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Honda Chassis Code Checklist

The definitive Honda chassis code list. Because your Civic is not an EG.

Aaron Bonk
Dec 27, 2013

Sometime during the late 1990s somebody thought it would be a good idea to start calling Hondas and Acuras not by their given names but by a series of letters and numbers associated with their 17-digit vehicle identification numbers. Since then, forenames like EF, EG, EK, DA, and DC have been given to all manner of Civics and Integras, but more often than not, because of a particular Honda's country of origin, engine type, and layout, chassis codes can vary significantly between two otherwise seemingly similar cars Which means that most of the time, you're doing it wrong. The following is a sampling of Honda's hundreds of chassis codes. All U.S.-based enthusiast models are represented as are each of their Japanese equivalents (where applicable). JDM models that do not have North American counterparts as well as hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles with the exception of the CR-Z are not shown.

A note about Japanese model production years: You may be wondering why, for example, the Japanese version of the fifth-generation Civic (1992-1995 model) starts in 1991 or how they've gotten their hands on a 1992 CR-X. The answer is simple: Japan's automotive nomenclature is based off of a vehicle's precise initial and final sale dates. For example, like the United States, the fifth-generation Civic Hatchback was first sold in Japan in late 1991, but unlike the United States, the car is classified by the year in which it was first sold—1991.

Honda chassis code checklist 01 Photo 1/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist 01

'84-'95 Civic/CRX
USDM 1984 CRX DX 1300 AE5
JDM 1983-1987 CR-X 1.3 AE5
USDM 1984-1986 CRX DX AF5
USDM 1985-1986 CRX HF, Si AF5
JDM 1983-1987 CR-X 1.5i AF5
JDM 1983-1987 CR-X Si AS5
USDM 1987 CRX DX, HF, Si EC1
USDM 1988-1991 CRX DX, HF ED8
USDM 1988-1991 CRX Si ED9
JDM 1987-1992 CR-X 1.5X EF6
JDM 1987-1992 CR-X Si EF7
JDM 1987-1992 CR-X SiR EF8
USDM 1988-1991 Civic DX, Std Hatchback ED6
USDM 1989-1991 Civic Si Hatchback ED7
JDM 1987-1991 Civic 23L, 23U Hatchback EF1
JDM 1987-1991 Civic 25R, 25X Hatchback EF2
JDM 1987-1991 Civic Si, Si Extra Hatchback, EF3
JDM 1987-1991 Civic SiR, SiR-II Hatchback EF9
USDM 1988-1991 Civic DX, LX Sedan ED3
USDM 1990-1991 Civic EX Sedan ED4
JDM 1987-1991 Civic 35M, 35U, 35X, 35X Extra Sedan EF2
JDM 1987-1991 Civic 36i Limited Sedan EF3
JDM 1987-1991 Civic RT X 4WD, RT X 4WD Extra Sedan EF4
JDM 1987-1991 Civic RTi J 4WD, RTi Limited 4WD Sedan EF5
USDM 1988-1991 Civic DX Wagon EE2
USDM 1988-1991 Civic 4WD 1600 Wagon EE4
JDM 1987-1994 Civic Shuttle 55X, 55X Extra EF2
JDM 1987-1994 Civic Shuttle 56i EF3
JDM 1987-1994 Civic Shuttle RT X 4WD, RT X 4WD EX EF4
JDM 1987-1994 Civic Shuttle RTi Limited Edition, RTi 4WD, Beagle, Beagle-X EF5
USDM 1988-1989 Civic Wagovan EY2
JDM 1991-1995 Civic EL Hatchback EG3
JDM 1991-1995 Civic ETi, MX, VTi Hatchback EG4
JDM 1991-1995 Civic SiR, SiR-II Hatchback EG6
USDM 1992-1995 Civic CX, DX, VX Hatchback EH2
USDM 1992-1995 Civic Si Hatchback EH3
USDM 1993-1995 Civic EX Coupe EJ1
USDM 1993 Civic EX-S Coupe EJ1
JDM 1993-1995 Civic Coupe EJ1
USDM 1993-1995 Civic DX Coupe EJ2
JDM 1991-1995 Civic Ferio EL Sedan EG7
USDM 1992-1995 Civic DX, LX Sedan EG8
JDM 1991-1995 Civic Ferio ETi, MX, VTi Sedan EG8
JDM 1991-1995 Civic Ferio SiR Sedan EG9
JDM 1991-1995 Civic Ferio RTSi, RTX Sedan EH1
USDM 1992-1995 Civic EX Sedan EH9

Honda chassis code checklist del sol 02 Photo 2/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist Del Sol 02

Del Sol
USDM 1993-1995 del Sol S EG1
JDM 1992-1999 CR-X del Sol VXi EG1
USDM 1994-1997 del Sol VTEC EG2
JDM 1992-1999 CR-X del Sol SiR EG2
USDM 1996-1997 del Sol S EH6
USDM 1993-1997 del Sol Si EH6

Honda chassis code checklist honda civic 03 Photo 3/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist Honda Civic 03

'96-'13 Civic
USDM 1996-2000 Civic CX, DX Hatchback EJ6
JDM 1995-2000 Civic EL Hatchback EK2
JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ri, VTi Hatchback EK3
JDM 1995-2000 Civic SiR, SiR-II Hatchback EK4
JDM 1997-2001 Civic Type R Hatchback EK9
USDM 1996-2000 Civic DX Coupe EJ6
USDM 1996-2000 Civic HX Coupe EJ7
JDM 1996-1999 Civic Coupe EJ7
USDM 1996-2000 Civic EX Coupe EJ8
USDM 1999-2000 Civic Si Coupe EM1
USDM 1996-2000 Civic DX, LX Sedan EJ6
USDM 1999-2000 Civic VP Sedan EJ6
USDM 1996-2000 Civic EX Sedan EJ8
JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ferio EL Sedan EK2
JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ferio Mi, ML, Vi Sedan EK3
JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ferio Si, Si-II Sedan EK4
JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ferio RTi Sedan EK5
USDM 2002-2005 Civic Si Hatchback EP3
JDM 2004-2005 Civic Type R Hatchback EP3
USDM 2001-2005 Civic DX, EX, HX, LX Coupe EM2
USDM 2004-2005 Civic VP Coupe EM2
USDM 2005 Civic EX Special Edition, LX Special Edition Coupe EM2
USDM 2001-2005 Civic DX, LX Sedan ES1
USDM 2004-2005 Civic VP Sedan ES1
JDM 2003-2005 Civic Ferio C Sedan ES1
USDM 2001-2005 Civic EX Sedan ES2
USDM 2005 Civic EX Special Edition, LX Special Edition Sedan ES2
JDM 2003-2005 Civic Ferio C4 Sedan ES2
JDM 2003-2005 Civic Ferio X, XL Sedan ES3
JDM 2003-2005 Civic Ferio X4 Sedan ET2
JDM 2009-2012 Civic Type R Euro Hatchback FN2
USDM 2006-2011 Civic DX, EX, LX Coupe FG1
USDM 2008-2011 Civic EX-L Coupe FG1
USDM 2006-2011 Civic Si Coupe FG2
USDM 2006-2011 Civic DX, EX, LX Sedan FA1
USDM 2008-2011 Civic EX-L Sedan FA1
USDM 2009-2011 Civic LX-S Sedan FA1
USDM 2009-2011 Civic VP Sedan FA1
USDM 2007-2011 Civic Si Sedan FA5
JDM 2006-2010 Civic Ferio 1.8G, 1.8GL Sedan FD1
JDM 2006-2007 Civic Ferio 1.8B Sedan FD1
JDM 2006-2010 Civic Ferio 2.0GL Sedan FD2
JDM 2007-2011 Civic Type R Sedan FD2
USDM 2012 Civic DX Coupe FG3
USDM 2012-2013 Civic LX, EX, EX-L Coupe FG3
USDM 2012-2013 Civic Si Coupe FG4
USDM 2012 Civic DX Sedan FB2
USDM 2012-2013 Civic HF, EX, EX-L, LX Sedan FB2
USDM 2012-2013 Civic Si Sedan

Honda chassis code checklist integra 04 Photo 4/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist Integra 04

JDM 1985-1989 Quint Integra GSi, LS, RSi, ZS Hatchback AV
USDM 1986-1989 Integra LS, RS Hatchback DA3
USDM 1986-1989 Integra LS, RS Five-Door DA1
JDM 1985-1988 Quint Integra GS, GSi, LS, ZS Five-Door DA1
JDM 1989-1993 Integra RXi, TXi, ZXi Hatchback DA5
JDM 1989-1993 Integra RSi, XSi Hatchback DA6
USDM 1990-1993 Integra GS, LS, RS Hatchback DA9
USDM 1991-1993 (exclude 1992) LS Special Edition Hatchback DA9
USDM 1992-1993 Integra GS-R Hatchback DB2
JDM 1989-1993 Integra RX, RXi, ZX, ZXi Sedan DA7
JDM 1989-1993 Integra XSi Sedan DA8
USDM 1990-1993 Integra GS, LS, RS Sedan DB1
JDM 1993-1995 Integra ZX, ZXi Hatchback DC1
JDM 1995-2001 Integra Ti Hatchback DC1
USDM 1994-2001 Integra GS-R Hatchback DC2
USDM 1997-2001 (exclude 1999) Integra Type R Hatchback DC2
JDM 1993-1995 Integra Si VTEC Hatchback DC2
JDM 1995-2001 Integra SiR-G, Type R, Xi-G Hatchback DC2
USDM 1994-2001 Integra LS Hatchback DC4
USDM 1995-1996 Integra LS Special Edition Hatchback DC4
USDM 1994-1999 Integra RS Hatchback DC4
USDM 1997-2001 Integra GS Hatchback DC4
JDM 1993-1995 Integra ZX, ZXi Sedan DB6
JDM 1995-2000 Integra Ti, Xi-G Sedan DB6
USDM 1994-2001 Integra LS Sedan DB7
USDM 1994-1996 Integra RS Sedan DB7
USDM 1997-2001 Integra GS Sedan DB7
USDM 1996 Integra LS Special Edition Sedan DB7
JDM 1993-1995 Integra ESi Sedan DB7
USDM 1994-2001 Integra GS-R Sedan DB8
JDM 1993-1995 Integra Si VTEC Sedan DB8
JDM 1995-2000 Integra SiR-G, Type R Sedan DB8
JDM 1993-1995 Integra ZXi 4WD Sedan DB9
JDM 1995-2000 Integra Xi 4WD Sedan DB9
USDM 2002-2006 RSX base, Type-S Hatchback DC5
JDM 2001-2006 Integra Type R, Type S Hatchback DC5

Honda chassis code checklist TSX 05 Photo 5/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist TSX 05

JDM 2004-2006 Accord 20A, 20EL Sedan CL7
JDM 2002-2008 Accord 20A, 20EL, Euro R Sedan CL7
JDM 2004-2006 Accord 20A 4WD, 20EL 4WD Sedan CL8
JDM 2006-2008 Accord 20A 4WD, 20EL 4WD Sedan CL8
USDM 2004-2008 TSX Sedan CL9
JDM 2004-2006 Accord 24S, 24T, 24TL Sedan CL9
JDM 2006-2008 Accord 24TL, Type S Sedan CL9
JDM 2008-2013 Accord 20TL Sedan CU1
USDM 2009-2013 TSX Sedan CU2
USDM 2012-2013 TSX SE Sedan CU2
JDM 2008-2013 Accord Type-S Sedan CU2
USDM 2010-2013 TSX V6 Sedan CL9
USDM 2011-2013 TSX Sport Wagon

Honda chassis code checklist NSX 06 Photo 6/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist NSX 06

USDM 1991-1996 NSX
USDM 1997-2005 NSX (automatic trans) NA1
JDM 1992-1995 NSX-R NA1
USDM 1997-2005 NSX (manual trans) NA2
USDM 1999 NSX Alex Zanardi Edition NA2
JDM 1997-2005 NSX Type-S NA2
JDM 2002-2005 NSX-R NA2

Honda chassis code checklist CRZ 07 Photo 7/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist CRZ 07

USDM 2011-2013 CR-Z base, EX ZF1
JDM 2010-2012 CR-Z ZF1

Honda chassis code checklist fit 08 Photo 8/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist Fit 08

USDM 2007-2008 Fit base, Sport GD3
JDM 2005-2007 Fit 1.5A, 1.5S, 1.5W GD3
JDM 2005-2007 Fit 1.5A 4WD, 1.5W 4WD GD4
JDM 2007-2010 Fit 1.3 G/G, 1.3 L GE6
JDM 2007-2010 Fit 1.3 G/G 4WD, 1.3 L 4WD GE7
USDM 2009-2013 Fit base, Sport GE8
JDM 2007-2010 Fit 1.5 RS, 1.5 X GE8
JDM 2007-2010 Fit 1.5 RX 4WD, 1.5 X 4WD GE9

Honda chassis code checklist s2000 09 Photo 9/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist S2000 09

USDM 2000-2003 S2000 AP1
JDM 1999-2005 S2000 base, Type V AP1
USDM 2004-2009 S2000 AP2
USDM 2008-2009 S2000 CR AP2
JDM 2005-2009 S2000 base, Type V AP2

Honda chassis code checklist prelude 10 Photo 10/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist Prelude 10

USDM 1988-1990 Prelude 2.0S BA4
USDM 1988-1991 Prelude 2.0Si BA4
USDM 1988-1989 Prelude 2.0Si 4WS BA4
USDM 1990-1991 Prelude 2.05Si, 2.05Si 4WS BA4
JDM 1987-1991 Prelude 2.0Si, 2.0XL, 2.0XX, 2.0XR, Si, XX (manual trans) BA4
JDM 1987-1991 Prelude 2.0Si, 2.0XX, Si, Si, SRS, XX (automatic trans) BA5
USDM 1992-1996 Prelude S BA8
JDM 1991-1996 Prelude Si BA8
JDM 1991-1996 Prelude Si (4WS) BA9
USDM 1993-1996 Prelude VTEC BB1
JDM 1991-1996 Prelude Si VTEC (4WS) BB1
USDM 1992-1996 Prelude Si BB2
USDM 1995 Prelude Si Special Edition BB2
USDM 1992-1994 Prelude Si 4WS BB2
JDM 1991-1996 Prelude Si VTEC BB4
JDM 1996-2001 Prelude Si, Xi BB5
USDM 1997-2001 Prelude base, Type SH BB6
JDM 1996-2001 Prelude SiR, Type S BB6
JDM 1996-2001 Prelude Si 4WS BB7
JDM 1996-2001 Prelude SiR 4WS BB8

Honda chassis code checklist accord 11 Photo 11/11   |   Honda Chassis Code Checklist Accord 11

JDM 1990-1994 Accord 2.0Si, 2.0Si Exclusive Coupe CB6
USDM 1990-1993 Accord DX, EX, LX, SE Coupe CB7
JDM 1989-1993 Accord EF, EX, EXL Sedan CB1
JDM 1989-1993 Accord EXL (4WS) Sedan CB2
JDM 1989-1993 Accord 2.0EXL, 2.0EXL-i, 2.0Si Sedan CB3
JDM 1989-1993 Accord 2.0EXL, 2.0EXL-i, 2.0Si (4WS) Sedan CB4
USDM 1990-1993 Accord DX, EX, LX Sedan CB7
USDM 1991-1993 Accord SE Sedan CB7
USDM 1993 Accord LX Anniversary Edition Sedan CB7
USDM 1991-1993 Accord EX, LX Wagon CB9
USDM 1994-1997 Accord EX, LX Coupe CD7
USDM 1994 Accord DX Coupe CD7
USDM 1997 Accord SE Coupe CD7
JDM 1994-1999 Accord 2.2Vi, SiR Coupe CD7
JDM 1993-1997 Accord EX Sedan CD3
JDM 1993-1997 Accord 2.0EX, 2.0EXL Sedan CD4
USDM 1994-1997 Accord DX, EX, LX Sedan CD5
USDM 1996-1997 Accord VP Sedan CD5
USDM 1996 Accord DX Anniversary Edition Sedan CD5
USDM 1997 Accord SE Sedan CD5
JDM 1993-1997 Accord 2.2VTL, VTE Sedan CD5
JDM 1993-1997 Accord SiR Sedan CD6
USDM 1995-1997 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Sedan CE6
USDM 1994-1997 Accord EX, LX Wagon CE1
JDM 1994-1997 Accord 2.2Vi, 2.2VTL Wagon CE1
USDM 1998-2002 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Coupe CG2
USDM 1998-2002 Accord EX, LX Coupe CG3
USDM 2002 Accord SE Coupe CG3
JDM 1997-2002 Accord 1.8VTS Sedan CF3
JDM 1997-2002 Accord 2.0LEV, 2.0VTS, SiR, SiR-T Sedan CF4
JDM 1997-2002 Accord 2.0VTS 4WD Sedan CF5
USDM 1998-2002 Accord DX Sedan CF8
USDM 2001-2002 Accord VP Sedan CF8
USDM 1998-2002 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Sedan CG1
USDM 1998-2002 Accord LX Sedan CG5
USDM 1998-2002 Accord EX Sedan CG6
USDM 2000-2002 (exclude 2001) Accord SE Sedan CG6
USDM 2003-2007 Accord EX, LX Coupe CM7
USDM 2003 Accord SE Coupe CM7
USDM 2003-2007 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Coupe CM8
USDM 2003 Accord SE V6 Coupe CM8
USDM 2003-2005 Accord DX Sedan CM5
USDM 2003-2007 Accord VP Sedan CM5
USDM 2003-2007 Accord EX, LX Sedan CM5
USDM 2003-2007 Accord SE Sedan CM5
USDM 2003-2007 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Sedan CM6
USDM 2007 Accord SE V6 Sedan CM6
USDM 2008 Accord LX Coupe CS1
USDM 2008-2012 Accord EX, EX-L Coupe CS1
USDM 2009-2012 Accord LX-S Coupe CS1
USDM 2008-2012 Accord EX-L V6 Coupe CS2
USDM 2008-2012 Accord EX, EX-L, LX Sedan CP2
USDM 2011-2012 Accord SE Sedan CP
USDM 2008-2012 EX V6, EX-L V6 Sedan CP3
USDM 2013-2014 Accord EX, EX-L, LX-S Coupe CT1
USDM 2013-2014 Accord EX-L V6 Coupe CT2
USDM 2013-2014 Accord EX, EX-L, LX Sport Sedan CR2
USDM 2013-2014 Accord EX-L V6, Touring V6 Sedan CR3

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