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Hot New Products - Upgrade

HKS Super SQV3D blow-off valve, Turbosmart CompGate40 wastegate, Pioneer Electronics AVIC-Z120BT, and more!

Oct 28, 2010

What: Super SQV3D
Rides: Universal
How Much: $485 (Mounting Flange Sold Separately)
Where:, 310.491.3300
HKS' SSQV3D blow-off valve is designed with all sorts of trick features, like an on/off switch to trigger the unit on demand, an activation point adjuster so you can set when the SQV activates and an operation duration adjuster so you can set the operation time of the SQV. It can also be used on applications that don't have a vacuum signal by wiring it into the accelerator pedal or throttle sensor signal at the ECU.

Sstp_1011_01_o+hot_new_products+hks_blow_off_valve Photo 2/7   |   Hot New Products - Upgrade

Who: Turbosmart
What: Compgate40
Rides: Universal
How Much: $349.50
Where:, 909.476.2570
The 40mm CompGate40 external wastegate from Turbosmart is perfect for engine bays short on space with its compact design (it's 99mm tall), featuring an actuator housing that's 25% smaller than their current range and also allows for easy spring changes and 12 different cap orientation settings. Available in blue or black.

Sstp_1011_02_o+hot_new_products+turbosmart_wastegate Photo 3/7   |   Hot New Products - Upgrade

Who: Pioneer Electronics
What: AVIC-Z120BT
Rides: Universaldouble Din
How Much: $1,599
Pioneer's flagship AVIC-Z120BT packs plenty of navigation capabilities as well as new groundbreaking features, including a revolutionary 3D touch slide interface, Pioneer MusicSphere and ECO Graph, all into one package for the in-car electronics enthusiast. The double-DIN unit features a large motorized 7-inch WVGA hi-resolution touch screen display, a 3D graphics accelerator, DVD playback, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music streaming, USB connectivity for iPod/iPhone connectivity, micro SD card slot, back-up camera input and is SIRIUS XM3 satellite and HD Radio4 ready

Sstp_1011_03_o+hot_new_products+pioneer_double_din Photo 4/7   |   Hot New Products - Upgrade

Who: Toda Racing
What: Heavy-Duty Timing Chain & Chain Tensioner
Rides: Honda S2000 AP1/AP2
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 949.336.6299
High-powered S2K engines are prone to damage, especially when stress is placed on the factory timing chain and chain tensioner while racing or using high-lift camshafts, all of which could lead to engine failure sooner than later. To help prevent this, TODA Racing offers a heavy-duty timing chain that helps to reduce friction and improve overall strength by increasing the area of the chain's side plates. These side plates also have a hole size and shape to employ the use of a larger diameter pin, which aids in reducing chain stretch as much as 35%. Additionally, this chain maintains the correct tension, preventing valve timing slippage under engine braking and can even work on a cylinder head that's had as much as 1mm shaved off its deck face.

Sstp_1011_04_o+hot_new_products+heavy_duty_timing_chain Photo 5/7   |   Hot New Products - Upgrade

Who: EDO Performance
What: Tomioka Racing Super Slopes
Rides: Universal
How Much: Inquire
WHERE:, 714.602.5741
Lowered - no, make that slammed/hella flushed/stanced - cars always need an extra hand when it comes to getting up on jackstands, especially when a jack can't get underneath your factory lift points - and that's where Tomioka Racing's Super Slopes come in handy. Simply drive up these lightweight, but strong plastic ramps and you'll be able to slip a jack in easily.

Sstp_1011_05_o+hot_new_products+tomioka_racing_super_slopes Photo 6/7   |   Hot New Products - Upgrade

Who: Kelford Cams
What: Camshafts
Rides: Honda K-Series Engines
How Much: Inquire
Where: Motovicity Distribution,, 888-SPEED-16
Kelford Cams offers various levels of performance camshafts for the Honda K-series engine through Motovicity Distribution. For a street-tuned build to a full-blown competition motor, there are different stages perfect for your needs, and Kelford also has cams designed specifically for turbocharged applications. Need custom? They offer those as well.

Sstp_1011_06_o+hot_new_products+kelford_camshafts Photo 7/7   |   Hot New Products - Upgrade



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