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Buick Grand National - IDRC Standings - Turbo Updates

Oct 6, 2001
Turp_0110_01_z+buick_grand_national_idrc_standings+hiper_industries_r1_chameleon_gauge Photo 1/1   |   Buick Grand National - IDRC Standings - Turbo Updates

Quickview: The file of "why didn't I think of this" should now contain Quickview gauge markers. These vinyl decals indicate danger zones or redlines. They allow the driver to quickly see if the parameters of a particular gauge are in an area of concern. For example, a temperature that is too hot or a pressure that is too low. Different cars have different thresholds what is low oil pressure in a Diamond Star may be acceptable pressure in a Buick Grand National. The markers allow you to fit the readout to your car and are also good for Japanese gauges that read in Celsius or other metric increments. The driver does not have to do any mathematical conversion just check the color. Quickview gauge markers come in an arc shape (as pictured) or in a pie shape. They are available in red, yellow and green but custom colors can be ordered. Quickview (630) 469-1709.

We inadvertently listed these crazy R1 Chameleon gauges as the handiwork of HP Racing in our guide in the August issue. The gauges are made by Hiper Industries. They connect to a control box that allows the user to scroll through different back lighting colors-pretty stylish.

Hiper Industries, 5332 Production Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(714) 895-5972

Hiper Industries R1 Chameleon
2 1/16-inch, White Face - Water
Temperature, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Oil Pressure
5-inch, White Face - Tachometer

2001 IDRC Championship Points Race Standings
Here are the IDRC $128,500 Championship Points Standings After 5 of 14 events

Toyo Tires Pro Class (10 Scheduled Events)
1 Matt Hartford Hoyos Racing Glendale, AZ 01 {{{Ford Focus}}} 222
2 Efren Vazquez Toyo Tires Huntington Park, CA 71 {{{Mazda}}} R100 {{{164}}}
3 David Buschur Buschur Racing Wakeman, OH 98 {{{Eagle Talon}}} 104
4-tie James O'Connor Venom Racing Los Alamitos, CA 01 Toy {{{Tacoma}}} 83
4-tie Marcos Acosta Driver FX/Keystone Lodi, NJ 96 Mazda MX3 83
6 Jorge Lazcano Conteras Auto {{{Rio}}} Pierdras, Puerto Rico 96 {{{Nissan 300ZX}}} 76
7 Ron Lummus RLR Anaheim, CA 01 VW Bug 65
8 Jose Torres Siguel Racing San Juan, Puerto Rico 97 {{{Mazda RX-7}}} 47
9 Orlando Torrez Sammy Productions Naranjioto, Puerto Rico 96 Mazda MX6 44
10 Abel Ibarra Toyo Tires Riverside, CA 98 Mazda {{{RX-7}}} 43
After 5 of 14 Events
Apex Integration Outlaw Class (10 Schedule Events)
1 Juan Lopez Lopez Productions Allentown, PA 71 Datsun 176
2 Stephan Papadakis AEM Anaheim, CA 99 {{{Honda Civic}}} 167
3 Christian Rado World Electronics Reading, PA 94 {{{Acura Integra}}} 105
4 Carlos Montano Pepe Loco Paterson, NJ 71 Datsun 97
5 Gary Maysouret   Vega Alta, Puerto Rico {{{80}}} Mazda RX-7 87
6 Wilfredo Rosado   Philadelphia, PA 81 {{{Toyota}}} Starlet 71
7-tie Luis Corujo   Glenndale, MD 85 {{{Toyota Corolla}}} 65
7-tie Carlos Perez   Puerto Rico 83 Mazda RX-7 65
9 Ray Lochhead SR Motorsports Brentwood, CA 96 Mazda RX-7 64
10 Israel Cruz   Philadelphia, PA 73 Datsun B110 63
After 5 of 14 Events
Nitto Tire Turbo Magazine Quick Class (14 Schedule Events)
1 Gary Gardella Ecko Unlimited Jackson, NJ 93 {{{Honda}}} {{{Civic}}} 212
2 Brent Rau Thermal R&D Farmington, MN 95 {{{Eclipse}}} 150
3 Kosuke Kida Signal Auto Torrance, CA 97 Honda Civic 140
4 James Farrer   Matawan, NJ 93 {{{Sentra}}} SE-R 136
5 Louis Perea   Saddlebrook, NJ 85 Mazda RX-7 121
6 Mike Crawford Forward Motion Eden, NC 88 {{{Dodge Neon}}} 104
7 Sean Glazar Extreme Motorsports Fulton, MD 92 {{{Talon}}} 83
8 Heather Zender KG Engineering Las Vegas, NV 94 Honda Civic 65
9 Leevon Eisele   Quartz Hill, CA 98 Honda Civic {{{62}}}
10 James O'Connor Venom Racing Los Alamitos, CA 98 Honda Civic 60
After 5 of 14 Events Street Class (14 Schedule Events)
1 John Shepherd   North Lawrence, OH 91 Talon 263
2 Ari Yallon Garland, TX 93 Mazda RX-7 {{{200}}}
3 Jeff Hill Turbotrix Westwood, NJ 91 Talon 181
4 Steven Kan Fort Worth, TX 93 Mazda RX-7 91
5 Robert Lives Jr.   Chatsworth, CA 83 Mazda RX-7 86
6 Bert Tonge   Hempstead, NY 91 Eclipse 70
7 Sriyantha Weerasurium   Austin, TX 95 {{{Toyota Supra}}} 67
8 Roy Navarez   Bellflower, CA 95 Eclipse 65
9-tie Ryan Corwin   Poway, CA 71 Toy {{{Celica}}} 47
9-tie Keith LaForte   Oradell, NJ 92 Talon 47
After 5 of 14 Events All-Motor Class (9 Schedule Events)
1 Bisi Ezerioha RS Motorworks Hacienda Heights, CA 88 Civic DX (D15) 159
2 Jarrod Silvers   Agoura Hills, CA 88 {{{CRX}}} (B18) 93
3 Fred Ellis   Aquasco, MD 87 CRX 87
4 Scott Kelley Toyo Tires Anaheim, CA 69 VW Fastback 76
5 Brian Mosholder   Falls Church, VA 92 Civic 64
6 Andrea Whitfield   Upland, CA 91 {{{Honda CRX}}} 58
7 Shawn Hillier   Northridge, CA 88 CRX (H22) 55
8 Joel Mandl JG Edelbrock Woodland Hills, CA 91 Civic (B18) 54
9 Aaron Schley KG Engineering Orange, CA 94 Civic (B18) 53
10 Scott Mohler   Frederick, MD 98 {{{Neon}}} 48
After 5 of 14 Events



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