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Quaife Limited-Slip Differential - Product of the Month

Nov 25, 2010

Who: Quaife
What: Limited-Slip Differential
Rides: Honda K-Series
How Much: $995
Where:, 888.SPEED.16
Quaife's latest version of their Automatic Torque Biasing differentials is geared towards K-powered Hondas and Acuras, and is designed to handle high horsepower and torque loads. The biasing ratio has been adapted to give you better straight-line acceleration while being able to handle more power at the same time.

Sstp_1012_01_o+quaife_limited slip_differential+side_view Photo 2/7   |   Upgrade Hot New Products

Who: Prothane
What: Motor Mounts
Rides: '02-06 Nissan Sentra Se-R/Spec-V
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 888.PROTHANE
Eliminate the sloppy movement of your Sentra's stock mounts with Prothane's vibration-controlling and shock absorbing motor mount inserts. Made to replace your factory front and rear rubber mounts, and are oil and grease resistant.

Sstp_1012_06_o+prothane_motor_mounts+side_view Photo 3/7   |   Upgrade Hot New Products

Who: Blackworks Racing
What: Rear Lower Control Arms
Rides: Various
How Much: $219
Crafted from high-quality AL6061-T6 billet aluminum, Blackworks Racing's rear lower control arms will help stabilize your car's rear suspension. The arms also come with BWR black polyurethane bushings to further increase stability and performance, not to mention they also come in a nice assortment of finishes.

Sstp_1012_05_o+blackworks_racing_rear_lower_control_arms+side_view Photo 4/7   |   Upgrade Hot New Products

Who: Greddy
What: Circuit Spec Cooler Kit
Rides: '07-up Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X MR
How Much: $920
Where:, 949.588.8300
Cooling is a crucial component to focus on when tuning Evos and GReddy now offers a Circuit Spec cooler kit, which places a V-mounted cooler into operation under the front left inner fender under the factory unit, therefore increasing fluid capacity for cooling and is easily installed by connecting to existing fluid ports on the transmission case. The kit also comes with inlet and splitter ducting to direct airflow through both the GReddy and OEM cores, while outlet ducting increases the airflow.

Sstp_1012_02_o+greddy_circuit_spec_cooler_kit+front_view Photo 5/7   |   Upgrade Hot New Products

Who: AEM
What: No-Weld O2 Sensor Mount
Rides: Universal
How Much: $39.95
Where:, 310.484.2322
Mount an oxygen sensor to your car without having to weld a sensor bung into your exhaust with AEM's No-Weld Sensor Mount, perfect for DIY enthusiasts who don't have access to a welder and want to use a wideband air/fuel product to tune their cars. Install is easy as all you have to do is drill a hole in the exhaust, install the gasket and bolt the clamp in. There are four different sizes available to accommodate exhausts from 1.75'' to 3.5'' in diameter, and will work with most popular performance wideband sensors.

Sstp_1012_04_o+aem_no weld_02_sensor_mount+side_view Photo 6/7   |   Upgrade Hot New Products

Who: FlashTorque
What: Xede Ecu
Rides: Universal
How Much: $795
Where:, 917.470.9201
FlashTorque's XEDE is an intelligent, piggy-back-style ECU that is perfect for most forced-induced vehicles to control additional injectors, intercooler water sprays, pumps or fans, while also retarding ignition timing, and if needed, clamping MAF, MAP or TPS signals to generate the required control over the engine.

Sstp_1012_07_o+flashtorque_xede_ecu+side_view Photo 7/7   |   Upgrade Hot New Products



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