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Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

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Nov 1, 2007
130_0711_13_z+aem_fuel_injector+350z_g35_xa_xb_tc_cobalt_mazda_3_honda_k_series Photo 1/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: AEM
What: F/IC fuel/ignition controller
Rides: Nissan 350Z/Infiniti G35; Scion xA, xB, tC (manual only); Mazda 3 (manual only); Chevy Cobalt; Honda K-series (manual only)

AEM's latest programming tool is the F/IC controller, a PC-compatible unit that allows those of you with OBDII-equipped vehicles and aftermarket forced induction systems capability to adjust ignition timing and fuel without having to add a fuel management unit. It works in conjunction with your factory ECU to prevent tuning limitations and will not throw a check engine code.

130_0711_12_z+password_jdm+battery_relocator_honda_civic_integra_rsx Photo 2/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: Password:JDM
What: Battery relocator kit
Rides: Honda EF Civic/CRX, DA Integra, EP3 Civic, DC5 Integra/RSX, EM Civic, FA Civic Si sedan, and FG Civic Si
Source:; 562.801.1808

Kick your factory liquid acid battery to the curb and relocate it all in one shot with Password:JDM's battery relocator, which has an optional Odyssey 680 battery. With this, you'll be able to take advantage of your newfound space and weight savings, and make that wire harness tuck that much cleaner.

130_0711_10_z+ripp_modifications+supercharger_06_07_eclipse_gs_24_mivec Photo 3/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: RIPP Modifications
What: Supercharger Drive System
Rides: '06-07 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS with 2.4L Mivec
Source:; 718.442.4723 x10-x11

Gain up to 240 whp (auto) or 250 whp (manual) on your Eclipse GS with the RIPP Supercharger Drive System, a kit that's safe to use on stock engines and can boost up to 11psi without worry. It also comes with pre-programmed electronics that will work with any future upgrades, as well as a blow-off valve, if needed. Also available for the RalliArt edition.

130_0711_09_z+vogtland+lowering_springs_mazda_speed_3 Photo 4/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: Vogtland North America
What: Lowering springs
Rides: '07 Mazdaspeed 3
Source:; 951.694.6981

Enjoy a comfortable ride and improved handling with Vogtland's lowering springs for the Mazdaspeed 3. Vogtland uses the same VVS spring alloy used in producing their racing springs for the Nextel Cup Team cars, which also reduces the spring's weight up to 30-percent over conventional materials.

130_0711_08_z+works+dfv_coilover_evolution_7_8_9 Photo 5/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: Works/Ohlins
What: Stage III DFV coilover suspension
Rides: Mitsubishi Evo VII, VIII, IX, including RS, GSR and MR
Source:; 415.226.2500

Perfect for track racers and autocrossers, the WORKS-prepped Ohlins coilovers for the Evo come with custom spring rates and valving performed in-house by the Works Racing Program. This kit comes with front plates to make adjustments to camber and rear pillowball mounts for improved driving response.

130_0711_07_z+tomioka_racing+super_slopes Photo 6/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: Tomioka Racing
What: Super Slopes Rides: Yours

No, this isn't a truly tasteless joke product, but a very well thought out tool that you can use, especially if your ride is slammed down to the ground. Tomioka Racing's Super Slopes allow your car to roll up just enough so you can slide a jack underneath your factory lift points and lift your car without worrying if the jack can fit underneath it in the first place.

130_0711_05_z+darton_sleeve_kit+sentra_se_r_and_altima_25_qr25de Photo 7/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: Darton Sleeves
What: Sleeve kit
Rides: Nissan Sentra SE-R/Spec V and Altima 2.5 with QR25DE
Source:; 760.603.9895

The underappreciated engine to its SR, RB and VQ brothers is the QR25DE, the same found in late model Sentra SE-Rs/Spec Vs and the 2.5 Altima. If you're serious about generating some serious power, you'll want Darton's sleeve kit, especially if you're planning to build the engine for a turbo or supercharger. Convert your stock block to a closed deck and increase bore to 90mm so you can handle nearly 50 lb of boost at any compression.

130_0711_06_z+design_motorsport_engineering+torque_damper Photo 8/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: Design Motorsport Engineering
What: Engine torque damper
Rides: Inquire
Source:; 626.968.5147

Why waste power when you can transfer it more efficiently to the wheels by minimizing engine movement with DME's engine torque damper, a self contained shock that mounts between the engine and chassis to reduce motion of the motor while under load and between shifts. Quick and easy to install, the DME engine torque damper also includes interchangeable rubber and urethane bushings for street or track use.

130_0711_04_z+invidia_exhaust_manifold+honda_s2000 Photo 9/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: Invidia
What: Exhaust manifold
Rides: Honda S2000
Source:; 626.448.0150

Free your S2K's exhaust flow and gain extra power with Invidia's stainless steel exhaust manifold, a mandrel bent piece that comes beautifully polished with flawless TiG welds.

130_0711_03_z+cusco+power_brace_for_evo_8_9 Photo 10/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: Nukabe
What: Cusco Power Braces(lower front shown)
Rides: Mitsubishi Evo 8/9
Source:; 888.591.6277

As one of Japan's leading suspension manufacturers, Cusco introduces a new line of Power Braces for the Evo platform, which are designed to stiffen up your chassis and reduce chassis flex. Each one of these braces is designed to work in conjunction with each other and actually perform better when they are used at one time as a cohesive unit. You'll handle like you've never handled before.

130_0711_02_z+axis_wheels+groove_wheel Photo 11/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: Axis Wheels
What: Groove wheel
Rides: Most VIPapplications (inquire)
Source:; 888.811.AXIS

Dish your VIP ride with Axis' mega-lipped Groove wheel, a five-spoke design that comes in a liquid silver finish with a diamond polished lip and 20-inch fitment. Dig that!

130_0711_01_z+brian_crower+camshafts Photo 12/12   |   Works Coilovers & AEM Fuel Controller - Upgrade

Who: BC
What: High performance camshafts
Rides: Subaru EJ205 (shown)/EJ257
Source:; 619.825.8719

BC's (Brian Crower) latest addition to its extensive camshaft line are these high performance cores that are CNC ground from Schaudt grinders for extreme accuracy and no base circle runout. Highly recommended to be used with BC's valve springs and titanium retainer kit.



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