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Work Wheels USA Meister CR-01 Wheels, Kameari Toyota Overhaul Kit and More - Upgrade

Old schoolers know that when it’s time to rebuild that classic, one of the best resources to look to for resto parts is Kamaeri.

Aug 1, 2011

1. Who: Work Wheels USA
What: Meister CR-01
Rides: any 4x100 or 4x114.3 with sizes ranging from 15x5-to-15x12
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 714.968.7040
In somewhat of a throwback to the old school, Work Wheels drops the Meister CR-01 3-piece wheel, something you may have seen on some cars from the infamous Rocket Bunny crew in Japan. But more than being a retro style, this is a wheel perfect for those seeking out variety for fitment as the 15" face can be fitted to a barrel that’s 5-inches wide up to 12-inches, so all you stance/flush heads can get the right look. You can choose your center disk in either Gunmetal (MGM) or Polished (PP) with barrel finishes available in Polished, Black or Bronze Anodized. HOT!

Sstp 1108 01+hot new products+works wheels Photo 2/7   |   Work Meister CR-01 Wheels

2. Who: Kameari
What: Toyota 2TG Engine Overhaul Kit
Rides: Any Toyota 2tg Engine
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 949.336.6299
Old schoolers know that when it’s time to rebuild that classic, one of the best resources to look to for resto parts is Kamaeri. Here’s an engine overhaul gasket kit for the Toyota 2TG engine, which comes with high-quality gaskets that are made for maximum durability and reliability. Also important to note is that Kameari also offers intake and exhaust gasket kits (sold separately) to complete your rebuild.

Sstp 1108 02+hot new products+gasket kit Photo 3/7   |   Kameari Toyota 2TG Engine Overhaul Kit

3. Who: Prosport
What: Evo Series Boost Gauge
Rides: Yours
How Much: Inquire
Prosport’s Evo Series boost gauge is a dual color digital gauge that can display either red or blue (with dimmable function also) and is set in a black bezel casing that goes completely black when the car shuts off. Turn the ignition on and a full digital sweep goes ballistic, and you can mount these in the tightest of places as the gauge is only 1.5” deep.

Sstp 1108 03+hot new products+gauges Photo 4/7   |   Prosport Evo Series Boost Gauge

4. Who: TR Batteries
What: TR-B2100 Gel Battery
Rides: Various Applications
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 714.602.5741
Whether you’re going for the tucked engine bay, wanting to drop some weight or relocate your battery to the trunk, the TR-B2100 mini gel battery should be something to consider as a lightweight alternative to your standard wet cell battery.

Sstp 1108 04+hot new products+battery Photo 5/7   |   Tr TR-B2100 Gel Battery

5. Who: Meguiar’s
What: Brilliant Solutions New Car Kit
Rides: Yours
How Much: Inquire
Maintain that “from the showroom floor” look by taking care of your car’s paint the right way, by using Meguiar’s Brilliant Solutions pack. The kit comes with Wash & Dry wash/wax, microfiber wash mitt, Water Magnet microfiber drying towel, Ultimate Liquid wax and Endurance Tire dressing. All you need to do is add water and a bucket, and as Meguiar’s has kindly stated, “stop with the dishwashing detergent and poor quality towels” as it’s too aggressive for your car’s paint.

Sstp 1108 05+hot new products+meguiars Photo 6/7   |   Meguiar's Brilliant Solutions New Car Kit

6. Who: Yokohama Tire
What: Avid Envigor
Rides: Various Applications
How Much: Inquire
Yokohama’s AVID ENVigor all-season tire combines the best blend of performance, fuel efficiency, comfort and treadlife into a single package, making it an optimal choice for your daily driver. Its angled groove walls and adaptive 3D sipes help resist hydroplaning for improved wet traction and the silica compound gives you a much lower rolling resistance to help increase fuel efficiency without wearing down tread. Best of all, it’s quiet and smooth riding.

Sstp 1108 06+hot new products+yokohama tire Photo 7/7   |   Yokohama Avid Envigor Tire


Irvine, CA 92614
Prosport Gauges, Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL 33716



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