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Zex Nissan 350Z Wet Nitrous System - Power Gear

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Apr 1, 2009

Stack Multi Function Display (Mfd)
Data Acquisition System

Tired of having your car's dashboard resemble an airplane cockpit; all those gauges cluttering your interior, hampering your ability to monitor every parameter of engines vitals? Well STACK is proud to present its latest data acquisition system; the most flexible, highest-specification, and best-value dash logger available. This multi-function data recording system features a fast, accurate analog tachometer for best visual indication of rate of change, an LED shift light, and a user-configurable digital LCD display capable of supporting up to six parameters per page, with user-definable warnings and warning lights for maximum driver alert. The STACK MFD comes standard with 14 inputs-enough to handle most drive train and driver input data streams-and can be expanded to monitor up to 45 channels for more advanced users. Simplify your interior with a race-proven meter that's sure to be the envy of your competition.

Tome I 2.3L 4G63 Stroker Kit
Tired of being smoked by the competition as you chug along in your stock 2.0L engine? Tomei has the solution with the release of their new 2.3L 4G63 stroker kit. Upgrading to the 2.3L stroker kit offers improved torque and engine response for those looking to optimize horsepower. It's great for spooling larger turbos for more peak power and usable midrange torque. Transform your engine and performance using the Tomei Powered forged internal stroker kit and smoke the competition.

Evo X Injectors
It was only a matter of time before we witnessed the EVO X making in excess of 450 whp on the streets, and Deatschwerks wasted no time in developing the first EVO X-specific injector. Representatives state their direct, drop-in 800cc injector set will support up to 500 whp, and is flow matched to within a 2% tolerance-meaning better fitment, easier tuning and increased reliability. Each set also comes with its own full-color injector report that includes fuel pressure and flow rate conversions, BSFC-based horsepower maximums, and system balance/flow variances; so you know exactly what you're getting with your set.

Zex Nissan 350Z Wet Nitrous System
Turbo and supercharger kits have been proven to be a lethal one-two combination punch for the 350Z over the years. Unfortunately, owning this hard-hitting package comes with a stiff uppercut to your pocketbook. If the economy's got you down and out, ZEX has a nitrous kit that's built specifically for your car-and budget-that'll help your Z hit the competition better than a sock full of pennies: a wet nitrous system designed specifically for the new dual throttle body engine in '07 and newer 350Zs. Every hose, wire, and even a custom fuel line adapter has been engineered and manufactured for a perfect fit. The ZEX system incorporates the most technically advanced performance features available, including the patented ZEX Active Fuel Control that automatically adjusts nitrous/fuel enrichment so your engine never runs too rich or too lean. Power settings are fully adjustable from 75 to 100 hp with the included tuning jets, bringing your 350Z's punch to a while new level.

Design Engineering Reflect-A-GoldReflect-A-Gold does more than look pretty in your engine bay. This high-performance reflector was created in the aerospace industry for use in automotive applications where extreme temperature-swing environments exist. This state-of-the-art, polymer-laminated glass cloth is extremely lightweight, and capable of handling continual operating temperatures in excess of 850 degrees Fahrenheit, reflecting 80 percent of all radiant heat-great for protecting fuel lines, engine covers, seat bottoms, bulkheads, fuel cells, or engine compartments. Reflect-A-Gold is available in several standard configurations and sizes, as well as special-order lengths and custom cuts. Don't take chances; protect your investment before it melts away!



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