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Power Gear - Tire & Brake Performance

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Dec 1, 2008
Impp_0812_01_z+gear_tire_racing_performance_brakes_nissan_power+cleaning_view Photo 1/6   |   Power Gear - Tire & Brake Performance

Sure, those $3,000 Rays Engineering rollers and ultra-sticky Toyos your tuned import is sporting give it the best possible stance and performance money can buy, but is their high-dollar appeal visible to the un-trained eye? Are they covered in brake dust and swimming in cheap, spotty tire dressing? Then the answer is no. Keeping your rolling stock looking as tasteful as possible is Black Magic's inspiration in the release of two of their newest car care products. First, use Titanium wheel polish on wheels made from any metal-aluminum, magnesium, chrome, steel, and so on-to protect from oxidation and bring out their natural characteristic in a safe, reliable way. Finish by dressing your tires with the Titanium Matte Tire Finish for a dark, velvety, low-gloss alternative to the tired "wet look" everyone else is doing.

Impp_0812_03_z+gear_tire_racing_performance_brakes_nissan_power+breaks_view Photo 2/6   |   Power Gear - Tire & Brake Performance

As evidenced by their inclusion on select Formula 1 and World Rally Cars-as well as Carter's R33 Skyline-AP Racing manufactures some of the most effective, durable brake upgrades on the market, for some of the most powerful import platforms produced. New to their line-up are kits for the '01-'07 Mitsubishi EVO VIII and IX. Packing a massive increase in stopping power, and huge reduction in brake fade, the kit's two-piece, 14- and 13-inch front and rear rotors-in choice of solid or drilled/slotted design-coupled with six- and four-piston calipers, are designed for repeated dry- or dirt-track abuse. Mintex Xtreme Motorsports brake pads are used at each corner, as well as DOT-compliant stainless lines, caliper mounting brackets, and high-grade replacement hardware. And since the kit is designed to work with the OE master cylinder, ABS system, and parking brake set-up, they're perfect for daily street driving.

Impp_0812_04_z+gear_tire_racing_performance_brakes_nissan_power+door_view Photo 3/6   |   Power Gear - Tire & Brake Performance

All you budget drifters out there, this one's for you. If you've ever had the opportunity to remove your car's OEM doors, you know how much weight can be saved by replacing their fat asses with lightweight alternatives. Problem is, who has an extra $3,000 lying around to buy expensive carbon-fiber replacements, especially when the chances are good that they might only survive a few practice sessions? Not us, and that's why we're starting to like Chaser's low-buck fiberglass solutions. Modeled after new, OEM replacements, and produced in reinforced molds for consistent quality, each one of these bad boys weighs as little as 13 pounds, and cost only $399 a pair! Also available in carbon-fiber or pimp-green Aramid for $999 a pair.



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