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Skunk2 74MM Throttle Body, SSR Werfen GT-04 Wheel and More - Upgrade

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Oct 4, 2011

1. Who: Skunk2
What: 74mm throttle body
Rides: Honda B-Series
How Much: $340.99
Still trying to squeeze more power out of your B-Series? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a larger throttle body. After all, isn’t bigger better? Whether you’re naturally-aspirated or boosted, a larger TB will increase airflow thus giving you a little extra push across the powerband. Skunk2’s Pro Series TB is one of the newest and largest on the market. It features a 74mm bore, CNC aluminum construction, hard-anodized finish and sealed bearings. It also relocates the MAP sensor and eliminates OE water passages, resulting in a cleaner look. Skunk2 offers different size bores so consult with them first to see which one suits your B-series the best.

Sstp 1110 01+skunk2 throttle body ssr gt 04 wheel+honda b series Photo 2/7   |   Product of the Month

2. Who: SSR
What: Werfen GT-04 wheel
Rides: yours
How Much: from $890
New this year is the Werfen GT-04 from SSR. Available in 19-20" with a reverse lip or 20-21" with a step lip, the Werfen GT-04 are forged three-piece rims. Widths will be available up to a crazy 13.5" with a large offset range so you can go crazy with your herrafrush stance.

Sstp 1110 02+skunk2 throttle body ssr gt 04 wheel+werfen wheel Photo 3/7   |   Skunk2 74MM Throttle Body, SSR Werfen GT-04 Wheel and More - Upgrade

3. Who: Corbeau
What: LG1 seat
Rides: your interior
How Much: from $399
Time to ditch your old stained stock seats with something that will complement your interior. Corbeau’s LG1 is one of the most comfortable, yet affordable aftermarket seats around. The LG1 reclines so it’s perfect for a daily driver. Its comfy construction includes integrated kidney, shoulder and thigh supports, plus a high-density injection molded foam to make it soft on the body. They are available in a number of options including cloth, suede, leather and even extra wide for the big boys.

Sstp 1110 03+skunk2 throttle body ssr gt lg1 seats wheel+lg1 seats Photo 4/7   |   Skunk2 74MM Throttle Body, SSR Werfen GT-04 Wheel and More - Upgrade

4. Who: Nissan Motorsports
What: NISMO R-Tune headers
Rides: ’03-06 Nissan 350Z
How Much: $1489
Want the best for your 350Z? If you already have the basic bolt-ons, it might be time to add these wicked NISMO headers. The equal-length stainless headers are engineered by Nissan’s best to optimize your VQ’s performance by reducing back pressure. They’re available from your local Nissan dealer or online. However, quality comes at a price so save your lunch money.

Sstp 1110 04+skunk2 throttle body ssr gt 04 wheel+nismo headers Photo 5/7   |   Skunk2 74MM Throttle Body, SSR Werfen GT-04 Wheel and More - Upgrade

5. Who: Brembo
What: six-piston monobloc calipers
Rides: ’08-11 Mitsubishi Evo X
How Much: inquire
There’s no question the brakes on your Evo X are superb from the factory. But if you take it to the track more than once a year and demand the best, you might have thought about a more aggressive setup. Brembo offers these six-piston monobloc calipers to give you more stopping power and heat reduction than before. The new caliper is a simple bolt-on upgrade that’s designed to work with the stock rotors, master cylinder and ABS system.

Sstp 1110 05+skunk2 throttle body ssr gt 04 wheel+monobloc caliper Photo 6/7   |   Skunk2 74MM Throttle Body, SSR Werfen GT-04 Wheel and More - Upgrade

6. Who: Vibra-Technics
What: engine and transmission mounts
Rides: Nissan S13, S14, S15
How Much: inquire
If you’re building a drift car, you’ll need the right chassis components to give the control you want. Vibra-Technics from the UK has introduced these new engine and tranny mounts for Nissan S13-S15s that are much stronger than factory mounts and will reduce engine movement under acceleration, braking and cornering. Available in road and track versions, the mounts are a must if you call that S-chassis of yours a drift car.

Sstp 1110 06+skunk2 throttle body ssr gt 04 wheel+engine transmission mounts Photo 7/7   |   Skunk2 74MM Throttle Body, SSR Werfen GT-04 Wheel and More - Upgrade


Skunk2 Racing
Norco, CA 92860
SSR Wheels
Torrance, CA 90501
Nissan Motorsports
Gardena, CA 90248
Brembo North America
Northville, MI 48168
Corbeau Seats
Sandy, UT 84070



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