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Zex Single-Fogger EFI Nitrous Kit - Have Great Szex For Life

Zex Single-Fogger EFI Nitrous Kit

Dec 10, 2003
Turp_0312_01_z+zex_nitrous_fogger_kit+bottle Photo 1/1   |   Zex Single-Fogger EFI Nitrous Kit - Have Great Szex For Life

Lately, I've been "spammed" with everything from "Penile Enlargements" to "How to be a sex god." I receive about 30 to 40 e-mails daily regarding something to do with sex. I guess there's an invisible price to pay when cruising the Net. But these spam senders do get your attention. So I took a cue from those cyber spammers with the title of this article. Did it work?

For the power-hungry enthusiasts, the gear heads at ZEX who made adding a dry manifold nitrous kit simple now offers a wet manifold setup for fuel-injected engines. Installation of the kit is simple. It took us about three hours to install the nitrous kit and have it up and running.

Like the dry manifold kit, the wet manifold setup utilizes a distribution box which houses the two solenoids and activation CPU. The ZEX management unit is clearly labeled for the "nitrous in" and "nitrous out" lines and "fuel in" and "fuel out" lines. Most surprising to us is the ZEX management system for the wet manifold setup is smaller than the dry-manifold unit. Our guess is the ZEX crew was able to improve upon the previous dry manifold unit design.

As a test, we had a friend who was completely car illiterate install the kit. After reading the instructions, he was able to locate and install the entire kit. The only part he needed help on was the 0-5 volt reference signal from the TPS. The kit comes with everything you need, simplifying the installation vastly.

Our installation concluded on the dyno because no power upgrade will be complete without dyno figures. On XS Engineering's Dynojet our 2000 Acura Integra LS, equipped with a Hayame intake, Airmass header and Hayame exhaust system, posted 127.3 hp. With the nitrous system armed, the Integra peaked at 142.9 hp.

The biggest gain was 25 hp realized at 3500 rpm. This was a surprisingly low number, considering the jetting was for a 55 shot. The kit includes 65- and 75-shot jets so the kit can be configured to put out roughly 36 percent more nitrous. We would have installed larger jets in the vehicle for more power but stopped due to the owner's weak backbone.

Considering the ZEX nitrous kit retails for only about $625 and you can instantly increase the output of any vehicle by 30 to 50 hp (depending on the nitrous jets) in two hours, you really can't ask for much more. So are you ready to have great Zex for life?


Memphis, TN 38118
XS Engineering (Dynojet Facility)
Fullerton, CA 92835



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