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JL Audio Honda Pilot Stealthbox Subwoofer - Audio Gear

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Nov 1, 2009
Impp_0911_02_z+jl_audio_stealthbox_subwoofer+pioneer_navigation_system Photo 1/4   |   JL Audio Honda Pilot Stealthbox Subwoofer - Audio Gear

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT In-Dash Navigation System
Pioneer Electronics unveils the AVIC-Z110BT, its flagship in-dash navigation system that allows consumers to simultaneously access mapping and route guidance information, enjoy both audio and video entertainment, control an Apple iPod/iPhone and a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone with natural voice commands and receive updated traffic, weather and local event information via an optional MSN Direct tuner. The AVIC-Z110BT navigation system provides instant location access, thanks to its fast processor and four gb of on-board flash memory, a motorized seven-inch touch panel display, CD/DVD Video playback, built-in Bluetooth and a customizable touch-screen interface for quick access to frequently used features.

Impp_0911_01_z+jl_audio_stealthbox_subwoofer+bostin_mobile_audio_gear Photo 2/4   |   JL Audio Honda Pilot Stealthbox Subwoofer - Audio Gear

Boston Mobile Audio SR Series High-Performance Speakers
Boston Acoustics introduces their high-performance SR Series drop-in mobile audio speakers, featuring a Type-S1 Kortec tweeter for superb power handling and reliability. Kortec is a silky fabric saturated on the underside with a proprietary stiffening agent, allowing the tweeter to deliver exceptional sound quality while the soft, self-dampening top layer eliminates unwanted resonances. All SR Series components use a copolymer cone and butyl rubber for durability, and a specifically tuned crossover that delivers the best transitional sounds between woofer and tweeter.

2017 Honda Pilot
$37,605 Base Model (MSRP) 19/27 MPG Fuel Economy
Impp_0911_03_z+jl_audio_stealthbox_subwoofer+main_view Photo 3/4   |   JL Audio Honda Pilot Stealthbox Subwoofer - Audio Gear

JL Audio Honda Pilot Stealthbox Subwoofer
JL Audio engineered a clever Stealthbox solution that directly replaces the factory supplied subwoofer for the Honda Pilot and installs discretely behind the passenger-side cargo area trim panel, completely out of sight. The Stealthbox subwoofer systems is constructed of fiberglass for strength and durability, and features a sealed-enclosure design, containing one JL Audio 10W1v2-4 subwoofer (maximum rated 300 watts of power), significantly improving your factory audio system.

Impp_0911_04_z+jl_audio_stealthbox_subwoofer+soundgate_hands_free_bluetooth Photo 4/4   |   JL Audio Honda Pilot Stealthbox Subwoofer - Audio Gear

SoundGate iO TALK1 Hands-Free Bluetooth
The SoundGate iO TALK1 is a simple-to-use, Bluetooth hands-free car kit and music-streaming system that delivers high-quality audio through the speakers of a car stereo system, allowing the driver to safely make and receive mobile phone calls wirelessly and hands-free in a vehicle. iO TALK1 can pair up to five mobile phones wirelessly, and is compatible with A2DP Bluetooth Stereo, Bluetooth HFP, most all generations of iPod and iPhone, and any other device that uses Bluetooth. Along with making phone calls easier, the iO TALK1 can stream music tracks from any Bluetooth phone or from a second portable device simultaneously, providing excellent sound quality.



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