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Super Pro Polyurethane Bushings and More - Upgrade

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Dec 21, 2010

Who: Super Pro
What: Polyurethane bushings
Rides: Various applications
How Much: Inquire
Where: Tein,, 562.861.9161
Perhaps one of the greatest, yet highly-underappreciated upgrades you can do to your car, especially if it's an older model, is to upgrade or replace the factory rubber bushings with polyurethane replacements, as those factory rubber bushings deteriorate over time, sacrificing comfort and performance in the process. Super Pro's bushings can be used on most points of your car's suspension and significantly improve performance. Even our project EF has been upgraded with a full bushing kit. Available for most Japanese, European and domestic vehicles.

Sstp_1101_01_o+super_pro_polyurethane_bushings+parts Photo 2/7   |   Super Pro Polyurethane Bushings and More - Upgrade

Who: Tech Shine
What: Tech Shine car detailing product
Rides: Universal
How Much: Inquire
In a single five-minute job, you can take Tech Shine's aerospace polymer to your car after a quick rinse, application of Tech Shine, another rinse and a dry down - immediately you'll have a protective shield for your vehicle, even if you have a matte finish, and also works on glass, rubber and plastic trim.

Sstp_1101_02_o+tech_shine+front_view Photo 3/7   |   Super Pro Polyurethane Bushings and More - Upgrade

Who: Falken Wheels
What: RT7M
Rides: Various applications
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 909.988.8996
Falken's new RT7M wheel has CNC machined spoke edges to give off a nice contrast to the smooth gloss black finish in this mesh design. Plenty of sizes available, ranging from 15 through 22-inches.

Sstp_1101_04_o+falken_wheels+side_view Photo 4/7   |   Super Pro Polyurethane Bushings and More - Upgrade

Who: Wilwood Engineering
What: Front disc brake kit
Rides: '95-05 Mazda Miata
How Much: Inquire
Where:, 805.388.1188
Mazda's basic little sportscar gets a new front brake upgrade from Wilwood, offering improved performance not only on the street but also for the track. The kit comes with forged billet Dynalite calipers to work with the 11-inch rotors, and can be ordered in your choice of Platinum-E or red powdercoated calipers as well as standard or drilled/slotted rotors. Install is a breeze as the kit comes with all hardware, including caliper brackets and brake pads, to finish the upgrade.

Sstp_1101_05_o+wilwood_engineering_front_disc_brake_kit+set Photo 5/7   |   Super Pro Polyurethane Bushings and More - Upgrade

Who: FIC
What: Wheel spacers
Rides: Various applications
How Much: $195
Where: More-Japan,, 888.229.7774
Sometimes your wheels need just a slight hand to help get the fitment right, and when that time comes, turn to FIC's one-piece hub-centric spacers, which never need adapter rings to fit. They're currently available in 10, 15, 20 and 25mm widths.

Sstp_1101_06_o+fic_wheel_spacers+set Photo 6/7   |   Super Pro Polyurethane Bushings and More - Upgrade

Who: Mattro Design
What: EZ-R fender roller
Rides: Universal
How Much: $29.99
The EZ-R fender roller from Mattro Design not only helps to provide clearance for wider offset wheels, but it can also be used to take a modified flange back to stock configuration. A perfect solution to the old baseball bat method.

Sstp_1101_07_o+mattro_design_ez r_fender_roller+side_view Photo 7/7   |   Super Pro Polyurethane Bushings and More - Upgrade



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