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Roar Filter, Unorthodox Racing, Turbosmart, 5Zigen - Power Gear

Exposing The New Hotness

Jun 29, 2010

Roar Filter
New, from a company known for performance products hand-crafted for high-end European exotica, comes a carbon fiber intake system for the Lexus IS F. Combining the heat resistance and light weight of carbon fiber with the proven airflow benefits of a velocity-stack-equipped cone filter, Roar Filter's newest bolt-on kit replaces the IS F's restrictive factory flat-panel intake filter and plastic intake box with a serviceable, poly conical element, carbon fiber heat shield and high-flow tubing, all finished in high-gloss, durable epoxy-providing the optimum balance of performance and protection.
Roar Filter /

Impp_1008_01_o+power_gear+roar_filter Photo 2/5   |   Roar Filter

Unorthodox Racing Nissan R35 GT-R Pulley Set
Unorthodox Racing (UR) introduces a lightweight, three-piece, billet aluminum pulley set for the '09-up Nissan GT-R. The kit includes pulleys for the crank, alternator, and power steering system, with a combined weight of only 1.75 pounds-the same OEM pulleys weigh 8.25 pounds. UR has tested this rotating weight reduction to be good for an additional 20 to 24 hp and 26 to 30 lb-ft of torque at the wheels of a stock '09 GT-R.
Unorthodox Racing / / 631.586.9525

Impp_1008_03_o+power_gear+pulley_set Photo 3/5   |   Unorthodox Racing Nissan R35 GT-R Pulley Set

Turbosmart e-Boost Street
Turbosmart's e-Boost Street electronic boost controller gives you total control over your vehicle's boost curve using two available boost settings, easily selected via a "turn-and-push" button or external switch. The easy-to-read, three-segment display with adjustable brightness can be configured for PSI, KPa, or BAR, and includes a warning light to inform the driver of over-boost shutdown or rev-limit, allowing the unit to double as a boost gauge, tachometer, or shift light. Turbosmart's e-Boost Street controllers can maintain up to 40psi of boost, and feature an auxiliary output that can trigger intercooler spray, methanol, or nitrous injection systems. Each e-Boost Street includes a control unit, installation kit, solenoid with mounting bracket, vacuum hoses, and hose clamps.
Turbosmart / / 909.476.2570

Impp_1008_02_o+power_gear+turbosmart Photo 4/5   |   Turbosmart e-Boost Street

ARD Roadmaster Ride Driving Shoes
In celebration of 5Zigen's '09 Super Taikyu ST-3 class season championship win with their NSX, ARD, in collaboration with Asics shoes, has released the ARD Roadmaster Ride driving shoe. Available in black or silver, the Roadmaster delivers both form and function, and is perfect for daily driving, open track days, kart racing, or for (gasp) walking. The ARD Roadmaster Ride driving shoe is manufactured exclusively for ARD and is available for purchase though 5Zigen dealers, or online directly through 5Zigen.
5Zigen USA / / 310.608.5575

Impp_1008_04_o+power_gear+ard_roadmaster Photo 5/5   |   ARD Roadmaster Ride Driving Shoes



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