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Koyorad, K&N, Amsoil, Deatschwerks - Power Gear

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Oct 9, 2010

Koyorad Datsun Z Radiator
Koyo introduces an all aluminum performance radiator for the '70-'78 Datsun 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z equipped with manual transmissions. Unlike the traditional down-flow style of the OEM Datsun radiator, Koyo engineers have designed some unique features into the new radiator, including a robust 53mm cross-flow core, and integrated 1/8-inch NPT female accessory fitting located near the top inlet tube to accept a temperature sensor for use with most aftermarket gauges. Every Koyo aluminum performance radiator is engineered in Japan, precision welded, polished by hand, and features direct-fit installation.
Koyo Rad / / 949.727.7054

Impp_1011_03_o+koyo+radiator Photo 2/5   |   Koyorad, K&N, Amsoil, Deatschwerks - Power Gear

K&N Nissan 370Z Intake System
Built for performance and show, the K&N high-flow intake system for the '09 to '10 Nissan 370Z replaces the original dual intake assembly-including the air boxes, air filters and intake tubes-with a free-flowing, mandrel-bent aluminum system. Dual K&N high-flow air filters increase airflow, never need to be replaced, and are backed by a K&N's million-mile limited warranty. Protecting the cone-shaped air filters from engine heat are powdercoated heat shields that bolt conveniently in the stock airbox locations. K&N claims an increase of 14.2 hp at 5,600 rpm over stock.
K&N Engineering Inc. / / 800.858.3333

Impp_1011_01_o+k_and_n+intake_system Photo 3/5   |   Koyorad, K&N, Amsoil, Deatschwerks - Power Gear

Amsoil Engine Fogging Oil
Amsoil announces the introduction of a new engine fogging oil that offers superior film retention and long-term protection against rust and corrosion. Vehicles operated infrequently or stored for long periods of time are left vulnerable to the condensation that causes surface corrosion on steel and iron surfaces, and cylinder dry-out, which can cause permanent damage upon start-up. Amsoil's aerosol Fogging Oil distributes oil to internal components through the intake or carburetor for better distribution than straight motor oil. It can also be applied to exterior surfaces prior to long down time, and easily washes away prior to use.
Amsoil Inc. / / 800.956.5695

Impp_1011_04_o+amsoil+engine_oil Photo 4/5   |   Koyorad, K&N, Amsoil, Deatschwerks - Power Gear

Deatschwerks 1,300cc/min EVO X Injectors
Deatschwerks releases their new 1,300cc/min Mitsubishi EVO X fuel injectors, adding to their already popular 850cc/min and 1,000cc/min sizes. The 1,300cc/min injectors are sold in matched and balanced sets, featuring high-impedance coils, full color flow reports, and are engineered to provide 100-percent drop-in fitment to support high-hp tuning with ethanol or gasoline fuels, while retaining stock-like idle.
Deatschwerks / 405.217.0701

Impp_1011_02_o+deatschwerks+injectors Photo 5/5   |   Koyorad, K&N, Amsoil, Deatschwerks - Power Gear



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