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Aftermarket Car Parts - Powergear

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Jan 1, 2009
Impp_0901_01_z+mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_x_aftermarket_car_parts+exhaust_switch Photo 1/5   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Powergear

A'pexi Exhaust Control Valve (ECV)
Here's a trick way to switch from quiet exhaust note for the daily commute, to uncorked, open-header or downpipe power on race day: the A'PEXi ECV. Simply weld a Y-shaped merge into your exhaust track, near or into the downpipe or header(s), and leave the ECV closed for exhaust gas to pass through your complete exhaust system, or open to escape prior to restriction from the catalyst or resonators, all from within the comfort of your car's cabin. Its full stainless construction ensures a lifetime of use, and its 95mm diameter will likely flow anything you've got under your hood.

Impp_0901_03_z+mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_x_aftermarket_car_parts+air_freshin Photo 2/5   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Powergear

Blue Q Freshness
No matter how you decide to build your project, or how extensive its transformation is, the most rewarding part you can add to it is an air freshener. Those who have ever shared the pleasure-and-pain ordeal that is a lengthy project car build know full-well the joys of saying "I'm finally done with this POS", by hanging an air freshener off its mirror. And Blue Q is here to help you say it in a bolder, funnier, and slightly more offensive way with their complete line of signature air fresheners. Over hundreds to choose, picking a few to photograph was tough, but here are some of our favs... especially the "Police are my favorite people" one. Face it-you're not getting out of that ticket; you might as well patronize the bastard!

Impp_0901_04_z+mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_x_aftermarket_car_parts+ehaust_part Photo 3/5   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Powergear

Greddy Spectrum Elite (Se) Exhaust Systems
Remember back in the day when you got your first exhaust system? Your biggest complaint was likely that it wasn't loud enough; you wanted the world to hear all 102 pissed-off horses under your Civic's hood. Us too, but as fix-it tickets, angry neighbors, and unwanted street race invitations gradually took their toll, we began to realize that louder sometimes isn't better. Enter GReddy's SE exhaust systems for all your favorite platforms-same full stainless steel construction, large diameter piping, and free-flowing design you'd expect from any high-end performance exhaust, but with a minimal exhaust note and subtle appearance that won't attract the wrong kind of attention.

Impp_0901_02_z+mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_x_aftermarket_car_parts+intake_manifold Photo 4/5   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Powergear

Forsa Subaru Intake Manifold
WRX and STI owners looking to maximize the performance of a newly upgraded turbo, or who are looking for a bit more power from your stock turbo set-up, Forsa's Subaru Intake Manifolds were created for you. Available in either a stock configuration, or rotated to shorten intercooler plumbing and increase efficiency, each unit features hand-crafted, TIG-welded aluminum construction, to bring dramatically increased flow to your boxer engine. Differences in flow between runners in a stock WRX manifold can measure as much as 9.9%, with an overall plenum volume of 725cc. Forsa's rotated unit brags a low 4.4% flow difference and a 1,870cc plenum. And if that's not enough, the Forsa units also shed a few lbs off OE.

Impp_0901_05_z+mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_x_aftermarket_car_parts+rods_view Photo 5/5   |   Aftermarket Car Parts - Powergear

Carrillo Evo X Connecting Rods
Possibly the biggest gripe we've heard from Evo fans upon the release of the Evo X is that its new engine wouldn't have support from the aftermarket soon enough. Well, Carrillo refutes this claim with these new connecting rods for the 4B11, made from the company's proprietary Carrilloloy American steel alloy, and able to take all the high boost, high power abuse you can throw at them. Each forged rod is machined by a master craftsman before undergoing a stringent series of inspections, twice, before hitting shelves, ensuring you'll get the quality and durability you're looking for, the first time around.



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