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Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Feb 22, 2010

Sustec Pro Five Coilovers

This unique coilover offers patented slide-valve damper technology for a large rebound adjustability range suiting all driving styles. Pro Fives are also compatible with Tanabe's TEAS (Tanabe Electric Active Suspension) controller, which gives the driver total control of the damper's characteristics from inside the vehicle.

Modp_1003_01_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+tanabe_sustec_pro_five_coilovers Photo 2/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Buddy Club
P1 Racing Lower Control Arms

Factory lower control arms are bulky, heavy and over time the bushings can start to fail. The P1 Racing LCAs retain factory suspension geometry, but weigh only 2 lbs due to their aircraft-grade aluminum construction. To make the P1 Racing Lower Control Arms virtually maintenance free, Buddy Club manufactured its own P1 low-deflection bushings, durable enough to withstand the rigors of motorsports but with no noise, making them ideal for street driving.

Modp_1003_02_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+buddy_club_p1_racing_lower_control_arms Photo 3/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Solid Tower Bars

Password:JDM's front and rear strut tower bars and lower tie bars are handmade in the U.S. Each individual weld shows off the company's commitment to excellence and quality-everything from the machining, tubing extrusion, welding and coating.

Modp_1003_03_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+password_JDM_solid_tower_bars Photo 4/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

HTS Series Shocks & Struts

The dampening/rebound-adjustable HTS series provides you with a superior combination of handling, stability and ride quality that you've come to expect from TOKICO. All TOKICO shocks and struts are engineered to be application specific. With more than 65 years of manufacturing experience, R&D and OE-quality standards, TOKICO offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products so you can drive with confidence.

Modp_1003_04_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+tokico_HTS_series_shocks_and_struts Photo 5/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Spherical Bearing Kit

Password:JDM's new Spherical Bearing Kit by Pro Car Innovations is a must-have for anyone who does serious track duty or any other form of road race or daily spirited driving. A perfect finishing touch to your suspension setup, these will help maintain consistent suspension geometry on hard cornering, therefore getting more pavement contact from your tires.

Modp_1003_05_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+password_JDM_spherical_bearing_kit Photo 6/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

End Links & Bushings

Designed to match and integrate with adjustable sway bars, key alignment products like these end links and low-compliance bushings combine to deliver a fully balanced handling solution. The KTA135 offers an eye-to-eye length adjustment range from 335-435mm with the EVO X application.
61 2 4340 2355 (international)

Modp_1003_06_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+whiteline_end_links_and_bushings Photo 7/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Basic Dampers

The BASIC damper offers a high-quality full coilover at an entry-level price. Designed to be used with OEM upper mounts to reduce noise, the BASIC dampers have a single threaded ride height adjustment for easy use and include the same quality and technology as competing models. TEIN has utilized a shortened shell case to allow improved ride comfort and performance at lowered ride heights, which means less bottoming out than an OEM suspension with lowering springs.

Modp_1003_07_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+tein_basic_dampers Photo 8/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Super Racing Coilover

Developed from actual competition, this fully adjustable race damper can be easily tuned for any track and weather conditions. Super Racing dampers utilize the full-length adjustment and separate 16-way compression and rebound adjustment to produce a great competition-ready suspension. The Super Racing coilovers are designed and tested for circuit use by advanced drivers who seek complete damper tuning capability. The setup is also EDFC compatible for the ultimate in-car suspension tuning capability.

Modp_1003_09_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+tein_super_racing_coilover Photo 9/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Suspension Components

Godspeed products are constructed from high-strength steel alloys that offer durability and strength, yet remain lightweight. All Godspeed products allow incredibly controlled suspension adjustability, predictable response and offer a lifetime warranty.

Modp_1003_10_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+godspeed_suspension_components Photo 10/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Type-RS Coilover Dampers

Featuring 16 levels of damper force adjustment and full-height adjustment, these coilovers can be easily adjusted with the turn of a knob. Height adjustment is made easy with CNC-machined locking perches for accuracy and smooth adjustment. You can easily raise your car to OEM height or lower your car for track performance.

Modp_1003_11_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+godspeed_type_RS_coilover_dampers Photo 11/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Front Control And Rear Upper Arm Bushing Sets

Powerflex adjustable arm bushing sets offer adjustable caster, adjustable rear camber and improved anti-dive geometry for increased traction and reduced understeer. This stainless spherical polyurethane hybrid bushing set is designed to offer the minimal deflection of a spherical joint with the low NVH of a polyurethane bushing. Wrenches are included for easy adjustment.
44 01895 460033 (international)

Modp_1003_12_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+powerflex_front_control_and_rear_upper_arm_bushing_set Photo 12/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Tec Line Height Adjustable Suspension Kit

Equipped with heavy-duty, twin-tube dampers and designed with a shorter body, the Tec Line makes it possible to lower your vehicle without sacrificing suspension travel. These kits are TÜV-approved and provide an adjustment range between 1 to 3.5 inches lower than the factory ride height. The racing-style coilover spring rates are suitable for the street yet high enough for light track use.

Modp_1003_08_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+vogtland_tec_line_height_adjustable_suspension_kit Photo 13/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Sustec Stabilizer

Tanabe's Sustec Stabilizer is a high-quality antiroll bar made from hollow chromoly that's lightweight and very strong. Through extensive research and development, the Sustec Stabilizer helps drivers achieve neutral handling balance for spirited driving.

Modp_1003_13_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+tanabe_sustec_stabilizer Photo 14/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide


The Function-T completely eliminates the use of hexavalent chrome with a nickel-boron plated shell. Different from existing chrome plating products, the new construction is much more anti-corrosive and practically eliminates spring seat seizing to the adjustable brackets. Camber-adjustable pillow-ball upper mounts are standard on all inverted monotube layouts for strut-type suspensions, and custom spring rates are available free of charge for your own custom function coilovers.

Modp_1003_14_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+zeal_function_t Photo 15/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Club Sport Dampers

The four-way adjustable Moton Damper features 15 positions of high-speed bump adjustment, six positions of low-speed bump adjustment, 15 positions of high-speed rebound adjustment and 10 positions of low-speed rebound adjustment. The low-speed bump adjuster is effective in helping to control body roll while adding to turn-in and helping control pitch and squat. The reservoir is connected to the damper by a high-pressure hose and is equipped with swivel banjos for easy installation of the canisters in the car, regardless of the position.

Modp_1003_15_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+moton_club_sport_dampers Photo 16/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

GT Pro

The GT Pro has all the features offered with the Kontrol Pro, but the GT Pro is an inverted shock design, which makes for a more serious damper. With KSport's inverted shock, the piston as well as all valves and seals are encased in 6061-T6 aluminum for ultimate durability. In addition to durability, inverted shocks yield a lower center of gravity, high chassis rigidity and lower shock oil temperatures.

Modp_1003_16_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+ksport_GT_pro Photo 17/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Pro-Plus Performance Handling Package

Offering a 10 percent discount over buying individual kits, the Eibach Pro Plus Package includes the popular Pro-Kit springs along with the matching antiroll kit sway bars. The special pricing is also available as a Sport-Plus Package, which replaces the Pro-Kit springs with Eibach Sportline springs, providing an even lower ride height. All kits include Eibach's million-mile warranty.

Modp_1003_17_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+eibach_pro_plus_performance_handling_package Photo 18/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Energy Suspension
Polyurethane Components
Whether you're driving in a straight line, on an open track or on the street, racers have known for years how well polyurethane bushings work for increased suspension performance and feel. Improvements in e.t.'s at the dragstrip and lap times at the track speak for themselves, so regardless of whether or not your Honda is an all-out race car or daily driver, it will perform better and last longer with Energy Suspension performance polyurethane components.

Modp_1003_18_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+energy_suspension_polyurethane_components Photo 19/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Type-S Suspension Kits
Designed for the optimum balance of traction, comfort and adjustability, GReddy Type-S suspension kits offer a well-balanced solution for your car. Instead of using heavy spring rates that offer harsh rides and easily lose traction on bumpy roads, Type-S systems utilize a relatively soft spring with a longer stroke to maximize traction on the streets and track. The 32-way adjustable damping, adjustable base and spring perches, thick billet upper mounts and a lightweight coil spring make the Type-S a great product at a good price.

Modp_1003_19_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+greddy_type_s_suspension_kits Photo 20/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Damper Remote Controller
The GReddy Damper Remote Controller enables users of GReddy Type-S suspension kits to control certain suspension adjustments from inside the driver compartment. Offering 32-way adjustability and a way to save five user-defined setting combinations, this is a hot item for making on-the-fly adjustments. Another noteworthy feature is this unit's security, which prohibits anyone without a pass code from making adjustments to your settings.

Modp_1003_21_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+greddy_damper_remote_controller Photo 21/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Hipermax III & Hipermax III Sport
Designed and tuned for street applications and daily driving, the Hipermax III combines track-quality control with excellent ride and handling characteristics for real-world street speeds. The Hiper Linear Piston Fluid Channel System damping system creates a positive relationship between piston speed and damping force, making it possible to produce a suspension that provides track-level control and feedback with exceptional ride quality.

Modp_1003_22_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+HKS_hipermax_III_and_hipermax_III_sport Photo 22/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

Proracer Braces
By increasing the strength of your chassis with braces, the suspension setup in your car can work more efficiently as a whole. Chassis tuning is key to cutting seconds off your lap time and increasing the overall responsiveness of your car during spirited driving. ProRacer braces are suited to street cars, so they also maintain a high level of real-world comfort.

Modp_1003_23_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+5Zigen_proracer_braces Photo 23/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

S.Tech Lowering Spring
TEIN S.Tech Springs are an excellent step toward suspension tuning. Offering approximately a 1.5-inch drop for a more aggressive appearance and increased road-holding capability, S.Tech springs are designed to be used with OEM or similar shocks, and each application is road tested in the U.S. for the proper balance between performance and comfort. The spring length is also guaranteed not to sag more than 5mm.

Modp_1003_24_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+tein_stech_lowering_spring Photo 24/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide

BC Racing
BR Series Coilovers
These coilovers are perfect for enthusiasts looking for a high-quality, streetable suspension that can also perform on the track. Featuring 30 levels of damping force adjustment, pillow-ball mounts and adjustable camber plates included when applicable, BC Racing has your coilover needs covered.

Modp_1003_20_o+suspension_system_buyers_guide+BC_racing_BR_series_coilovers Photo 25/25   |   Suspension System Buyer's Guide


Energy Suspension
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Compton, AK 90220
Carson, CA 90746
GReddy Performance Products
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Tanabe USA
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Moton Suspension Technology Inc.
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Eibach Springs
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Gilbert, AZ 85233
Endless USA
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Buddy Club USA
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Pico Rivera, CA 90660
Tein USA
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South El Monte, CA 91733
Vogtland Suspension USA
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BC Racing
Casselberry, FL



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