K-Tuned has quickly gained quite the reputation in the ultra-competitive aftermarket Honda swap community. Well known for making high quality ancillary parts and K-swap specific solutions, SEMA served as the perfect venue to unveil a few new goods in both the appearance and performance realm. New parts are nothing new, as owner John Veloso makes it a point to introduce something new at every event the K-Tuned booth makes an appearance at. Individual throttle bodiesVeloso was approached by a major individual throttle body manufacturer and asked to make some changes to a few of their current offerings in order to make them K-series compatible. Veloso redesigned the finer points of the kit to make them user-friendly and effective. The throttle bodies are 62mm and their shaftless design results in a flow gain of 4-5%. Single throttle bodiesHigh boost applications require large throttle bodies to help move all of that air, and K-Tuned has introduced 80 and 90mm Ford bolt pattern throttle bodies for that exact purpose. As Veloso explained, most Ford enthusiasts prefer a soft throttle action while import enthusiasts are quite the opposite, instead preferring a more sudden “on off switch” type of throttle action. Of course, there are those in the middle and with the adjustability of the K-Tuned throttle body, you can tailor it to your needs by simply removing a few screws, and adding or removing tension from the return spring. Interested in adding a V-band set up to your throttle body? No problem, K-Tuned offers that option as well. ExhaustNot just limited to K-swap Hondas, K-Tuned also unleashed their RSX and 8thgen Civic Si headers. Rather than using a flex-pipe which often fails over time and causes an exhaust leak, this design relies on a ball-type flange for a solid seal. For those that want a bump in power but don’t have a programmable management option, both headers include an integrated defouler.An exhaust system for both the RSX and the 8th gen Civic Si is also now available and uses a very unique piping design that transitions from circular to oval shape seamlessly, maximizing ground clearance without sacrificing any performance. Function and fashionTo go along with the billet oil caps they introduced earlier this year, K-Tuned showed off their slick new billet dipsticks. Available in 5 colors (including an option for a raw finish in case you want to match it to your valve cover) for both K20 and K24 engines, the dipstick is sleek and contours to the shape of the K series valve cover perfectly. The flexible shaft eliminates the “hunt and stab” hassle of the OEM dipstick and the pull-tab even features a precision machine hole in case you need to add a retaining spring. Connectk-tuned.com