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Invidia 350Z Exhaust


Staff Report
May 19, 2003

It's getting harder to make power out of the tailpipe these days. Props to the OEs for tuning their systems to a higher standard. But there are still a few ponies loose in the corral, and as long as that's the case, tuners will go after them.

We crashed Invidia's R&D party as the company developed its exhaust system for the 350Z. Technicians tested a number of different canisters, resonators and tubing sizes to come up with a workable combination that made the proper impression on the chassis dyno.

The result is more power from the drop of the hammer to redline. There is nearly a 10-hp bump between 6100 and 6200 rpm, with peak output checking in at 8.2 hp. On the torque side, a peak gain of 5.1 lb-ft was realized. Invidia has illustrated that while it may be harder to make power, the payoff is still worth the effort. Working from a 237.4-whp baseline, Invidia technicians sampled different resonators and canisters before coming up with the winning combination that pushed output to 245.6 --an 8.2-whp bump. Torque was up from a 233.5 lb-ft baseline to 238.6. It should be noted the engine was equipped with an Injen intake during baseline and exhaust testing.

Material Stainless Steel
Piping Diameter0mm
Tip Diameter101mm
Power245.6 whp
Torque238.6 lb-ft
AvailableSummer 2003

By Staff Report
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