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Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

Ring In The New Year With These Great Products.

Dec 21, 2010

K-series LSD

Quaife has released a new version of its proven automatic torque biasing differentials specifically for drag and street Honda/Acura K-series cars. This differential features an updated internal design made for higher horsepower and torque loads. With the new design, the biasing ratio has been adapted so the differential can offer better straight-line acceleration, while holding more power.

Modp_1101_02_o+quaife_k series_lsd+side_view Photo 2/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

Engine mount kits

Powerflex polyurethane engine mount kits are a great way to decrease powertrain movement in the Mitsubishi EVO IV-VII for better engine response and more power to the wheels. Polyurethane mount kits are available in two hardnesses: street or devoted track use. Powerflex products are all made in the UK.

Modp_1101_06_o+powerflex_engine_mount_kits+side_view Photo 3/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

COBB Tuning
Mazdaspeed3 front-mount intercooler

This redesigned v2.0 FMIC for the Mazdaspeed3 has been revised to give more clearance for the framerails, bumper beam and oil lines, allowing for easier installation and less modification of the car. Featuring 2.5-inch powdercoated charge tubes feeding a large "bar and plate" aluminum core, this kit also includes blue 5-ply silicone couplers with T-bolt clamps for a simple installation.

Modp_1101_04_o+cobb_tuning_mazdaspeed3_front mount_intercooler+set Photo 4/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

Water/Meth injection monitoring system

Water/methanol injection users now have a sophisticated safety system in an easy-to-use package. Unlike most competitor systems that only check flow at a single point, AEM's injection monitor is a smart system that looks at the entire flow curve. Flow versus injection rate data is continuously collected, and any deviation away from an acceptable baseline flow curve will trigger an alarm output.

Modp_1101_03_o+aem_water_meth_injection_monitoring_system+set Photo 5/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

UPR Racing Supply
Heavy-duty GoPro camera mount

This rugged aluminum mount securely fixes a GoPro to any tube in your car. With the benefits of a 360-degree, heavy-duty, steel-ball mount, positioning for the perfect shot is easier than ever. Don't worry about mounting the camera outside the car for that great angle, the safety tether will keep the camera attached in case of an extreme close-up. There's no plastic to transfer vibration and no flex to shake your camera.

Modp_1101_05_o+upr_racing_supply_heavy duty_gopro_camera_mount+front_view Photo 6/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

Ratcheting elbow wrenches

These new products make building and repairing easier than ever before. The dual ratcheting wrench embodies flexibility and versatility with open- and closed-ended ratcheting. The universal wrench set has the capability of gripping six different types of nuts and bolts, and the elbow ratcheting wrench allows greater leverage by pivoting into 13 different positions.

Modp_1101_07_o+craftsman_ratcheting_elbow_wrenches+set Photo 7/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

Import Bible
Winter lineup

Import Bible, a Canadian-based street wear brand, has released a new collection of T-shirts that caters specifically to car lovers. All T-shirts are 100 percent pre-shrunk cotton, and pricing starts at $20-$30.

Modp_1101_10_o+import_bible_winter_lineup+front_view Photo 8/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

GTII turbocharger line

As the first of the new HKS turbocharger line, the twin-scroll GTII 7460R reverse rotation turbine provides the benefit of a bolt-on replacement upgrade for the Mitsubishi Evolution IV-IX. This design allows for a shorter and straighter exhaust path to the turbine wheel, delivering the benefits of less restriction and increased boost response while allowing full spool and stable boost pressure throughout the rpm range.

Modp_1101_09_o+hks_gtii_turbocharger_line+set Photo 9/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

Synapse Engineering
Diverter valve

The Synchronic DV is a compact, zero-diaphragm, high-flow diverter valve actuating within 25 milliseconds. The body is near-net, investment cast, aerospace-grade aluminium followed by CNC machining of all components, including the forged 6061 actuator assembly. Mounting flanges are interchangeable for SB/DV series, and users can upgrade from an existing BOV/DV or weld for a new project.

Modp_1101_08_o+synapse_engineering_diverter_valve+set Photo 10/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear

Weapon R
Hellaflush wheel spacers

Made from 6061 billet aluminum, these spacers will be available as a cooperative effort from Weapon R and Fatlace. Sizes include 4x100, 5x100, 4x114.3, 5x114.3 and 5x112; 15-, 20- and 25mm thickness are available in each size. Hub-centric rings sold separately.

Modp_1101_11_o+weapon_r_hellaflush_wheel+side_view Photo 11/11   |   Quaife K-Series LSD and More - Mod Gear



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