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Voltex GT Wing - New Products February 2010

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Jan 27, 2010

Who: Voltex
What: GT Wing
Rides: Many
Source:, 626.336.3400
Known the world over for their Evo body kits, Voltex of Suzuka Japan is no stranger to aerodynamics. With experience in F3 race car design it's no surprise Voltex hand fabricates all of their products with exacting attention to detail. If you're finding your car is lacking some rear traction this is the wing for you!

Sstp_1002_01_o+products+voltex_wing Photo 2/7   |   Voltex GT Wing - New Products February 2010

Who: Tomax
What: Performance Brake Pads
Rides: Nissan/Infiniti
Source:, 310.320.0570
What good is that new turbo kit or engine swap if your car doesn't have the brakes to stop it? Well, no good at all. Tomax has been manufacturing OE brake pads in Japan for years and the knowledge gained has allowed them to step outside the OE realm and put their data to the test. Available in several friction compounds these pads are sure to please even the harshest skeptic.

Sstp_1002_02_o+products+brake_pads Photo 3/7   |   Voltex GT Wing - New Products February 2010

Who: Shutt Auto
What: S-Quared Shift Boot
Rides: All
Source:, 888.748.8828
What can we say about a shift boot that hasn't already been said? It's a shift boot, but what if yours is missing, destroyed or downright ugly? Well Shutt Auto has got you covered (get it, that's a pun bitches!). Mating a black leather boot with grey stitching to a satin silver base this setup will look right a home in any car, no matter how mild or wild it is.

Sstp_1002_05_o+products+shift_boot Photo 4/7   |   Voltex GT Wing - New Products February 2010

Who: Prosport Gauges
What: Analog Clock
Rides: All
Source:, 727.572.9011
So you finally got around to boosting your older chassis and everything is looking great. All your gauges are hooked up and the car is running but something is missing... a clock! To match the rest of your premium series gauge setup the people at Prosport have designed this tasteful clock to complete your interior without losing the race look.

Sstp_1002_08_o+products+clock Photo 5/7   |   Voltex GT Wing - New Products February 2010

Who: Volk Wheels
What: Ce28n Genesis
Rides: Most
Source:, 562.946.6820
So we all know that the CE28N is one of the most badass wheels ever made. It's super light, super strong and aesthetically second to none. So how do you take a wheel that has become a staple among import tuners and make it better? Simple, offer it in a special Burnt Silver finish, add a Hibosscal spoke emblem and limit the production to 500 sets. Get them while you're hot, if you can find them.

Sstp_1002_10_o+products+ce28n_wheels Photo 6/7   |   Voltex GT Wing - New Products February 2010

Who: K&N Filters
What: Intake System
Rides: '09+ Honda Fit
Source:, 800.858.3333
What do you get when the leader in cleanable air filters gets a hold of a new Honda? A killer intake system of course! Guaranteed to increase horsepower, this kit features a cone shaped filter, mandrel bent tubing and a powder coated heat shield. In their own dyno testing K&N showed an increase of 4.5hp over the stock setup, quite an improvement considering the low base output of the engine.

Sstp_1002_11_o+products+air_filter Photo 7/7   |   Voltex GT Wing - New Products February 2010


Prosport Gauges, Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Mackin Industries
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Suzuka-shi, Mie-ken, Japan, CA
Shutt Auto
Miami, FL



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