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Yokohama, Pioneer, STP, Raceland and More - New Products

Feb 12, 2013


What: AVID ENVigor ZPS
Rides: Most
How Much: Inquire
If you’re shopping for new tires for your daily drive look no further. Not only are the AVID ENVigor ZPS round and black, they’re also a runflat tire, which means you can run over those pesky nails and not have to deal with it for at least fifty miles. Score.

Sstp 1301 02 o+yokohama+envigor Photo 1/6   |   Yokohama, Pioneer, STP, Raceland and More - New Products


What: AVH-P8400BH
Rides: Any double-DIN
How Much: $650
We all know that Pioneer has been putting out some seriously kick ass head units for decades, but their newest offering takes in car entertainment to the next level. Items like Bluetooth connectivity and HD radio have become standard fare, but the P8400BH boasts new capabilities like Mixtrax, which analyzes your entire library and seamlessly mixes them like a virtual DJ. With the new App Mode you can even stream video content from your iPhone including YouTube and Safari.

Sstp 1301 01 o+pioneer+AVN headunit Photo 2/6   |   Yokohama, Pioneer, STP, Raceland and More - New Products


What: Mazda 3 Coilovers
Rides: Mazda 3 and Mazdaspeed 3
How Much: $369
Now that you’ve been around the block a time two you’re starting to brainstorm ways to make your Mazda 3 a little better. By now you’ve surely caught wind of stance mania and you’re getting the fever, but you aren’t sure what suspension to get. Well Mazda 3 owners, we’ve found it—the Raceland coilovers will go a full three inches lower than stock putting your bucket in the weeds. You can thank us later.

Sstp 1301 04 o+raceland+coilovers Photo 3/6   |   Yokohama, Pioneer, STP, Raceland and More - New Products


What: Multipurpose Motor Treatment
Rides: Any
How Much: Inquire
Chances are that if you’re like us, your engine has seen better days. Using a simple application of STP’s Motor Treatment will help clean out your fuel system and engine internals resulting in a better running motor. Plus, this product contains no alcohol so you don’t have to run the risk of getting pulled over and your car getting a DUI.

Sstp 1301 03 o+STP+motor treatment Photo 4/6   |   Yokohama, Pioneer, STP, Raceland and More - New Products


What: Forged Roll Center Adjusters
Rides: Most Subarus
How Much: $399
If you’ve slammed the piss out of your Subie to fit in with the cool kids on your block you’re probably thinking, “damn dog, that ish looks dope!” What you probably aren’t thinking about is how you’ve most assuredly ruined the handling of the vehicle by over-lowering it. If you’re one of the few that cares about such things (handling), fear not, for GTSPEC has created a bumpsteer kit that will get your geometry back in check.

Sstp 1301 05 o+GTspec+center adjusters Photo 5/6   |   Yokohama, Pioneer, STP, Raceland and More - New Products


What: Bespoke Vehicle Covers
Rides: Yours
How Much: Inquire
So you just finished installing your FIA GT1 spec wide body kit on your Maserati MC12 and it’s time to put the old girl away for the winter, only there’s a problem. The standard car cover won’t fit over the gargantuan wing and widebody. Here’s just one example of where Coverking’s bespoke car covers can save the day. Using a 3D-scanner they can custom build a cover for virtually anything, even your “race inspired” Civic.

Sstp 1301 06 o+coverking+vehicle covers Photo 6/6   |   Yokohama, Pioneer, STP, Raceland and More - New Products



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