

5zigen Proracer Headers
Newly added to 5Zigen's elite ProRacer line-up are headers for the K24 CL9 Honda Accord/ Acura TSX, and Fit GD3 L15A engines. Each is constructed from 100 percent TIG-welded stainless steel, features mandrel-bent, equal length runners, and is designed to provide maximum flow and power throughout their respective engines' powerbands. Since each item is intended primarily for the Japanese domestic market, stateside availability is limited-making them two of the freshest, most unique JDM power-enhancing pieces you can add to either of these two equally unique rides.



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