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Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

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Dec 1, 2010

GA3R wheel
I-Beamed Spoke technology from Forgeline reduces weight and applies additional strength in rigidity within the spokes of the wheel. The hidden titanium assembly hardware not only gives it a smooth, clean look but also functions to ease the efforts of cleaning the wheel. In addition, the GA3R features an enlarged open center area for quick and easy lug nut removal, critical for quick pit stops. The center design allows plenty of room for caliper clearance for that extreme brake fitment.

Modp_1012_03_o+forgeline+ga3r_wheel Photo 2/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

STI Aluminum Upper Rad Hose kit
Factory radiator hoses are made of rubber, making them prone to damage such as swelling and cracking. The Mishimoto STI upper radiator hoses are CNC mandrel-bent and made of high-quality T6 temper aluminum. There are three colors of couplers to choose from, which offer a colorful, strong and stylish replacement to your factory rubber radiator hoses.

Modp_1012_06_o+mishimoto+sti_aluminum_upper_rad_hose_kit Photo 3/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

CompGate 40 Wastegate
Turbosmart's 40mm external wastegate has been designed to fit into tight engine bays, while still offering superior flow and heat handling capabilities. The revolutionary new actuator housing is 25 percent smaller than current offerings in this size range and allows for easy spring changes and the ability to index the cap orientation in 12 different positions.

Modp_1012_08_o+turbosmart+compgate_40_wastegate Photo 4/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

Recaro USA
ProSERIES Child Safety Seats
RECARO USA has introduced the ProSERIES line of car seats to protect your most precious passengers. The ProSERIES is the latest addition to the popular car seat manufacturer's line of child seats based on RECARO's race-track proven mobile seating technology. Three new ProSERIES seats are specifically designed to deliver comfort and safety as your child grows, and each seat is now available through retailers nationwide.

Modp_1012_04_o+recaro_usa+proseries_child_safety_seats Photo 5/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

Clutch Masters
Hyundai Genesis Clutch and Flywheel
Increased holding pressure doesn't necessarily mean increased pedal pressure and the problems that can come with it. By re-engineering the leverage, or fulcrum point, on its pressure plates, Clutch Masters has increased clamping power while maintaining a stock pedal feel. To accompany its high-performance clutch systems, Clutch Masters has designed a premium steel flywheel that's 10 lbs lighter than the stock unit.

Modp_1012_07_o+clutch_masters+hyundai_genesis_clutch_and_flywheel Photo 6/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

PLX Devices
Kiwi Wifi and Bluetooth
The Kiwi is a plug-and-play hardware piece that plugs into your car's OBD-II port. When connected to Kiwi Wifi or Kiwi Bluetooth, it turns mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android into a powerful automotive tool displaying speed, rpm, engine load, real-time dyno and engine check diagnostics.

Modp_1012_10_o+plx_devices+kiwi_wifi_and_bluetooth Photo 7/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

Modulare Wheels
C14 Wheel
The Modulare C14, shown above in the brushed aluminum finish with chrome lip, is the latest design in the concave three-piece series from Modulare Forged. As with all Modulare Forged products, the C14 is made in the USA of 100 percent US T6-6061 aluminum - and it's built to order. The C14 is available in 19-22-inch diameters for most 5- and 6-lug passenger car applications.

Modp_1012_13_o+modulare_wheels+c14_wheel Photo 8/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

Adjustable Engine Torque Dampener
This engine torque damper is engineered to reduce deflection under hard acceleration and cornering for improved performance and power-to-weight transfer. The innovative, built-in damper transfers more power to the road and improves acceleration, shifting and overall control and balance. The adjustable feature allows the assembly to be tuned for racing and street applications.

Modp_1012_11_o+ingalls+adjustable_engine_torque_dampener Photo 9/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

Power Rev Racing
Thermal Intake Manifold Gaskets
Power Rev Racing intake gaskets will help reduce intake air temperatures by removing the direct connection of the intake manifold to the cylinder head. Made out of proprietary heat-dissipating material, the P2R thermal intake gasket creates a thermal barrier that isolates power-robbing heat from traveling to your intake manifold through the cylinder head. Less heat soak means cooler air and more consistent power delivery.

Modp_1012_09_o+power_rev_racing+thermal_intake_manifold_gaskets Photo 10/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear

Drop Engineering
Extended Wheel Studs
Using extended wheel studs permits drivers to run lower offset wheels on their vehicle. Longer wheel studs are essential when using wheel spacers to move a wheel farther out. While factory studs are made with just the tires in mind, Drop Engineering extended wheel studs have more available threading to ensure that even spaced out wheels are securely clamped to the axle.

Modp_1012_12_o+drop_engineering+extended_wheel_studs Photo 11/11   |   Forgeline GA3R Wheel and More - Mod Gear



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