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Okada Products, SSR Wheels And More - Hot New Products


Oct 5, 2010

Product of the Month

Who: Okada Products
What: Plasma lift
Rides: Universal
Source:, 949.583.7800
You might never know a thing about Paschen's Law (and we recommend reading this to understand what it is:'s_law) but when it comes to a turbocharged application, what you do need to know is that your engine is going to need a much higher spark voltage, especially if you're going to turn the boost up. Without it, you're going to misfire. With Okada Projects' Plasma Lift, you can increase spark voltage as needed and will also be able to adjust your air/fuel ratio and spark plug gaps as performance improves.

Sstp_1010_01_z+hot_new_products+okada_plasma_lift Photo 2/8   |   Okada Products, SSR Wheels And More - Hot New Products

Who: SSR Wheels
What: Professor SP1 20'' Wheel
Rides: Various
Source:, 888.229.7774
SSR's famous Professor SP1 has finally reached dub status - that's 20'' for those of you who don't carry the street knowledge. The quality holds strong from this long time Japanese wheel manufacturer, and don't forget they're also available in many other smaller diameters and widths.

Sstp_1010_02_z+hot_new_products+SSR_professor_SP1 Photo 3/8   |   Okada Products, SSR Wheels And More - Hot New Products

Who: Unorthodox Racing
What: 3-piece lightweight pulley set
Rides: '08-up nissan gt-r r35
Source:, 631.586.9525
Unorthodox Racing has a way for GT-R owners to free up some weight and gains of up to 24hp and 30lb-ft on a stock VR38DETT, and that's with their new 3-piece pulley set, replacing the factory crank, alternator and power steering pieces and saving you 6.5lbs in the process. Currently available in machined bright finished aluminum and can be ordered direct from UR or MVP Motorsports (940.683.8282).

Sstp_1010_03_z+hot_new_products+unorthodox_racing_pulley_set Photo 4/8   |   Okada Products, SSR Wheels And More - Hot New Products

Who: Roar Filter
What: Carbon-fiber Intake System
Rides: '08-up Lexus Is-F
Already well-known for their line of high end, hand-made carbon fiber intake systems for European exotics, Roar Filter has expanded their catalog to select Japanese applications. This particular kit for the Lexus IS-F uses a velocity stack cone filter, high-flow tubing and a carbon fiber heat shield to not only improve performance but resists heat in the process.

Sstp_1010_04_z+hot_new_products+roar_filter_intake_system Photo 5/8   |   Okada Products, SSR Wheels And More - Hot New Products

Who: Koyo
What: Aluminum Radiator
Rides: '70-78 Datsun 240z/260z/280z (with manual transmission)
The old school is hardly dead and thanks to the tireless efforts of enthusiasts keeping them from becoming a memory, it's kept companies like Koyo hard at work to develop newer technologies to improve on the older platforms - and this aluminum radiator is just what you'll need if you're an older Z owner. This particular core is a cross-flow design as opposed to the OE down-flow, and has an integrated 1/8'' NPT female accessory fitting near the top inlet tube to accommodate for most aftermarket temp gauges or a possible coolant line for an aftermarket turbocharger. Koyo radiators are all precision welded and polished by hand and are a direct-fit install.

Sstp_1010_05_z+hot_new_products+koyo_alumnium_radiator Photo 6/8   |   Okada Products, SSR Wheels And More - Hot New Products

Who: Skunk2
What: Pro Series Intake Manifolds
Rides: Honda B-series Engines
Source:, 951.808.9888
Skunk2 made a name for themselves in more ways than one - one of those ways being their Pro Series intake manifold for the Honda B-series. Inspired by the Integra Type R manifold, Skunk2's features a larger plenum and oversized runners for big power and lots of torque without sacrificing midrange performance. These cast aluminum manifolds are direct-fit replacements that are designed to work work with all factory sensors and throttle bodies as large as 75mm, and the runner exits are machined to match cylinder head ports.

Sstp_1010_06_z+hot_new_products+skunk2_manifold Photo 7/8   |   Okada Products, SSR Wheels And More - Hot New Products

Who: Yonaka Motorsports
What: Stage 3 6-puck sprung hub performance ceramic clutch
Rides: Honda B & D-series
Source:, 800.824.4852
Yonaka's Stage 3 6-puck performance clutch kit is the strongest they make for street applications, capable of handling up to 300lb-ft with its copper ceramic sprung friction disc and 1800lb heavy duty pressure plate (that's 45% more clamping force than stock).

Sstp_1010_07_z+hot_new_products+yonaka_clutch Photo 8/8   |   Okada Products, SSR Wheels And More - Hot New Products



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