Massive fender gap is a sin, but in some horrific oversight it was absent from the Ten Commandments. Fortunately, BMW designed the E-46 with minimal fender gap, allowing some people to throw wheels and tires on and be relatively content. Faced with increased wheel diameters and decreased tire sidewalls, a Bimmer wearing stock springs looks almost perfect, but something still seems amiss. Like an awkward pause in a conversation, the stock fender gap is just enough to make people hesitate. The pause tells you something is wrong, but not being quite sure what, you continue with the conversation. Eibach paused, reflected, and managed to figure out what was missing—rather, what should be missing. The result was Eibach’s Pro-Kit springs and Pro-Dampers for the E-46, closing the fender gap by 1.4 inches on all corners and moving the Bimmer one step closer to heaven.