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Hot New Products November 2009 - Upgrade

Sep 17, 2009

Who: Function7
What: Rear Subframe Brace
Rides: '96-00 Honda Civic
Well it seems like the people at Function7 were paying attention when we mentioned the need for an EK subframe brace for Sean's hatch. They are proud to announce the release of the EK subframe brace in all it's machined awesomeness!

Sstp_0911_01+hot_new_products_november_2009+function7_rear_subframe_brace Photo 2/8   |   Hot New Products November 2009 - Upgrade

Who: Dorki Dori
What: Tees
Rides: All
Sick of looking like a jerk in that Ed Hardy tee? Well now you can look like a jerk in a tee shirt with a picture of a car on it and some trendy contemporary graphic art doo-dads. Dorkidori will even go as far as to make a custom shirt for your team or shop, so get 'em while they're hot.

Sstp_0911_02+hot_new_products_november_2009+dorki_dori Photo 3/8   |   Hot New Products November 2009 - Upgrade

Who: Takeda
What: Attack Cold-Air Intake
Rides: '09+ Honda Fit
As we proved in this issue's dyno test, a good flowing filter (and in this case intake arm) are key elements to gaining a lot of power without a lot of dough. What's awesome about this setup is that it not only makes power but fits great (get it? fits... Waka waka).

Sstp_0911_06+hot_new_products_november_2009+takeda_cold_air_intake Photo 4/8   |   Hot New Products November 2009 - Upgrade

Who: HKS
What: Super SQV 3 Blow-Off Valve
Rides: Various
HKS is world famous for the Super Sequential blow-off valve and they are stoked to announce the third generation of the popular piece. Further tweaking the already great design of previous SQVs this is going to set the bar for blow-off valves to come. Whether you're a first-time booster or a seasoned veteran, no turbo system is complete without one of these!

Sstp_0911_07+hot_new_products_november_2009+hks_ssqv_3_bov Photo 5/8   |   Hot New Products November 2009 - Upgrade

Who: Vogtland
What: Tec Line Height Adjustable Suspension Kits
Rides: '94-01 Acura Integra, '92-95 Honda Civic
You know your bone stock Integra is looking really wack right now sitting high on stock suspension. Why not slam that bucket on a set of trick new coilovers from Vogtland. The Tec Line kits allow for a drop of up to 3.5" - ready to get your DC or EG laid out!

Sstp_0911_09+hot_new_products_november_2009+vogtland_tec_line_coilovers Photo 6/8   |   Hot New Products November 2009 - Upgrade

Who: 5Zigen
What: Black Lightning Glove
Rides: All
Here at Super Street we pride ourselves on two things - being as JDM as possible and keeping fresh and clean for the laaaadddiees! That's why this product rocks so hard, it allows us to do both at the same time! Look at how badass your hands are going to be with these gloves on! Even the name is JDM. Plus they're latex free, quadruple-washed, textured, tear-resistant, chemical resistant and tank resistant. Need we say more?

Sstp_0911_13+hot_new_products_november_2009+5zigen_black_lightning_gloves Photo 7/8   |   Hot New Products November 2009 - Upgrade

Who: Permatex
What: Wheel Restoration Kit
Rides: All
Whether you just scored a sick set of old JDM wheels or you totally suck at parallel parking, Permatex offers a solution to restore wheels to their original condition. Curbrash, nicks, scuffs, pitting and even corrosion don't stand a chance.

Sstp_0911_15+hot_new_products_november_2009+permatex_wheel_restoration_kit Photo 8/8   |   Hot New Products November 2009 - Upgrade



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