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Hot New Products - Mod Gear

Get That Fall Rebuild Going With Some Of These Hot New Parts.

Oct 6, 2010

COBB Tuning
AccessPORT for Subaru applications

The AccessPORT provides owners of '10 Forester XT and Legacy GT vehicles the ability to unlock power hidden within the factory ECU. Performance gains across the entire powerband can be quickly realized in the short time it takes to flash the vehicle's ECU with the AccessPORT. Just plug it in, flash the ECU and enjoy the thrill of increased torque and horsepower!

Modp_1010_01_o+hot_new_products+cobb_tuning_accessPORT Photo 2/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear

Nissan 370Z intake system

To achieve performance increases, this high-flow intake from K&N replaces the original dual-intake assembly and includes the airboxes, air filters and intake tubes with an all-new intake design. The new system draws air through K&N High-Flow air filters that increase airflow and never need to be replaced.

Modp_1010_02_o+hot_new_products+k_and_n_370Z_intake_system Photo 3/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear

Engine Fogging Oil

The most effective way to protect your engine during storage or long periods of non use is to use aerosol fogging oil. AMSOIL engine fogging oil is applied through the engine intake as the engine is running for a complete distribution of oil onto engine parts. This method protects them from corrosion and extends engine life.

Modp_1010_03_o+hot_new_products+AMSOIL_engine_fogging_oil Photo 4/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear

Yonaka Motorsports
Honda 6-puck ceramic clutch

Rated to 300 ft-lbs of torque (approximately 400 hp in B-series applications), this copper ceramic 6-puck sprung friction disc clutch is the strongest clutch recommended for street car applications. The Stage 3 clutch kit is available for Honda B-series and D-series applications.

Modp_1010_04_o+hot_new_products+yonaka_motorsports_ceramic_clutch Photo 5/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear

EVO X fuel injectors

In addition to its popular 850cc and 1,000cc EVO X sizes, DeatschWerks has just released its new 1,300cc Mitsubishi EVO X fuel injectors. Sold in matched and balanced sets featuring high-impedance coils, full-color flow report and the 100 percent drop-in fitment that DeatschWerks is famous for, these injectors are designed to support the needs of tuning with ethanol-blended fuels or standard pump gas.

Modp_1010_05_o+hot_new_products+deatschwerks_EVO_X_fuel_injectors Photo 6/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear

TSW Wheels
Zolder Multi-Spoke Wheel

One of the new wheels offered by TSW is the meticulously designed multi-spoke wheel, the Zolder. This wheel takes its name from the Belgian track that has played host to the top racing circuits of the world and is available in 17x8- to 20x10-inch sizes.

Modp_1010_06_o+hot_new_products+TSM_wheels Photo 7/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear

Nissan Motorsports
Competition parts catalog

The revised 104-page Nissan Motorsports catalog is now available and designed to allow Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun competition drivers to find and purchase parts with ease. The catalog features a revised look and includes several new products and features, while still including products for "heritage" Nissan and Datsun models as well as products for the newest models such as the Nissan GT-R, 370Z and Infiniti G37.

Modp_1010_07_o+hot_new_products+nissan_motorsports_competition_parts_catalog Photo 8/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear

Snow Performance
SafeInjection Pro

Many tuners want to make sure that spark timing is added only when detonation-controlling water-methanol injection is actually taking place. SafeInjection Pro approaches safety proactively by triggering an aggressive tune only when adequate injection is present. Designed as an add-on to the Boost Cooler water-methanol injection system, SafeInjection Pro triggers an aggressive tune when water-methanol is injecting for a proactive safety system.

Modp_1010_08_o+hot_new_products+snow_performance_safeinjection_pro Photo 9/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear

Blackworks Racing
Billet Rear Lower Control Arms

These control arms were designed using state-of-the-art CAD design programs in the industry. Available with high-quality BWR black polyurethane bushings that will increase the stability and performance of your rear end, these LCAs not only perform well but also look great.

Modp_1010_09_o+hot_new_products+black_works_racing_billet_lower_control_arms Photo 10/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear

Drift Innovation
HD Wearable Action Camera

The manufacturer of the standard definition X170 wearable action sports camera, Drift Innovation, has built the world's first wearable HD video camera with an integrated LCD screen and wireless remote. The easy-to-use Drift HD170 goes head-to-head with other market-leading HD cameras, providing 1080p, 720 or WVGA HD video settings, 5-megapixel photos from a 170-degree wide-angle lens, as well as other appealing features.

Modp_1010_10_o+hot_new_products+drift_innovation_action_camera Photo 11/11   |   Hot New Products - Mod Gear



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