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Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Put that power down!

Dec 28, 2011
Modp 1201 01+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+cover Photo 1/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to improving the performance characteristics of nearly any car, suspension and drivetrain are the best places to start. Check out some of the latest offerings in the suspension and drivetrain tuning department; different cars respond well to different modifications, so make sure to research what you specific ride needs before jumping in wallet first.

Blackworks Racing
Coilover kit
The new BWR SS Coilover features a wide range of height adjustments without changing the spring compression and sacrificing the shock stroke. The bottom shock fork connector is threaded to allow height adjustments to each driver’s need without having to shorten the suspension travel by maintaining the original spring perch location.

Blackworks Racing
Rear subframe brace
Blackworks Racing billet rear Subframe braces are designed with the latest state-of-the-art CAD design programs in the industry. They will stiffen up your rear end, giving your car better steering response and overall rigidity. Each one has a laser-engraved logo and has an individually laser-serialized number to guarantee authenticity. Includes all the necessary hardware for installation.

Modp 1201 02+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+blackworks brace Photo 2/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Performance suspension kits
These race-inspired systems provide the ultimate in high-performance tuning. The manually adjustable damping monotube gas shocks and struts feature 9- or 10-stage precise compression and rebound settings, from comfort to competition. The threaded body allows accurate adjustability of the front and rear vehicle ride height and level of performance handling desired.

Modp 1201 03+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+bilstein Photo 3/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Driveshaft Shop
Subaru STI carbon-fiber driveshaft
The one-piece carbon shaft features larger, replaceable U-joints and can handle about 850 whp and 180 mph. The tubing can be custom-wound with a high-modulus fiber to ensure the strength while making it small enough to clear everything under the car.

Modp 1201 06+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+driveshaft shop Photo 4/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Clutch Masters
FX Single Disc Series
Clutch Masters offers its brand-new performance clutch and flywheel kits for the Mazda Speed 3 and 6, featuring a lightweight billet aluminum flywheel, custom heavy-duty, non-self-adjusting cover assembly, and five different friction disc configurations to satisfy any performance level.

Modp 1201 04+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+clutch master Photo 5/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Blox Racing
Street Series coilover kit
The Street Series full-bodied coilover is the best entry-level system available. It’s designed to deliver high-performance handling while still maintaining a smooth and comfortable ride. As with all BLOX Racing full-bodied coilover systems, the Street Series utilizes one-piece, monotube shock bodies that are proven to outperform twin-tube.

Modp 1201 05+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+blox racing Photo 6/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

OS Giken
Superlock LSD
The Superlock LSD is ultra-durable, smooth and features progressive 100 percent lock capability, no break-in or rebuild required. Unique, patented design outperforms and outlasts the competition. The LSD is quiet and composed for street driving, and offers superb performance on track. Excellent for drag, autocross, circuit, rally and drift.

Modp 1201 07+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+os giken Photo 7/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Raceland USA
Subaru Impreza coilover kit
This coilover kit features multiple adjustment options for Impreza owners looking to fine-tune the performance from their suspension and overall look of their vehicle. Individual threaded shock bodies allow for height changes to be made between 1-3 inches below OEM ride height. With Raceland’s adjustable hub mounts, proper spring preload settings can be achieved while retaining the ability to raise and lower your vehicle without sacrificing ride quality.

Modp 1201 08+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+raceland Photo 8/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Mach 500/600/700 series clutch kit
Exedy Mach series clutch kits are SFI-approved, uses a nickel-plated cover, which is thicker than the OE clutch cover, and reduces deflection. Mach 500 disc has a sprung center hub to reduce drivetrain shock and vibration. The disc is made of ultra-fiber organic material, which increases power capacity, still offering a stock-like engagement.

Modp 1201 09+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+exedy clutches Photo 9/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Cerametallic twin plate clutch kit
New from Exedy is the expanded lineup of the trusted cerametallic twin plate clutches. These new kits are based off of the existing cerametallic Hyper Series twin clutch. The new expanded line has offerings for the Subaru WRX STI, Nissan 350Z, Hyundai Genesis, Honda S2000, Ford Mustang 5.0L and others.

Modp 1201 10+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+exedy twin clutch Photo 10/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Tomioka Racing
Mitsubishi EVO VII–IX final drive set
Some of the most overlooked parts on a Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer are the gears used on the factory transmission. The Tomioka Racing final drive gear set will help with the length of the rally transmission gear ratios and give you higher top-end speed without having to add more horsepower.

Modp 1201 11+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+tomioka Photo 11/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide
Modp 1201 12+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+tomioka gears Photo 12/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Tomioka Racing
Subaru 5-speed close ratio gear set
Looking to build a monster Subaru WRX? Don’t forget to upgrade your 5-speed transmission. The Subaru WRX transmission is notorious to go out prematurely when pushing over 400 whp on your WRX. The Tomioka Racing 5-speed close ratio gear set will strengthen your gears and prevent damage to your transmission.

Street Performance coilover kit
H&R Street Performance coilovers are the perfect suspension solution for discerning drivers who can appreciate awesome handling and superb ride comfort. Each coilover shock is custom valved to work in conjunction with a precision-engineered progressive rate spring, creating a finely tuned suspension system. The fully threaded shock body allows for adjustable vehicle height.

Modp 1201 14+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+h r Photo 13/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Kia Forte Koup suspension
KIA Forte owners no longer have to accept inferior or inadequate coilover suspension for their Korean-made vehicle. The HSD HR series coilovers are TUV-approved and favor a well-respected monotube design with dampening force and ride height adjustability. This ensures unrivaled handling consistency and durability for whatever you encounter on the street or the track.

Modp 1201 13+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+hsd kia forte Photo 14/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Fortune Auto
DREADNOUGHT series coilovers
The DREADNOUGHT series incorporates all of the great features of the 500 series coilovers, such as monotube 57mm oversized DIGRESSIVE pistons, aerospace-grade camber plates and mounts. The DREADNOUGHT also takes things a few steps further by incorporating titanium fasteners, Swift springs and assist springs as standard equipment.

Modp 1201 15+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+fortune auto Photo 15/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

KW Suspensions
Variant 1 coilovers for Acura TSX
The KW coilover suspensions for the ’09+ Acura TSX enables owners to lower their vehicle 25–55mm on the front axle and 25–55mm on the rear axle and retains enough travel to handle maximum load and dynamic loads during driving. Important characteristics such as safety, quality and performance are all taken into consideration with each KW coilover design.

Modp 1201 16+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+kw variant 1 Photo 16/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

KW Suspensions
Variant 1 coilovers for Honda Fit
The KW coilover suspensions for the ’09+ Honda Fit enables owners to lower their vehicle 25–55mm on the front axle and 5–35mm on the rear axle and retains enough travel to handle maximum load and dynamic loads during driving. The stainless steel construction internally and externally provides long-term durability and corrosion resistance from the elements.

Modp 1201 17+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+kw honda Photo 17/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

SPEC Clutches
Honda S2000 multi-disc semi-metallic or carbon clutch kit
SPEC Clutches has a new line of direct bolt-in multi-disc clutch and flywheel assemblies for the Honda S2000. SPEC manufactures to an industry-leading one thousandth of an inch for perfect rotational properties and concentric actuation, which optimizes balance, driveability and life.

Modp 1201 18+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+spec clutch Photo 18/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

SPEC Clutches
Mitsubishi EVO VIII/IX push-type clutch & flywheel with conversion kit & master cylinder upgrade
Ever had to repeat a clutch install on your EVO because the bearing pulled out of the clip? Looking for a 700 ft-lbs of torque street clutch that has a friendly pedal requirement? SPEC has your solution with its new line of push-type performance clutch and flywheel assemblies with complete hydraulic upgrade. The clutch kits are available in seven different single-disc stages.

Modp 1201 19+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+spec clutch kit Photo 19/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Godspeed Project
Rear lower control arm & camber adjuster kit
From the EF chassis all the way to the FA chassis, the Honda Civic has always been tuners’ favorite. These rear lower control arm and camber adjusters will allow the driver have different driving habits and extra bling from the rear view of your ride.

Modp 1201 20+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+godspeed Photo 20/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Hyundai suspension kits
HSD is the first suspension manufacturer to bring you ultra-high-performance suspension for the new offerings from Hyundai in 2012. This TUV-approved HR Series coilover is configured with 16 stages of rebound/compression dampening adjustment that will totally transform the vehicle’s handling capabilities all while maintaining a pleasurable level of comfort and driveability.

Modp 1201 21+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+hsd hyundai Photo 21/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Megan Racing
Performance lowering springs
Megan Racing Performance lowering springs are constructed of SAE 9254 cold-wound steel, one of the strongest materials available. The high-tensile strength and phosphate powdercoating delivers outstanding spring rates that are extremely durable and resist premature sagging.

Modp 1201 22+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+megan racing Photo 22/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide
Modp 1201 23+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+hks coilovers Photo 23/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Hipermax III Sport
The Hipermax III Sport series has firmer spring rates and valving to take advantage of the smoother, more consistent pavement of racetracks to allow quicker, more precise transient response and instant direction changes necessary in competition. In addition, the Hipermax III Sport incorporates shock-body length adjustability.

DME rear lower control arms
DME rear lower control arms are made of aluminum and then anodized in red, blue, gold, silver or purple. Stylish, with motorsports functionality, DME lower control arms offer an additional outer rubber bushing to protect against wear and tear of the inner bushing. An additional feature of the control arms is the three mounting points for OEM or aftermarket sway bars.

Modp 1201 24+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+nrg Photo 24/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

OS Giken
Close-ratio gear sets
Raw-forged, hard-shot-peened gears are extremely durable for high-power applications, while offering optimized gear ratios for race use. Acceleration is greatly improved while maintaining engine speed in the optimal powerband.

Modp 1201 25+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+os giken Photo 25/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Subaru suspension bushing kit
Prothane total kits for Subarus are available up to 2011 models for WRX, STI, Forester, Impreza and Legacy models. Kits include bushings for the front and rear differential, steering rack, shifter linkage, sway bars and the front control arms. These components take the slop out of the car, especially the controlling the torque while greatly improve the handling.

Modp 1201 26+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+prothane Photo 26/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

The Quaife QDH17B EVO X front ATB differential improves the dynamics of the Mitsubishi Lancer by seamlessly deploying to reduce slip across the axle, which quells cornering understeer, as well as improving front traction during acceleration — particularly on loose surfaces.

Modp 1201 27+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+quaife lsd Photo 27/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

High angle knuckles
Drift Speed knuckles are ready to provide you with the angle necessary to throw out exciting drifts. These knuckles replace your OEM knuckles with modified ones, allowing you to turn your wheel more from lock to lock. Installation is simple and can be done in a short amount of time.

Modp 1201 28+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+driftspeed Photo 28/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Sustec Z40 coilover

Brand new from Tanabe is the Sustec Z40 coilover. The Z40 is a 40-way-adjustable, fully thread casing damper that has a height adjustment independent from the spring preload and also has new technology to prevent noise during spring movement. Made in Japan to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Modp 1201 29+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+tanabe Photo 29/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Street Basics damper
The latest evolution of the popular Basics coilover, the Street Basics dampers’ shortened shell case design provides a sporty ride and aggressive stance. ZT-coated, height-adjustable sleeve and updated internal components increase durability and product life, making it great for daily and spirited driving for all types of enthusiasts.

Modp 1201 30+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+tein coilovers Photo 30/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

ZERO 2E street/circuit suspension
The Cusco ZERO 2E line of suspension coilovers features a fully threaded billet aluminum shock absorber body with five-way damper adjustability. The full range of motion of the suspension damper stroke is fully retained, regardless of the vehicle ride height that’s set. An additional E-Con controller enables damper adjustability straight from the driver seat with the touch of a button.

Modp 1201 31+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+cusco coilovers Photo 31/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

Quarter Master
Subaru 8-leg billet clutch
Drawing on an extensive, race-winning heritage, Quarter Master has developed an all-new 7.25-inch Subaru 8-leg billet clutch that performs well in a broad range of street and racing platforms. This new two-disc clutch is engineered with a low moment of inertia and gear drive friction design that creates quicker, smoother shifts.

Modp 1201 32+suspension drivetrain buyers guide+quarter master Photo 32/32   |   Suspension & Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide


KW Suspension
Sanger, CA 93657
Blox Racing
Fremont, CA 94538
Tanabe USA
Torrance, CA 90501
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
OS Giken USA
Torrance, CA 90504
SPEC Clutch
Bessemer, AL 35022
Poway, CA 92064
n/a, AK
Tein USA
Downey, CA 90241
Exedy Clutch
Belleville, MI 48111
Bellingham, WA 98226
Los Angeles, CA 90061
South El Monte, CA 91733
Clutch Masters
Rialto, CA 92376
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Quarter Master
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
City of Industry, CA 91746
Blackworks Racing
Raceland US
Bluffdale, UT 84065
Driveshaft Shop
Salisbury, NC 28147



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