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Circuit Spec Tune Coilovers

Performance Suspension for the Street/Track.

Scott Tsuneishi
Aug 4, 2011
Photographer: More Japan

Before pulling the trigger on a set of coilovers, it’s important to purchase quality components, whether you own a street cruiser or road-race monster. We’ve heard plenty stories of people purchasing cheap “no-name” coilovers in hopes of saving money, but then losing out when their suspension failed or broke in less than a month. It just goes to show you that you get what you pay for. But what if a company offered coilovers that are competitively priced and manufactured using quality components? Sure, it sounds too good to be true, but Circuit Spec Tune (CST) might have the suspension you’ve been looking for.

Impp 1108 05 z+circuit spec tuned coilovers+subaru Photo 2/7   |   Circuit Spec Tune Coilovers

CST introduces their newest coilover kits both manufactured in and distributed from Japan. CST dampers provide 15-level adjustable simultaneous compression and rebound damping for improved car control and stability. Select vehicles are offered with an inverted strut to provide more rigidity in the suspension. All CST dampers feature a shock body manufactured in lightweight anodized aluminum that’s fully threaded, allowing for a greater range in ride height adjustment.

CST utilizes a monotube damper system that houses a self-adjusting digressive working piston (low flow rate at low shaft speeds, providing resistance and control) and a floating dividing piston where both the oil chamber and gas chamber are completely separated inside a single cylinder. Twintube dampers, on the other hand, feature dual oil chambers inside the cylinder, causing the oil to move from the inner chamber to the outer chamber as the damper strokes. Because the oil and gas chambers are not separated, both aeration and cavitations can occur as it cannot dissipate heat well, causing the oil to deteriorate quicker.

Impp 1108 03 z+circuit spec tuned coilovers+adjuster Photo 3/7   |   Circuit Spec Tune Coilovers

The monotube design is widely considered superior to its twintube counterpart in racing applications, as a monotube damper can cool itself more quickly and maintain lower operating temperatures due to its larger oil capacity and high-pressure nitrogen gas that keeps pressure on the floating dividing piston. CST claims the working piston in their monotube dampers is larger than the working piston in most conventional twintube dampers, and delivers greater sensitivity to small bumps on the road while providing drivers with superior vehicle control.

Impp 1108 01 z+circuit spec tuned coilovers+side view Photo 4/7   |   Circuit Spec Tune Coilovers

Whether you’re looking to slam the car, run it at the track, or use it for daily driving, you can achieve your ideal ride with this system. All CST coilover systems include pillow-ball upper mounts, as well as camber plates for greater adjustment, and better feedback from the road.


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By Scott Tsuneishi
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