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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4G63 Boost Up - Unleash The Fury

Buschur Racing EVO VIII Turbo Upgrade

Oct 8, 2004
Turp_0410_01_z+mitsubishi_evolution_turbo_upgrade+side_view Photo 1/1   |   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4G63 Boost Up - Unleash The Fury

In discussions about horsepower add-ons and go-fast tricks, Diamond Star owners are bound to bring up the name David Buschur.

In truth, Buschur and Diamond Star cars go together like burgers and fries. Dave has been building his mini empire for years, starting from his home garage to his ever-expanding Buschur Racing facility in Wakeman, Ohio. And with the advent of the Mitsubishi EVO VIII, Buschur's business has had new life pumped into it as he again addresses the industry's never-ending need for speed.

Fresh out of the mold is Buschur's latest high-power upgrade, guaranteed to grant an ear-to-ear grin. Buschur Racing is offering a complete turbo upgrade that includes a proprietary exhaust manifold David designed himself.

"We've seen the tubular headers offered for this car but didn't want to go that route; they always seem to crack." explains Dave. "Our manifold not only has great flow characteristics due to directional baffles, it also won't crack. It'll look good after a year of use due to the higher nickel content."

With this kit, you're given the choice of three Garrett GT-based hairdryers, from a daily-driven, beat-up-on-your-neighbor's-Corvette mild, to a 600-plus hp, 10-seconds-at-the-track-and-I'm-still-driving-it-home wild. And we don't doubt 10 seconds is a real possibility. We watched Buschur employee, Tim Switzer, baby a shop car out of the hole and still run an 11.3 at 123 mph with only 23 psi.

But the real trick of this kit is the price. For $2,500, you get it all with your choice of turbo. We do have to mention that this upgrade is the last in a series of bolt-ons, but if you compare this turbo upgrade to all the other available offerings, you'll realize $2,500 is a drop in the bucket.

And if you make the final splurge to get the stand-alone AEM fuel computer, you'll have your own little piece of Shangri-La for the road. Switzer has been trained by the pros at AEM and has formulated tuning strategies for each turbo in the Buschur line-up.

You can install your computer, make a few runs on the road, and e-mail your saved data back to Tim. He'll then make the necessary corrections to the fuel curve and e-mail it back to you to upload. This turbo and ECU combination is deadly!

Through hard work and dedication, Buschur Racing has truly become a one-stop source for EVO horsepower bliss. And the hell-ride we were given even had us thinking about selling all our cars for a 10-second EVO sleeper. While this may be only a dream, we're sure once word gets out about this kit, it'll be a reality for many.


Buschur Racing
Wakeman, OH 44889



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