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Engine Bay Makeover - Install

Our EF Engine Bay Gets A Wire Tuck And Some Eye Candy

Charles Trieu
Jan 1, 2009
Photographer: Jonathan Wong
130_0901_02_z+wire_tuck_and_eye_candy+gallery_fresh_hardware Photo 1/28   |   Engine Bay Makeover - Install

Break It Down MSRP: Inquire for your application Pros: A cleaner simplier engine bay. Makes it much easier to work on the engine much easier. Cons: If an electrical short ever happens, getting access to the wiring will be hard. Not impossible just harder than before. Install Difficulty: Intermediate. You don't have to be a rocket scientist or even a mechanic. You just need lots of time. Verdict: Jockin' my fresh.

So you've finished modifying your car's exterior, interior and performance. What's left to do? These days you really have to go that extra step and have a nice-looking engine bay too. Yes, it's probably the dirtiest and most complicated part of a car. Whether you spent money and time on an engine swap or not, you'll want to have a nice-looking engine bay that displays the best part of any car, the engine. So let us show you two tricks that will turn your boring engine into something to be proud of.

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$18,940 Base Model (MSRP) 28/40 MPG Fuel Economy
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New Hardware
The easiest thing you can do to spice up your engine bay is to change out those old rusty bolts to new ones. Taking it a step further, you can replace those rusty nuts and bolts with new stainless steel pieces and color anodized washers. You can try to look at it as a performance mod, by saying the new pieces are a bit lighter in weight than the old pieces, and also less prone to corrosion. But who are you kidding? It just looks fresh!

We took our crusty engine bay to the Gearheinz Power & Service garage, where Gallery Fresh owner Jerry Tsai (also owner of Pacific Rim Clothing), hooked us up with some new finishings. Gallery Fresh sells both individual pieces as well as pre-sorted complete kits for many cars.

130_0901_04_z+wire_tuck_and_eye_candy+jerry_tsai Photo 3/28   |   Engine Bay Makeover - Install

Wire Tuck
The same rule applies to the engine bay as it does the interior and exterior: To make anything cleaner, is to have fewer things. Wire tucks have been popular with all types of streetcars and racecars for decades now, but recently it has been spreading like wildfire in the import scene. The problem with an engine bay is, there are wires and hoses everywhere. To make things simpler and clean, you need to get rid of or hide as much junk as you can. We hired the guys from Chase Bays to come help us with our wire tucking. Although Chase Bays sells new engine harnesses for our application, we decided to leave the engine harness alone and just do the chassis harness in the bay.


By Charles Trieu
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