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Bolt-On Boost 2002: Part 1

Oct 4, 2002

The original Bolt-On Boost section in 2000 boasted 11 kits with dyno testing. In 2001, we ran 24 kits, all accompanied with dyno charts. For 2002, we continue to push the envelope with 32 dyno-tested kits. Whether you want a supercharger or turbo system, there is a good chance you'll find it here. In fact, the action in the turbo conversion segment is so hot we are giving them some love in our Pipeline sidebar.

GReddy Acura Integra LS/RS 1996-99:
Thanks to GReddy, Integra pilots not already blessed with the VTEC effect that accompanies GSR owners can now feel the boost too. GReddy's LS/RS conversion kit features a GReddy/Mitsubishi TD05-18G, cast-iron exhaust manifold, downpipe adapter, FCU, four 310cc injectors, Airinx air filter, aluminum piping, all necessary hoses lines and clamps. Among the optional equipment are two choices in the intercooler department: an E-Manage fuel computer and PRoFec boost controller. These may nullify the kit's CARB-legal standing, so consult with GReddy or your retailer before making these additions. The LS/RS puts down about 118 to 120 hp at the wheels in stock trim. The GReddy kit delivers 164.4 hp and 160.4 lb-ft of torque in non-intercooled form. With a few options, there's a lot more in the tank.

Type of turbochargerTD05-18G (8cm2)
Boost on standard kit 7 psi
Dyno tested power output @ wheels 164.6 hp
Fuel Enrichment GReddy FCU, 310cc injectors
Intercooler Optional (Two sizes offered)
Retain use of air conditioning? Yes
Include installation manual? Yes
Include warranty? No
CARB E. O. D-397-7
MSRP $3249
GReddy Performance Products
Dept. THP, 9 Vanderbilt
Irvine, CA 92618
(800) GREDDY-2 or (949) 588-8300

Area 51 Sentra SE-R Spec-V:
Does the VR25DE take to boost as eagerly as the SR20DE? With its centrifugal supercharger kit, Area 51 has the answer. The kit includes adapters to mount the blower so it operates in conjunction with the OE pulley system. The kit generates 5.5 psi and makes 195.8 whp on the stock injectors. If you feel like tinkering, the kit's GReddy E-Manage fuel computer means you can change to bigger injectors using a custom pulley. One has to wonder what Nismo has up its sleeve for this pocket rocket.

Type of Supercharger Borg Warner (Centrifugal)
Boost on standard kit 5.5 psi
Dyno tested power output @ wheels 195.8 hp
Fuel Enrichment Stock injectors, GReddy E-Manage Piggyback Fuel Computer
Intercooler Front-Mount 10x16x3 Optional
Retain use of air conditioning? Yes
Include installation manual? Yes
Include warranty? Yes
CARB E. O. Pending
Area 51 Fabrications
(949) 472-6320

RIPP Modifications Stratus R/T:
The RIPP Modifications Stratus R/T is running a built 6G72 V6 engine so the boost seen here may or may not be part of the RIPP kit. We heard about this kit late in the production process, but wanted to bring it to you because the newer Mopars don't get a lot of love. This kit makes big power--335.8 whp and 231.9 lb-ft of torque--and can be incorporated into other vehicles with a 6G72 V6 under their hoods.

Type of Supercharger Vortech V5 g-trim (Centrifugal)
Boost on standard kit 10 psi
Dyno tested output @ wheels 335.8 hp
Fuel Enrichment Walboro upgraded
fuel pump HKS AFR
Intercooler N/A
Retain use of air conditioning? Yes
Include installation manual? N/A
Include warranty? No
Smog legal in all 50 states? No
Dept. THP, 148 Lynhurst Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10305
(718) 442-4723

Vortech Honda S2000:
Power up your drop top S2000 with a Vortech High Output Supercharging System. The kit features a V-2 SQ SC-Trim supercharger and allows retention of all factory accessories, including A/C and power steering. The integrated dual-pass air/water Maxflow Power Cooler allows for effective street operation using a closed loop water cooling system with a stand-alone pump, tank and front-mounted heat exchanger. All components needed to bolt the system to a stock vehicle are included and available in a satin or polished finish. The kit is also accompanied by a three-year limited warranty.

Type of Supercharger Vortech V2 SQ-trim (Centrifugal)
Boost on standard kit 7 psi
Dyno tested output @ wheels 297.6 hp
Fuel Enrichment Upgraded fuel pump
Intercooler Vortech Aftercooler (air-to-liquid)
Retain use of air conditioning? Yes
Include installation manual? Yes
Include warranty? Yes
Smog legal in all 50 states? N/A
Vortech Engineering
1650 Pacific Avenue
Channel Islands, CA 93033-9901
Tel: (805) 247-0226, Fax: (805) 247-0669

Jackson Racing Honda Prelude:
Jackson Racing continues to drop the Eaton twin-rotor supercharger on the Honda nameplate. Oscar Jackson's latest victim is the recently deceased Honda Prelude. Jackson Racing's kit covers 1997 to 2001 models, including the SH edition. The dyno chart here depicts a stock Prelude versus a Jackson supercharged Prelude with the usual suspects also on board; namely, a header, intake and cat-back exhaust system. The Prelude has good looks, H22A power and great handling potential. Used car prices are finally bringing the sporty coupe to a new group of buyers who are willing to play along in the aftermarket.

Type of Supercharger Eaton twin-rotor
Displacement 45 cubic inches
Boost on standard kit 6 psi
Dyno tested power output @ wheels 234.5 hp
Fuel Enrichment Stock injectors, upgraded pump, Jackson Prelude EMS
Intercooler Not available
Retain use of air conditioning? Yes
Include installation manual? Yes
Include warranty? Yes
Smog legal in all 50 states? Yes
CARB EO D-344-8
MSRP $2,995
Jackson Racing
Dept. THP, 440 Rutherford St.
Goleta, CA 93117
(888) 888-4079

XS Engineering IS 300:
The XS Engineering turbo kit was developed in 2001 and made so much power that XS put off full production until the five-speed models hit the streets; the automatics needed fortification, adding more labor and downtime to the endeavor. The five-speeds are here and so is the XS turbo kit; so, if you want the thrust to match the IS's good looks, check this out.

Type of Turbocharger Garrett T4
Boost on standard kit 13 psi
Dyno tested power output @ wheels 415.8 hp
Fuel Enrichment APEXi Super AFC fuel computer, Vortech FMU, SX regulator, High-flow fuel pump
Intercooler Front-mount air-to-air XS Engineering GTR
Retain use of air conditioning? Yes
Include installation manual? No
Include warranty? No
MSRP $7499 installed
XS Engineering
Dept. THP, 18062 Redondo Cir.
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 698-8300

Star Performance Eclipse GS/RS:
Star Performance is one of a few companies that has stepped up and developed a turbo conversion kit for the Eclipse GS/RS. The kit flexes a T04B/T3 hybrid turbo, cast iron manifold, external wastegate, air filter, HKS bypass valve and chromed piping. Fuel enrichment is handled by a boost-dependent fuel pressure regulator and a 255 mph in-tank fuel pump. The kit comes in stage two configuration, adding a front-mount intercooler to the mix. Other upgrades include a T04E turbo and a GReddy Type-S or HKS Super Sequential blow-off valve.

The naturally aspirated 420A powerplant has proven to be a willing participant when it comes to boost. The key is to run premium fuel and avoid boosting past the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

Type of turbocharger T04B/T3
Boost on standard kit 5 psi
Dyno tested power output @ wheels 176.8 hp
Fuel Enrichment Boost-dependent regulator, high-flow in-tank pump
Intercooler Available as option
Retain use of air conditioning? Yes
Include installation manual? Yes
Include warranty? Yes
MSRP Stage I $2295, Stage 2 $3295
Star Performance
Dept. THP, 357 E. Markland Dr.
{{{Monterey}}} Park, CA 91755
({{{323}}}) 725-0751

Neuspeed Volkswagen Golf III-IV, Jetta III-IV, Beetle:
The foundation of Neuspeed's kit is an Eaton 45cc, twin-rotor blower. Neuspeed has separated itself from most other Eaton-based kits by incorporating the supercharger into the intake manifold as TRD has done with a number of its kits. This makes for an OE-look installation and putting on the blower is much easier. The Neuspeed supercharger boosts to a max of 5 psi and features a heavy-wall casting for sound deadening and wrap-around fins for strength and cooling.

The savvy VW enthusiast gets more than hard parts, as the Neuspeed package includes a custom Neuspeed P-Chip, which tunes the fuel and ignition curves for boosted performance. The blower is outfitted with a built-in bypass valve that relieves boost pressure at idle and light-throttle cruise to maintain optimum fuel efficiency. The kit hits pretty hard considering the 2.0-liter baselines at around 96 hp at the wheels.

Type of Supercharger Eaton (Roots Type)
Boost on standard kit 5 psi
Dyno tested power output @ wheels 132.1 hp
Fuel Enrichment Stock injectors, Neuspeed P-Chip
Intercooler N/A
Retain use of air conditioning? Yes
Include installation manual? Yes
Include warranty? Yes
CARB E. O. D-238-9
Dept. THP, 3300 Corte Malpaso
Camarillo, CA 93012
(805) 388-8111 or (805) 388-7171
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