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General Tire G-Max AS-03 - Product Spotlight

Just Because This Tire Says 'All-Season' Doesn't Mean It's Weaksauce.

Aug 8, 2011

We all know fitting new engine and suspension parts will make your car perform better than stock. But you better have the basics down before you continue spending more and more money on your project car.

Sstp 1108 01+general tire as 03+cover Photo 2/6   |   General Tire G-Max AS-03 - Product Spotlight

Tires are the single most important purchase you will make for your car. If you think about it, those four black circles are the only things connecting you and the road. Grip not only improves acceleration, braking and handling when you want to have some fun, but it also keeps you safer. You don’t want to lose traction avoiding a dumbass that’s about to cause an accident, nor do you want to get caught slippin’ on the freeway when a rainstorm hits.

Now here’s where you might be fooled. Although ultra high-performance tires are known to offer the best traction especially in dry conditions, General Tire introduces its new G-Max AS-03 that gives the term ‘all-season’ new meaning. Typically all-seasons sacrifice performance to offer better wet handling, quieter ride and longer treadwear. But these AS-03s have been engineered and tested to silence that stereotype.

Overall grip has been improved from older General products thanks to new technologies. For example, the tread blocks are interlocked to enhance stability and quicken steering response.

Sstp 1108 02+general tire as 03+tread Photo 3/6   |   General Tire G-Max AS-03 - Product Spotlight

A new Aquacleave technology addresses the tire’s wet performance. The tread pattern directs water into large channels and quickly out the tire’s surface. This offers less understeer and grip whether you’re turning, stopping or punching it.

General Tire has also introduced a couple safety features to ensure the tires are performing to the best of their ability. A Visual Alignment Indicator determines if your suspension is aligned—one of the leading causes of premature tire wear. There’s also a Replacement Tire Monitor molded into the center rib. As the tire wears, an indicator will read ‘Replace Tire’ when the tread is beyond its optimum level.

With sizes available from 15-20", the AS-03 is an obvious option for any driver. It may not be the best choice for a dedicated track car, but its dry/wet performance, treadwear and price tag fit what many of us need from a daily-driven tire. And if you don’t like them, take them back! General has a 45-day trial period set in place for all AS-03 tires.


General Tire
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