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Hot News Products - Upgrade - Tech

We feature Konig Roller Wheels, Deatsch Werks DW301 Fuel Pump and more.

Jun 14, 2011

1. Who: Konig
What: Roller Wheels
Rides: Inquire
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 800.645.3878

Sstp 1106 01 o+upgrade+konig wheel Photo 2/7   |   1 Konig Wheels

The Roller is a fresh offering from Knig for 2011 featuring an old school mesh style. Available in 15x7.5" or 16x7.5" sizing with a +32mm offset, these wheels are perfect for getting your FWD car flush. Finish options include silver with a machined face or virtual chrome. Regardless of which color you choose they’re guaranteed to set off your ride!

2. Who: Deatsch Werks
What: DW301 Fuel Pump
Rides: Most Popular Japanese Cars, Inquire
How Much: $169
Where:, 405.217.0701

Sstp 1106 02 o+upgrade+fuel pump Photo 3/7   |   2 Deatch Werks Fuel Pump

Backed by a three-year warranty, the DW301 is one of if not the highest flowing in-tank pump on the market flowing over 300lph while remaining very quite for an aftermarket pump. The DW301 is also ethanol compatible and comes with all required hardware and instructions for a bolt-in installation.

3. Who: Turbosmart
What: Hyper-Gate45 Waste Gate
Rides: Universal
How Much: $429.99
Where:, 909.476.2570

Sstp 1106 03 o+upgrade+waste gate Photo 4/7   |   3 Turbosmart Waste Gate

The new Hyper-Gate45 has been completely redesigned for 2011 and is now smaller and lighter than the previous version without any loss in performance. The smaller size allows for easier placement where size constraints are tight. In addition to the new footprint the updated version features a locking collar design to allow for ultra-quick spring changes.

4. Who: Fastbrakes
What: AP Racing
Rides: Select Acura, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota and Lexus models
How Much: Starting at $1425
Where:, 602.323.2110

Sstp 1106 04 o+upgrade+brake caliper Photo 5/7   |   4 AP Racing Brake Caliper

What happens when the leader in affordable custom brake kits combines with the leader in racing brake technology? You get the new Fastbrakes AP Racing brake upgrade kits. Available with 1 or 2-piece rotors in diameters ranging from 11.75" to 12.9" these brake kits offer the highest performance in the market at extremely affordable prices. Get hooked up with Fastbrakes and start stopping harder today!

5. Who: EVS Tuning
What: Super Lap Racing Lug Nuts
Rides: Universal (12X1.5mm and 12X1.25mm)
How Much: $134 set of 20
Where:, 626.336.3400

Sstp 1106 05 o+upgrade+lug nuts Photo 6/7   |   5 EVS Tuning Lug Nuts

Made in Japan from CNC machined forged SCM435 steel alloy, the EVS Super Lap lugs are engineered for real race and track enthusiasts. These aren’t your parking lot tuner lug; these pieces are designed to take a beating. The EVS logo is etched into the side of each lug and the bottoms use a tapered style seat that fits most aftermarket wheels.

6. Who: Blackworks Racing
What: Billet Lower Control Arms
Rides: 88-00 Civic, 90-01 Integra
How Much: Starting at $209.99
Where:, 623.907.3480

Sstp 1106 06 o+upgrade+control arms Photo 7/7   |   6 Blackworks Racing Lower Control Arms

These CNC machined billet LCAs do a lot more than simply look kick ass (although they do that too). Designed to match their line of subframe braces, the newly redesigned LCAs offer 3 sway bar mounting locations allowing owners to finely tune their suspension. These units are also less susceptible to bushing deflection thanks to non-sealed polyurethane injected pieces.



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