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Hot New Gear - Mod Gear

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Nov 9, 2010

Xtreme Performance spark plugs

Autolite XP Xtreme Performance spark plugs are some of the most technologically advanced spark plugs on the market. With an iridium-enhanced 0.6mm finewire design and proprietary platinum sidewire technology, these spark plugs provide better overall durability and a more focused ignition for better ignitability and optimum performance.

Modp_1011_01_o+hot_new_gear+xtreme_performance_spark_plugs Photo 2/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear

Air/Oil Separator

The GrimmSpeed Air/Oil separator has a unique patent pending design that allows you to maintain your PCV valve while separating the oil out of the crankcase and head ventilation air. The Grimmspeed AOS will allow your engine to run more efficiently due to the separation of oil from the intake system. When there's oil in your system, the result is reduced fuel octane, higher chance of engine knock, worse emissions and higher oil consumption.

Modp_1011_02_o+hot_new_gear+air_oil_separator Photo 3/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear

Barrel Designs
Throwback Drifter Jerseys

Constructed of high-quality, moisture-wicking mesh, Drifters Throwback Jerseys will keep you feeling and looking cool through those hot, sunny days. Drifters Throwback Jerseys are constructed with high-quality, durable appliqué and embroidered construction - details, such as custom ribbing and authentic side slits, have also been included on the jerseys.

Modp_1011_03_o+hot_new_gear+throwback drifter_jerseys Photo 4/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear

PRO-S II coilovers

Thanks to threaded shock bodies, Pro-S II Coilovers now offer height adjustments independent of spring preload, which results in ride-height changes as low as 3 inches without sacrificing shock travel or ride comfort. Quick and precise ride-height adjustments can now be made for dialing in corner balancing as well as for improved handling, responsiveness and overall balance.

Modp_1011_04_o+hot_new_gear+pro_s_ii_coilovers Photo 5/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear


In addition to built-in navigation capabilities, the new double-DIN AVIC-X920BT features 4GB of flash memory, a large 6.1-inch WVGA touch screen display, a 3-D graphics accelerator, DVD playback, built-in Bluetooth1 for hands-free calling and music streaming, USB connectivity2 for iPod/iPhone connectivity, micro SD card slot, back-up camera input and is SIRIUS XM3 satellite and HD Radio4 ready.

Modp_1011_05_o+hot_new_gear+avic_x920bt Photo 6/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear

M7 Japan
60mm Racing Meters

M7's 60mm electric gauges have a backlight dimmer function with an illumination switch, an adjustable warning limit with LED flash and a peak and hold function. A sensor short circuit notification function is also included. With M7 gauges there's only one power supply required for multiple gauges, so no link unit is necessary.

Modp_1011_06_o+hot_new_gear+60mm_racing_meters Photo 7/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear

Motegi Racing
MR117 wheel

This split five-spoke was designed and engineered to minimize weight while providing superior performance. The MR117 is available in a matte-black finish with a red stripe that looks awesome with any vehicle color. This wheel features a deep-cut center area that's direct drilled for both 4- and 5-lug applications, further lightening the wheel's overall weight.

Modp_1011_07_o+hot_new_gear+mr117_wheels Photo 8/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear

Sericin Publishing
"Race Track Attack Guide"

This new track guide series is for racing enthusiasts of any level. Whether you're a seasoned professional or someone who's just getting into the sport, these books will help you race safer and faster on some of America's most popular racetracks.

Modp_1011_08_o+hot_new_gear+race_track_attack_guide Photo 9/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear

F20C heavy-duty timing chain

The additional stress placed on the factory timing chain and chain tensioner while racing or employing high-lift camshafts can lead to chain stretch, tensioner failure and ultimately engine damage. The TODA timing chain's highly precise side plates reduce friction and improve the revolution fatigue strength by increasing the area of the plates, a reduction in the burrs and the finish to each individual plate.

Modp_1011_09_o+hot_new_gear+f20c_heavy duty_timing_chain Photo 10/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear

EVO X fuel system upgrade

This complete fuel upgrade kit from HKS includes large-capacity 800cc injectors, a fuel pump and a fuel delivery kit. The tapered shape of the dual-spray-pattern injector ports enable consistent fuel mixtures, and the injector spray pattern direction is adjusted to target the intake valves improving the response of the A/F ratio because of reduced fuel volume on the port surface.

Modp_1011_10_o+hot_new_gear+evo_x_fuel system_upgrade Photo 11/11   |   Hot New Gear - Mod Gear



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