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The Latest Hype, The Best Gear - Plug & Play

IPad, Street Fighter, Heavy Rain, Major League And More!

Scott Steinberg
Jun 17, 2010


From: Apple,, $499 And Up
Rating: 1/2
Forget the lack of Flash support, multi-tasking capabilities and killer apps. With a 9.7-inch touchscreen, more 3D processing horsepower than the iPhone and support for almost all existing apps, let's level. This wireless broadband-enabled computer - weighing just 1.5lbs, emphasizing both productivity/multi-media and offering elegant eReader options through its iBook storefront - could do for tablet PCs what the iPod did for digital music.

Sstp_1008_01_o+latest_hype_best_gear+ipad Photo 2/6   |   The Latest Hype, The Best Gear - Plug & Play

Super Street Fighter 4
For: Playstation 3, Xbox 360
From: Capcom,
Old-school, one-on-one martial arts action lives again in this ass-whuppin' remix, which adds more brawlers (see: the return of T. Hawk, debut of female Taekwondo master Juri), play modes (i.e. eight-man team battles) and car-crushing bonus stages. Between stunning hand-drawn characters and furious button-mashing brawls, its mix of manic beatdowns and splashy ultra combos has us pining for our misspent high school days of yore - minus the cigarette burnt arcade machines and putting quarters up for the next play.

Sstp_1008_02_o+latest_hype_best_gear+super_street_fighter Photo 3/6   |   The Latest Hype, The Best Gear - Plug & Play

Other Must-Haves

Heavy Rain
For: Playstation 3
From: Sony,
Love a good murder mystery? Check this gripping adventure (an experiment in novel control methods, context-sensitive commands and your patience for convoluted storytelling) that sees you shadowing a serial killer's trail from multiple characters' perspectives. While the unique approach and pacing may not resonate with all, its moody narrative will.

Sstp_1008_03_o+latest_hype_best_gear+heavy_rain Photo 4/6   |   The Latest Hype, The Best Gear - Plug & Play

Major League
Baseball 2K10
For: PC, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
From: 2K Sports,
Rating: 1/2
Boosting the popular franchise's overall batting average, its latest ode to America's national pastime reins in the ridiculous scores and homerun streaks somewhat, putting greater emphasis on strategy and skillful play-calling. Nonetheless, enhancements aside, various control hiccups and sketchy opponent AI leave plenty of room for improvement in the off-season.

Sstp_1008_05_o+latest_hype_best_gear+baseball_2k10 Photo 5/6   |   The Latest Hype, The Best Gear - Plug & Play

Boxee Box
From: D-Link,
Every dweeb knows you can wirelessly beam audio, video, photos and yes, even pr0n, straight from PC to HDTV. Only now, with this user-friendly streaming media extender, it doesn't take a degree in technical engineering to accomplish. Using the QWERTY keyboard-equipped remote, owners can effortlessly download YouTube clips, Facebook updates, Pandora tunes and more.

Sstp_1008_04_o+latest_hype_best_gear+boxee_box Photo 6/6   |   The Latest Hype, The Best Gear - Plug & Play
By Scott Steinberg
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