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Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

Don't Be A Fool This April-Treat Yourself To Some New Hotness.

Mar 17, 2010

Cobb Tuning
Gt-R Silicone Turbo
Hose Kit
This kit replaces the stock rubber and plastic connections to the intake, turbos and intercooler with high-quality silicone hoses. This 12-piece hose kit comes complete with T-bolt clamps for all pressurized hoses and is available in COBB Blue or Stealth colors. Improve the look and performance of your Nissan GT-R engine bay with the unmatched quality and reliability of the COBB Turbo/Intake Silicone Hose and Clamp Kit.

Modp_1004_03_z+mod_gear+cobb_tuning Photo 2/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

Kelford Cams
Honda K-Series
Since the early '90s, Kelford Cams has recognized the growing worldwide demand for high-performance valvetrain products to suit Japanese engines. Specialized and innovative design systems make Kelford a leader in the camshaft market. The newest releases come for the Honda K-series, with several NA, turbo and customized variations.

Modp_1004_04_z+mod_gear+kelford_cams Photo 3/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

GP Tech Race Suit
Developed in conjunction with Alpinestars' F1 and NASCAR teams, this high-performance racing suit gives drivers the highest level of comfort, flexibility and safety with simple yet distinctive styling. The GP Tech suit has moved on to the next level of evolution by providing the driver with an ultra-lightweight and highly breathable, three-layer suit construction. Alpinestars' fully floating arm construction with stretchable knit fabric gives drivers the ultimate freedom of movement.

Modp_1004_06_z+mod_gear+slpinestars Photo 4/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

Autolite Wire Sets
Autolite Professional Series Wire Sets are designed to meet or exceed OES design requirements by providing the necessary silicone content, boot design and accessories where required. The high-tech nylon reinforcement in the wire provides increased terminal retention and improved jacket adhesion, and the tougher silicone jacket is less likely to tear away from the insulation.

Modp_1004_02_z+mod_gear+autolite_wire_sets Photo 5/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

Parts For Hyundai
Genesis Coupe
Add a little bit of spice to your new Genesis Coupe by dressing it in some Seibon carbon fiber. With a newly available OEM replacement hood and trunk, as well as a TS-style vented hood, additional products will be released shortly. Utilizing U.S.-made carbon fiber and undergoing rigorous inspection during a multi-step quality-control process, the carbon-fiber upgrades from Seibon are the ultimate choice in aerodynamic performance.

Modp_1004_05_z+mod_gear+seibon Photo 6/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

06 Garret
GTX-R Turbos
These turbos feature all-new compressor wheel designs with next-generation aerodynamics and higher efficiency to deliver much improved performance over previous designs. Garrett GTX-R Turbochargers provide a 10 percent gain in flow and 10 percent higher pressure ratio over the traditional Garrett GT Series compressor wheels. The available introductory sizes will be the Garrett GTX4294R, GTX4202R and GTX4508R with more models arriving soon.

Modp_1004_07_z+mod_gear+06_garret Photo 7/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

Volk Racing
TE37V Wheel
A new spin on a classic design, the Volk Racing TE37V wheel is now available in a variety of offsets in a 15-inch size. Ideal for road racing or drifting, these new forged monoblock wheels will give your AE86 a distinctive look, improved performance and the ability to run a larger variety of tire options, depending on the size and offset you choose.

Modp_1004_10_z+mod_gear+volk_racing Photo 8/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

EVO X Titanium
Looking for a high-quality lightweight exhaust for your EVO X? Look no further than Tomei's new after-cat system. Constructed from titanium start to finish-and due to it's straight-through, single-pipe design-this exhaust weighs a staggering 35.5 lbs less than stock. With the high quality we've come to appreciate from Tomei, this exhaust is a sure winner for any EVO X owner.

Modp_1004_09_z+mod_gear+tomei Photo 9/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

GT-R And Evo X
These handmade intercoolers from CBRD offer an ideal cooling solution for your GT-R or EVO X. Tube and fin construction and OEM fitment make for an efficient cooling system with easy installation. The CBRD units are also slightly larger than other aftermarket OEM replacement intercoolers for improved performance.

Modp_1004_08_z+mod_gear+cbrd Photo 10/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear

Hyundai Genesis
To increase the cooling efficiency, flow and power of the new 2.0 Turbo Hyundai Genesis Coupe, GReddy's larger upgraded front-mounted intercooler kit is now available. Designed around a large Type 24 core, the Type LS core features a lightweight tube and fin design with stout cast-aluminum end tanks. The bolt-on kit also includes mandrel-bent piping, hoses connectors and mounting hardware.

Modp_1004_11_z+mod_gear+greddy Photo 11/11   |   Cobb Tuning, Alpinestars, Kelford Cams And More - Mod Gear



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