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March 2010 Mod Gear

Who says you can't give gifts for President's Day?

Mar 4, 2010

Carbon-Fiber Oil Catch Can
Mishimoto is proud to announce the release of a brand-new carbon-fiber oil catch can. Over time, harmful oil can build up inside parts like turbochargers, intake manifolds, intercoolers and piping. An oil catch can will help prevent this from happening, and the sleek carbon-fiber exterior will add a touch of style to your engine bay.

Modp_1003_02_o+march_2010_mod_gear+mishimoto_carbon_fiber_oil_catch_can Photo 2/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear

Power Slot
Black-Finish Rotors
The award-winning Power Alloy enhanced brake rotors from Power Slot are now offered in a new black finish. The rotors utilize a special formula of increased molybdenum content to deliver improved stopping power in severe-duty situations and offer superior resistance to cracking in high-stress driving situations. Available for a plethora of applications, these cool new rotors are perfect for show, street or track.

Modp_1003_03_o+march_2010_mod_gear+power_slot_black_finish_rotors Photo 3/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear

DTM Mesh Wheel
The newest wheel from Inovit features an elegant 10-split-spoke design, set deep in a nicely polished and dished rim. As with all Inovit products, the DTM is lightweight and precision engineered, and the open-spoke design also helps with brake cooling during spirited driving. With a wide variety of sizes and fitment options, the DTM will make any ride look good.

Modp_1003_04_o+march_2010_mod_gear+inovit_dtm_mesh_wheel Photo 4/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear

Street Performance Brake Pads
StopTech's new Street Performance Brake Pads are engineered to meet the demands of high-performance driving situations while still maintaining the ability to perform under normal driving conditions. The first full line of brake pads from StopTech combine the benefits of premium street brake pads with aggressive friction formulas suitable for light track use. The pads also include OEM-style shims to eliminate noise from brake pad vibration.

Modp_1003_05_o+march_2010_mod_gear+stoptech_street_performance_brake_pads Photo 5/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear

Takeda USA
'02-06 RSX Type-S Short Ram Intake
The newest short ram intake by Takeda USA utilizes a specially designed 1-piece polished aluminum intake tube to improve airflow and throttle response, while also adding a touch of style to your engine bay. Takeda air intakes use aFe Pro Dry S filters, and in recent testing the unit produced 8 hp and 12 ft-lbs of torque over the restrictive stock intake. Takeda sends you everything you need for a simple installation.

Modp_1003_06_o+march_2010_mod_gear+takeda_USA_2002_2006_RSX_type_s_short_ram_intake Photo 6/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear

This new blow-off valve from Turbonetics features a dual cross tunnel discharge system with various discharge options. You can use one or two GT-K inspired horns to vent air directly to the atmosphere, or without the horn, you can recirculate for tuning purposes and quieter operation. Turbonetics' exclusive plenum design allows the valve to stay shut and air-tight when it senses boost, so compressor surge is a problem of the past.

Modp_1003_07_o+march_2010_mod_gear+turbonetics_DUO_35_BOV Photo 7/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear

Wilson Manifolds
Evo IX Intake Manifold And Fuel Rail
Wilson Manifolds has released three stages of intake upgrades and a high-flow fuel rail for the EVO IX. Using a factory cast intake manifold, Wilson offers a mild street upgrade and two full-race stages: one designed for 8000 rpm, the other 9500 rpm. These kits accommodate the stock or modified stock throttle bodies and Wilson's latest D-shaped fuel rails, which include stands and fittings to secure stock fuel lines.

Modp_1003_08_o+march_2010_mod_gear+wilson_manifolds_evo_IX_intake_manifold_and_fuel_rail Photo 8/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear

RC Engineering
Racing Fuel Injectors
The guys over at RC Engineering are now offering a line of racing injectors for the R35 Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi EVO X and the Hyundai Genesis 2.0. The injectors have undergone vigorous testing with top road racing, time attack, drag racing, rally, drift and land-speed record teams. These new injectors are available in sizes ranging from 550-2000cc, depending on application.

Modp_1003_09_o+march_2010_mod_gear+RC_engineering_racing_fuel_injectors Photo 9/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear

Snap-On Tools
EPIQ Tool Storage System
Designed with the 21st century auto mechanic in mind, the Snap-on EPIQ is a complete productivity system. It brings together sophisticated diagnostics and cordless tools, with reliable security and Snap-on's reputation for rugged durability. The EPIQ is sure to be on your must-have list for your garage or full service shop.

Modp_1003_10_o+march_2010_mod_gear+snap_on_tools_epiq_tool_storage_system Photo 10/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear

Speed Star Racing
Aurora Coating For Metal Parts
SpeedStar Racing is now offering a special Aurora treatment for metal parts like valve covers, plug covers and shift knobs. The Aurora finish is specially hardened so it won't scratch, peel or fade, and it also stands up to rigorous heat tests. Got something else in mind? Speed Star can also do the Aurora coat on most other kinds of metals and certain plastic pieces.

Modp_1003_11_o+march_2010_mod_gear+speed_star_racing_aurora_coating_for_metal_parts Photo 11/11   |   March 2010 Mod Gear


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Wilson Manifolds
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Snap-On Incorporated
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SpeedStar Racing
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