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Powerflex Polyurethane Mount Kits - Hot New Products


Mar 9, 2011

Who: Powerflex
What: Polyurethane mount kits
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV-VII
How Much: $101.99
Where:, 540.674.5212
Decrease powertrain movement for your Evo with Powerflex's polyurethane mount kits and experience improved engine response while putting more power to your wheels. These kits are available in two types: street or track, offering different stiffness for your type of driving.

Sstp_1103_03_o+powerflex_polyurethane_mount_kits Photo 2/7   |   Powerflex Polyurethane Mount Kits - Hot New Products

Who: Godspeed Project
What: TD05 18G turbo
Nissan 240SX S13/S14 with SR20DET
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 626.442.3988
Bolt-on power is always welcome and luckily for you SR20 fans out there, Godspeed Project has a TD05 18G turbo that is said to help generate 336whp and 286lb-ft on a stock SR20 motor at 14psi. Not bad if you ask us!

Sstp_1103_05_o+godspeed_project+td05_18g_turbo Photo 3/7   |   Powerflex Polyurethane Mount Kits - Hot New Products

Who: 5Zigen USA
What: Super Lap exhaust
Acura RSX, Honda Civic, Mazda MX-5 Miata, Nissan 240SX
How Much: $400
Where:, 310.608.5575
5Zigen's Super Lap exhaust helps absorb the more unpleasant range of exhaust noises while maintaining exhaust efficiency by placing an "escape hole" at a unique angle and size at a suitable position located on the silencer instead of a punching mechanism found on some other exhausts. Perfect for time attack racing or autocross, you'll experience a clear and crisp exhaust tone while achieving extra power.

Sstp_1103_02_o+5zigen_usa+super_lap_exhaust Photo 4/7   |   Powerflex Polyurethane Mount Kits - Hot New Products

Who: TSW
What: Nurburgring wheel
Various applications
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 888.766.1114
Named after the famed German race track, TSW pays homage to the Nurburgring name by giving this new Rotary Forged mesh wheel the same name. This particular forging process forges the rim of the wheel at high pressure while the wheel is being spun at high speed to help enhance the strength of the wheel, which helps in cutting down weight. Available in matte gunmetal, gunmetal with a mirror-cut face or matte bronze with sizes ranging from 17-20".

Sstp_1103_07_o+tsw+nurburgring_wheel Photo 5/7   |   Powerflex Polyurethane Mount Kits - Hot New Products

Who: Skunk2
What: Pro-S II coilovers
Various applications
How Much: Inquire
Skunk2 adds the fully adjustable Pro-S II coilovers to its line of suspension components, which features double-adjustable ride height from its mono-tube design. The threaded shock bodies allow for height adjustment independent of spring preload, allowing you to effectively "dump the s" out of your car without sacrificing ride quality. These can also be rebuilt later on in time, should you need it, as Skunk2 stocks plenty of replacement parts.

Sstp_1103_04_o+skunk2+pro s_ii_coilovers Photo 6/7   |   Powerflex Polyurethane Mount Kits - Hot New Products

Who: Inline Four
What: IL4 Pro cast pistons
Honda engines with US-spec ITR or B16A piston domes
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 714.903.1898
Inline Four's Pro cast pistons are said to be produced by the same manufacturer that produces Honda's OEM USDM and JDM pistons, so there should be comfort in knowing that quality will be there. Available in either 81.5mm or 82mm sizes, you can now increase the displacement of your Honda B-seriesmotor without the problems normally created by thermal expansion from a forged piston.

Sstp_1103_06_o+inline_four+il4_pro_cast_pistons Photo 7/7   |   Powerflex Polyurethane Mount Kits - Hot New Products



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