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Suspension and Drivetrain Buyers Guide

With the right components, a responsive and reliable car is the result.

Dec 2, 2013

KW Automotive

KW automotive coilovers Photo 1/33   |   KW Automotive Coilovers

Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Clubsport coilover suspension
The KW two-way Clubsport coilover suspensions for the ’12-plus Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ enables the owner to lower his vehicle 20 to 50 mm on the front axle and 20 to 50 mm on the rear axle and retains enough travel to handle maximum load and dynamic loads during driving. Developed for the enthusiast who requires a more aggressive setup for racetrack events with mild street use, the Clubsport suspension is outfitted with high-quality racing top mounts, increased spring rates, and tuned valving and large diameter piston rods. All applications feature adjustable (and independent reacting) rebound and compression damping for a personalized performance driving setup.


Stillen sway bars Photo 2/33   |   Stillen Sway Bars

Sway Bars
Stillen manufactures sway bars in its state-of-the-art Costa Mesa, California, manufacturing facility that are engineered for both street and track performance. Every set of Stillen sway bars comes with polyurethane bushings for increased performance and perfect fitment. Finished with a durable powdercoated barrier, these bars will last a lifetime. Stillen stands behind its sway bars with a lifetime warranty.


ACT monoloc Photo 3/33   |   ACT Monoloc

ACT’s Monoloc is a direct replacement to standard two-piece wedge collars. It addresses issues with the wire ring bending or popping out of place and causing clutch failure or serious damage. The spring tension of the segmented retaining ring on Monoloc is carefully calculated and tested for optimal performance. Monoloc provides uniform loading on the bearing and pressure plate to assure proper alignment. It is available with some ACT pressure plates or as a separate upgrade.


Ohlins suspension package Photo 4/33   |   Ohlins Suspension Package

Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S AB suspension package
From wins in ’13 Open-Wheel and Prototype racing comes the Öhlins Racing AB suspension package for the Subaru BRZ and its shared platforms. The front features McPherson struts with adjustability for ride height, preload, camber, and damping. There are conventional shocks for the rear with the same adjustability as up front, and all four corners feature top mounts, dust covers, and Öhlins’ patented Dual Flow Valve (DFV). Like all Öhlins suspension components, the BRZ dampers are fully rebuildable and have a limited two-year warranty.

Godspeed Project

Godspeed project coilovers Photo 5/33   |   Godspeed Project Coilovers

Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Mono-RS coilovers
Designed for both occasional race and daily road use, Godspeed Project’s new Mono-RS coilovers use a monotube design with 32 levels of damper adjustment. The Mono-RS coilover includes Japanese spherical bushings built into the top hat with adjustable camber plates. This coilover system utilizes 8kg springs on all four corners and is backed by a one-year warranty.


Raceland honda civic coilovers Photo 6/33   |   Raceland Honda Civic Coilovers

Eighth-generation Honda Civic coilover kit
The Raceland coilover kit for the eighth-generation Honda Civic features threaded and powdercoated shock bodies that allow ride height to be adjusted 1 to 3 inches lower than stock. This coilover kit has been designed with matched spring rates and shock valving to ensure a perfect balance of performance and street comfort. Available now for all ’06 to ’11 Honda Civics.

Clutch Masters

Clutchmasters honda civic flywheel Photo 7/33   |   Clutchmasters Honda Civic Flywheel

’12+ Honda Civic Si FX-series clutch/flywheel
Clutch Masters introduces its new FX-series performance clutch/flywheel kit for the ninth-generation Honda Civic Si 2.4L. The new FX-series changeover kit features a lightweight steel flywheel along with all the necessary components for an easy bolt-on installation. This kit includes a High-Leverage pressure plate, performance disc, release bearing, lightweight steel flywheel, and an alignment tool. The kit weighs 17 pounds compared to the OEM clutch and flywheel at 31 pounds. The heavy-duty pressure plate and lightweight steel flywheel offer much quicker throttle response as well as higher clamping force.


Ksport kontrol pro coilovers Photo 8/33   |   Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilovers

Kontrol Pro coilovers
Ksport’s Kontrol Pro coilovers feature 36 levels of damping adjustment, ride height adjustable lower mounts to retain maximum suspension travel, a new patented pillowball design that helps combat noise while turning, electroplated shock bodies, and a monotube design for efficient heat dissipation. All coilovers are backed by an 18-month warranty.


Tanabe sway bars Photo 9/33   |   Tanabe Sway Bars

Sway bars
Tanabe has been providing automotive enthusiasts with upgraded drop-in replacement stabilizer bars for more than 20 years. Manufactured using chromoly instead of steel, a smaller diameter and hollow design are utilized, which allow weight to be minimized without sacrificing torsional rigidity. Tanabe stabilizer bars are often more resistant to flex than a heavier, thicker bar.

Motion Control Suspension

Motion control suspension dampers Photo 10/33   |   Motion Control Suspension Dampers

Two-Way adjustable non-remote dampers
Motion Control Suspension announces its latest two-way adjustable non-remote (2WNR) shocks. Both compression and rebound settings can be adjusted independently by the use of only one adjuster knob located on top of the piston rod. While the adjuster knob is in the upper position, it will adjust the compression forces (14 clicks), while in the lower position it will adjust the rebound forces (18 clicks). The release button in the center of the knob is used to release it from the lower position to the upper. MCS’s 2WNR dampers are now available for a range of vehicles, including BMW M3 (E36, E46, E9X), Porsche (986, 987, 996, 997, 991), Scion FR-S, Honda S2000, and many more.

McLeod Racing

Mcleod racing clutch kit Photo 11/33   |   Mcleod Racing Clutch Kit

2JZ Drag Mag race clutch kit
McLeod Racing has just expanded its Drag Mag race clutch kit lineup to include the Toyota 2JZ engines. The Drag Mag race clutch system is designed for high-horsepower and high-rpm sport compact applications. This multi-disc clutch system uses a diaphragm-style pressure plate for low pedal effort. Its twin sintered iron discs are ideal for holding high horsepower at high rpm. Every Drag Mag clutch kit includes a steel flywheel; the customer must provide the ring gear.

Tomioka Racing

Tomioka racing bushing kit Photo 12/33   |   Tomioka Racing Bushing Kit

Subaru 6-speed shifter bushing kit
Tomioka Racing hardened rubber 6-speed shifter bushings for Subarus combine the durability of rubber bushings with the quickness and smoothness of polyurethane bushings to bring you a shifter bushing that performs and lasts. TR shifter bushings complement a short shifter upgrade and provide even smoother and quicker shifts.

Blox Racing

Blox racing lowring springs Photo 13/33   |   Blox Racing Lowring Springs

Competition Lower Springs
Blox Racing Competition Series lowering springs are designed to improve handling without sacrificing ride quality. The vehicle’s center of gravity is lowered, improving driving response and increasing stability, while the increased spring rate reduces the effects of nosedive under hard braking and minimizes body roll during hard cornering.


Hyperco dynamic travel response springs Photo 14/33   |   Hyperco Dynamic Travel Response Springs

Dynamic Travel Response springs
Hyperco’s latest breakthrough in conventional motorsports spring design is the Dynamic Travel Response enhancement. This design concept ensures all springs exceed the dynamic performance requirements for travel and rate linearity placed on them and does so in a manner that significantly reduces physical weight. Spring travel and total load requirements are part of the Dynamic Travel design criteria, thus enabling Hyperco to reduce weight and improve performance without compromising consistency and durability.


Qualife helical LSD Photo 15/33   |   Qualife Helical LSD

Ford Focus ST ATB helical LSD
Supplied as original equipment to the Ford Motor Company for the 300-bhp Ford Focus RS, the Quaife automatic torque biasing helical gear limited-slip differential is a direct replacement for the Focus ST’s factory open unit. The Quaife ATB helical gear limited-slip differential is fully automatic and progressive in operation. Unlike plate-style units, the Quaife ATB never locks but seamlessly transfers power and torque to the wheel with the most traction while reducing torque steer.

Energy Suspension

Energy suspension bushings Photo 16/33   |   Energy Suspension Bushings

’11-’13 Subaru Impreza WRX Hyper-Flex bushings
Energy Suspension now offers performance polyurethane suspension components for the fourth-generation Subaru Impreza WRX. Energy’s components include Hyper-Flex polyurethane bushings for the front control arms, rear trailing arms, front and rear sway bars, and manual transmission shifter. These components provide a significant gain in performance handling and vehicle control by offering firmer durometer polyurethane components as a replacement for the softer OE rubber bushings. Made in the USA, all components are available in red or black polyurethane.


Stance coilovers Photo 17/33   |   Stance Coilovers

Pro Comp 2 coilovers
Stance’s Pro Comp 2 coilover kits feature external reservoirs for separate compression and rebound adjustment. This allows for greater control over comfort and vehicle dynamics. Pro Comp 2 kits also come standard with Swift springs. They utilize inverted monotube technology to support maximum lateral forces and provide exceptional stability. Pro Comp 2 coilovers have been tested and used in professional motorsports.


Tanabe sustec coilovers Photo 18/33   |   Tanabe Sustec Coilovers

Sustec Pro Z40
Tanabe’s flagship coilover line, the Sustec Pro Z40, was developed in conjunction with KYB, utilizing decades of combined racing experience. The Z40 is ideal for the dedicated track machine as well as the weekend club racer. The fully threaded body allows height adjustment independently of preload and stroke. The twin-tube, adjustable dampers ensure that the damping stays consistent despite temperature changes on the track, yet are versatile enough to handle changes in road condition on the drive home.

BC Racing

BC racing coilover suspension Photo 19/33   |   BC Racing Coilover Suspension

Coilover suspensions
BC Racing coilovers are engineered to offer a wide range of ride height adjustability while still maintaining full piston stoke for performance and comfort. They are equipped with 30 clicks of dampening and rebound adjustment either simultaneously or independently, depending on which system you choose. All BC Racing coilover kits are designed to be a direct factory replacement, making it as easy as possible to bolt them up.


Centerforce dual friction clutch kit Photo 20/33   |   Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kit

Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Dual Friction series clutch kit
Centerforce’s Dual Friction series uses high-performance, street-friendly, single-disc clutches and is now available for the ’13-plus Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. The Dual Friction pressure plates feature Centerforce’s patented processes to provide a performance clutch that offers exceptional street characteristics, while offering outstanding holding capacity and durability. The Dual Friction disc has a full facing on the pressure plate side for driveability and longevity, and a carbon composite puck-style (segmented) facing is used on the flywheel side for a positive engagement and increased holding capacity.

Clutch Masters

Clutchmasters flywheels Photo 21/33   |   Clutchmasters Flywheels

Lightweight Flywheels
Whether your vehicle is naturally aspirated, supercharged, or turbocharged, upgrading to a lightweight flywheel will give your car a noticeable performance gain. Lightweight flywheels reduce turbo lag in turbocharged engines, increase supercharger efficiency, and improve midrange torque in naturally aspirated engines. Clutch Masters’ lightweight flywheels are balanced and SFI certified, meeting the performance standards for the automotive and motorsports industries.

Synchrotech Transmissions

Synchrotech transmissions synchros Photo 22/33   |   Synchrotech Transmissions Synchros

Pro Series carbon-lined synchros
Synchrotech offers its line of Pro Series carbon-lined synchros for most B/H/D/K-series Honda transmissions. Unlike the previous carbon/moly synchros, these have a full carbon-fiber lining, not just a coating. Synchrotech has also improved the lock angle and tooth pattern and strengthened the brass body and bonding process to handle more HP and high-rpm shifts.


Wavetrac torque LSD Photo 23/33   |   Wavetrac Torque LSD

Torque Biasing LSD
The Wavetrac is the only torque-biasing differential with patented technology that provides drive when an unloaded wheel condition arises. During zero axle load conditions, the Wavetrac cam device acts to create an internal load, which can then be converted to output torque (multiplied by the TBR), maintaining drive on the gripping wheel. Wavetrac LSDs are state-of-the-art helical gear differentials designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA by Autotech Driveline.

Yonaka Motorsports

Yonaka motorsports coilovers Photo 24/33   |   Yonaka Motorsports Coilovers

’12+ Scion FR-S coilovers
Yonaka Motorsports announces its ’12-plus Scion FR-S coilovers, featuring 28 levels of dampening adjustability, pillowball bushing, adjustable camber plates, aluminum upper mounts, and a ride height adjustment range of 0 to 4 inches. The fully threaded dual-tube shock absorber uses inner bumpstops to prevent damage caused by rapid compression impacts and allows for a wide range of height adjustment without changing the spring compression. Rubber dust shields protect the piston for durability. It comes with an adjustment wrench and a one-year warranty.

Tomioka Racing

Tomioka racing coilover Photo 25/33   |   Tomioka Racing Coilover

TR Race coilover
TR’s race coilover is specially designed for customers who demand a better handling car when going to the track and also require daily driving capability. The Race coilover features front inverted one-way adjustable and rear two-way adjustable rebound and compression with external reservoirs. It also combines compression force in the high- and low-speed range to achieve the most efficient compression.


Stillen lightweight flywheel Photo 26/33   |   Stillen Lightweight Flywheel

Lightweight flywheels
Stillen lightweight flywheels are designed to reduce the rotational mass of the factory steel flywheel. Reducing this weight allows the engine to operate more efficiently and rev faster. These flywheels are designed to be serviced, so they’ll never need to be replaced again. Stillen offers flywheels for many different makes and models.

The Driveshaft Shop

Driveshaft shop driveshaft Photo 27/33   |   Driveshaft Shop Driveshaft

Scion FR-S 600HP Level 2 axles and carbon-fiber driveshaft
DSS has been working with some top drift teams to develop its new 600hp Level 2 axles for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. Starting with the direct-fit billet chromoly outer CV from its Subaru axles and 300M center bars and inner splines, the inner CV uses a 108mm Porsche-style unit with upgraded chromoly internals. Paired with its new one-piece 2.75-inch carbon-fiber driveshaft, rated to 850 hp and approximately half the weight of the factory two-piece driveshaft, you’ve got a driveline ready to handle some serious boost.


Mfactory limited slip differential Photo 28/33   |   Mfactory Limited Slip Differential

Helical limited-slip differential
Through the smooth and constant distribution of power to the wheels, the MFactory helical LSD puts the power to the ground and maximizes your vehicle’s traction. These differentials are produced with forged and cryo-tempered materials, utilize advanced shot-peening technology to increase surface hardness, and are designed to handle the extreme shock loads seen in today’s competitive racing industry.

ST Suspensions

ST suspensions coilover Photo 29/33   |   ST Suspensions Coilover

’13 Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ coilover
The ST Suspensions coilover for the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ enables the owner to lower his vehicle 20 to 50 mm on the front axle and 20 to 50 mm on the rear axle and retains enough travel to handle maximum load and dynamic loads during driving. ST Suspensions’ coilover, with its preset dampening rates, permits customized lowering of the suspension and creates an optimized balance of sportiness, comfort, and safety. As a brand of KW Automotive, all ST Suspensions coilovers pass stringent German TUV safety and quality testing standards.

Fortune Auto

Fortune auto R35 coilovers Photo 30/33   |   Fortune Auto R35 Coilovers

R35 GTR 500 Series Gen 4 coilovers
Fortune Auto has just released its special edition 500 series Gen 4 coilover suspension for the R35 GTR. These dampers can be ordered in Drag, Street, or Race spec and have been extensively tested in conjunction with GTR specialist AWD Motorsports. They also use a new proprietary digressive piston technology that will be the successor to current Generation 4 shocks. All GTR shocks are hand assembled at Fortune Auto’s Virginia plant using the highest grade damper internals and come standard with Swift springs, special badging, and blue locking rings.


HKS hypermax coilovers Photo 31/33   |   HKS Hypermax Coilovers

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Hipermax IV GT coilovers
Enjoy premium handling with HKS Hipermax IV GT coilovers for the FR-S and BRZ. They featuring monotube dampers, 30 steps of adjustment, and revised cylinders and needles, and dampening during all speeds of compression has been enhanced to provide aggressive handling with a comfortable ride.


HSD monopro coilovers Photo 32/33   |   HSD Monopro Coilovers

Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ MonoPro coilovers
These HSD MonoPro coilovers feature a proven inverted monotube damper design that utilizes a large diameter piston and a much higher gas pressure to better stabilize the oil within, even under extreme and prolonged use. HSD’s 16-stage damping adjustment allows quick, easy, and accurate control of the damping, so you can tune it to suit your style and setup.


Cusco street spec coilovers Photo 33/33   |   Cusco Street Spec Coilovers

Street Spec S coilovers
The Street Spec S series suspension coilover system is designed to provide a lowered vehicle ride height while maintaining comfort for daily-driven street cars. The entire system is made as an entry-level street coilover in which the budget-minded enthusiast will get the very best suspension at the lowest price. A new base valve design enables a comfortable and mild ride that adapts to almost any street condition, set at the most ideal damper rate from the factory, with select models featuring eight-way adjustable rear damping.



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