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Suspension Kits & Components Guide 2016 Part 2

Better vehicle handling through engineering

Aug 26, 2016
Writer: Jofel Tolosa

For a lot of enthusiasts, it’s the first modification any car gets: suspension. But there’s more to satisfying handling than just springs and dampers. Check out these products – or offerings from an earlier installment of this guide – for getting your vehicle to ride like its on rails or just look like it does.

Japan’s road tuners are all about lowering cars to enhance handling and styling, but this often presents a challenge, as stroke range gets shorter and clearance gets tighter. Cusco Street Zero A coilovers were specifically tuned to give you the drop that you’re after but utilize dampers optimized to work with limited stroke and clearance, as well as maintaining handling comfort.

Starting MSRP: $1,280

Cusco Street Zero A coilover Photo 2/13   |   Cusco Street Zero A Coilover

Cusco Zero 3 coilovers were designed as the ultimate dual-role option for both casual motorsports and street duty. Features include a mono-tube, inverted piston design to give you total control, compliance, accuracy and high-end quality. Tested and tuned through grueling rally stages as well as local streets, Cusco perfected its top-line series with in house, Japanese components available in custom spring rates. Superb crafting and versatility are what set the Zero 3 apart from the rest.

Starting MSRP: $1,980

Cusco ZERO 3R Photo 3/13   |   Cusco ZERO 3R

The Zero 3X is Cusco’s flagship model and features remote reservoirs and an inverted tube damper system resulting in incredible control for motorsports stages. The Zero 3X was rigorously tested for reliability in Japan Super Taikyu Racing and World Rally, as well as tuned relentlessly by their top team drivers. Designed with a 3-way damper adjustment valve, all piston/cartridges are custom tailored to each application. These coilovers are for serious sports cars and legit drivers.

Starting MSRP: $3,880

Cusco Zero3X Photo 4/13   |   Cusco Zero3x

Swap out the OE rubber bushings on your ’08-’14 Subaru Impreza WRX for Energy Suspension’s Hyper-Flex Master Bushing Kit polyurethane suspension components for a significant gain in handling performance. Designed with firmer durometer polyurethane engineered to outlast and outperform factory components, the Master Bushing Kit includes front and rear control arm bushings, front and rear sway bar bushings with end-links, steering rack bushings, manual shifter bushing set and transmission cross-member mounts. You can choose from red or black polyurethane and components can also be purchased separately.

MSRP: $455

Energy Suspension 08 14 WRX Hyper Flex Master Bushing kit Photo 5/13   |   Energy Suspension 08 14 WRX Hyper Flex Master Bushing Kit

Prothane’s precision machined, billet upper control arms and compensator arms rely on urethane inserts to offer superior strength and eliminate flexing compared to OEM stamped steel and rubber parts. Produced in a black anodized finish with an engraved Prothane logo, these control and compensator arms easily replace their stock counterparts. Available for Acura Integra ’99-’01, Honda Civic ’92-’01, Honda CR-V ’97-’01, Honda del Sol ’93-97, Honda CRX ’88-’91, and Honda H-Back/Sedan ’88-’91., Prothane also offers complete suspension bushing kits, motor/transmission mounts, chassis mounts and components for most cars.

MSRP: $749-$764

Prothane Honda control arms Photo 6/13   |   Prothane Honda Control Arms

Tein’s Flex Z inherits all of the features and quality of the Street Flex, but the adoption of a new platform allows them to be even more affordable. Proudly made in Yokohama, they feature ride height adjustable shock absorbers, fully loaded with TEIN’s comprehensive technology and twin tube system for a comfortable ride on the street. Compatible with TEIN’s EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) for cabin-controlled damping changes and EDFC Active Pro for automatic adjustment due to G-force changes, each unit uses TEIN's ZT Coating to avoid chipping and rust.

Starting MSRP: $800

Tein Flex Z Photo 7/13   |   Tein Flex Z

AirPlus Air Struts offer unparalleled value for an entry-level air strut option with an industry leading two-year warranty. All applications include adjustable lower mounts and aluminum top mounts or camber plates on applicable cars. The air struts are now available in over 50 applications and optional VERA digital management packages.

MSRP: $1,550-$1,650

Truhart air struts Photo 8/13   |   Truhart Air Struts

The Truhart StreetPlus is a streetable coilover system with camber plates, aluminum top mounts and adjustable lower mounts allow for up to 4 inches of drop without sacrificing shock travel. Applications for Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti, Toyota/Lexus, Subaru, BMW, Mazda, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi are available now.

MSRP: $590-$740

Truhart StreetPlus coilover Photo 9/13   |   Truhart Streetplus Coilover

D2 Racing Air Struts allow for adjustment through both the lower mount and an inflatable air bag portion. Each air shock features a 36-way damping adjustable internal shock design for fine-tuning of ride quality and response. Over 100 applications are available with optional packages that include VERA digital management.

MSRP: $2,650-$2,900

D2 racing air struts Photo 10/13   |   D2 Racing Air Struts

The Elite management system is available in pressure, ride height, or pressure plus ride height based configurations and features a full digital management, LCD display with user defined font and background colors. Also included are three user-programmable presets, rise on startup, programmable setting parameters and compressor/voltage error alerts. Available iPhone and Android Bluetooth controller sold separately.

MSRP: $850-$1,600

Vera Elite Photo 11/13   |   Vera Elite

The Type Two coilover is Function and Form’s premier product. It offers 32 levels of dampening adjustability and is designed to perform on track, give you the look you want and handle your daily commute. The Type Two is equipped with linear springs to keep the consistency of the coilover’s performance. Additionally, steel lower mounts are used to give the coilovers OEM durability.

MSRP: $850-$1,150

Function and Form Type 2 coilover Photo 12/13   |   Function And Form Type 2 Coilover

The new Tanabe Sustec NF210 lowering springs for the ’15-’16 Lexus NS200T F-Sport (FWD) offer a drop of 1.6 inches in the front and the rear while still maintaining a smooth, factory Lexus ride. The springs are made with Sustec 210 technology, a method that creates a stronger, thinner and lighter spring without added additional elements that could affect quality, durability or pricing. Each kit is fully compressed at the factory to eliminate any sort of spring sag after installation.

MSRP: $330

Tanabe Sustec NF210 springs Photo 13/13   |   Tanabe Sustec NF210 Springs
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