Honda theft is something that we’ve all had experience with, whether it be directly or indirectly, it’s something that’s always been a problem and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Security layers like alarms, removable steering wheels, disconnected ECUs and more, have become formalities for Honda enthusiasts simply trying to protect their pride and joy. In the case of K-Tuned, Honda theft indeed struck, but not exactly in the traditional sense.During the Honda Day Orlando event, K-Tuned had a booth set up to show some of their products, both old and new, as well as some prototype pieces on display as teasers. When the event ended, the booth was broken down and packed into a pair of 7ft tall shipping crates, exactly as it had arrived, and was supposed to be en route back to home base in Canada for final SEMA prep. That’s not what happened at all. Owner John Veloso states, “The shipping company dropped the ball. There was a Monday pick up scheduled and it didn’t happen. The shipping company didn’t communicate that we thought the crates were on the way to Canada.” The crates in question were not only still in Orlando, they were in the exact location that K-Tuned had left them for pick-up, and after a week, Veloso received word that they hadn’t moved an inch. He adds, “I contacted the shipping company to find out why they hadn’t shipped and from what they say, the rep that I had worked with was no longer with the company. It slipped through the cracks.By the time the crates were picked up, it had been 2 weeks.” Once the crates finally arrived in Canada, at K-Tuned headquarters, it had been a full 3.5 week period, and Veloso opened the crates to find that they were completely empty. On top of the missing product and displays was the fact that SEMA was just a week away.Getting hit with something like this is enough to make most people throw up their hands and call it a day, but not Veloso. He immediately ordered material to build a new display system, and received everything within a day. Calling in a favor, a good friend and great aluminum welder was able to lend a helping hand with the display assembly as the clock was ticking. Sleepless nights and around the clock hands-on work led to miraculously completing the entire booth. It was then packed and shipped (using a different shipping company this time) and arrived early at the SEMA shipping yard.In regards to the thieves, Veloso tells us that they have a good idea about who might have pulled off the heist thanks to an overwhelming number of calls, emails, and messages, a direct result of Ben Howard’s (K-Tuned sales representative) social media action.While mot would see this as a major set back, speaking with Veloso it seems that he’s already looking well ahead toward the future of K-Tuned with no thoughts of dwelling on the past.