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GT Spec Chassis Braces - Upgrade January 2010

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Dec 31, 2009

Who: Gt Spec
What: Chassis Braces
Rides: MAZDA RX-8
Source:, 631.586.3500
Looking to stiffen up the ride on your RX-8? Well look no further than GT Spec! With an impressive array of additional bars the GT Spec strut tower brace is beyond beefy. Made of reinforced aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum this brace can take anything you can throw at it.

Sstp_1001_01_o+products+braces Photo 2/8   |   GT Spec Chassis Braces - Upgrade January 2010

Who: Kicker
What: Ik350 Docking System
Rides: N/A
Source:, 405.624.8583
Kicker invites you to kick out the jams with the iK350 docking system. Boasting 1/2-inch tweeters, 4-inch woofers and a 4.5-inch reflex subwoofer this certainly isn't your grandmother's iPod dock!

Sstp_1001_02_o+products+ipod Photo 3/8   |   GT Spec Chassis Braces - Upgrade January 2010

Who: Clarion
What: Mind
Rides: All
Source:, 800.462.5274
When we first received our MiND unit we weren't even sure what it was. Now that we've had some time to explore all the features of the unit it's still hard to say exactly what it is. Think of it as a sub-compact web-book, a navigation unit and a portable hard drive all rolled into one. It can connect to the internet via WiFi or pair to a Bluetooth device like your phone. With a full touch screen you can browse the Web and there are even shortcut icons for your favorite sites like Myspace andYoutube. The next-generation navigation is spot-on and includes features like traffic updates. The unit can be updated via the Clarion site to make sure you always have the newest technology available. One of our favorite features is the unit's ability to link with Google Maps. Say for example that you know the name of a store you want to go to but you are unsure of the address - just Google it and the MiND will take you there! Our only complaint is that the battery life didn't meet our desire to use the unit, but fortunately an upgraded battery is available.

Sstp_1001_03_o+products+video Photo 4/8   |   GT Spec Chassis Braces - Upgrade January 2010

Who: O.Z. Racing
What: Alleggerita Hlt Wheel
Rides: MOST
Source:, 888.541.1777
O.Z. is a name synonymous with not only racing but winning. The new line, exclusive to Tire Rack, combines elegant design with the latest manufacturing technology to produce one hell of a wheel. Available in nearly every color you could ask for (black, blue, gold, matte graphite, anthracite, orange, red and white) this wheel is sure to be a popular choice for 2010!

Sstp_1001_04_o+products+alleggerita_wheels Photo 5/8   |   GT Spec Chassis Braces - Upgrade January 2010

Who: Toda
What: heavy-duty timing chain
Rides: honda k20/k24 engines
Source:, 949.336.6299
No this isn't the hottest new chain for your fixie, it's a replacement for your K-series timing chain. Thought that you had nothing to worry about switching from B series to K-series? Think again, over time a chain can stretch and no one wants to suffer from chain slap now do they? Upgrade your goldie-lookin-chain today.

Sstp_1001_07_o+products+chain Photo 6/8   |   GT Spec Chassis Braces - Upgrade January 2010

Who: Craft Square vWhat: Tca Mirrors
Rides: Mitsubishi Evo X; Nissan R35 Gt-R
Source:, 714.847.0694
Craft Square has been producing mirrors for Super GT cars for years and have just released the new "TCA" series. A few minor tweaks to the design yield an even lighter and more aerodynamic mirror than before. Different magnification levels are available, but one thing is for sure - they look super-sick!

Sstp_1001_09_o+products+carbon_mirrors Photo 7/8   |   GT Spec Chassis Braces - Upgrade January 2010

Who: TSW
What: Willow Wheel
Rides: most
Source: ,888.766.1114
Named after the radical Willow Springs Raceway, the all-new Willow from TSW is also fast and sleek. They flipped the script on the overly-played black wheel with silver lip and flipped it inside out for a fresh look. Available in sizes ranging from 17X8'' all the way up to 20X10'' you can mount these babies any almost anything.

Sstp_1001_11_o+products+willow_wheel Photo 8/8   |   GT Spec Chassis Braces - Upgrade January 2010



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